After I left my mom and cousin this afternoon, they kept going on the N Train down to Herald Square to do a bit of shopping at Macy's and to see the view from the top of the Empire State Building. From there they could see the Queen Mary 2 docked in the Hudson River. When they were done, they got back on the subway, picked me up, and we went to dinner at Mo's Caribbean Bar & Grill. I'd walked by the restaurant so many times, so it was nice to finally eat there. Good food, good margaritas. I'll have to take the expert (The Boyfriend) back there to see what he thinks of the place.

Mo's Caribbean Bar & Grill, 1454 Second Avenue (76th St), 212-650-0561, website
Dinner : Coconut margarita, Chorizo y Camarones al Ajillo

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