No, that's not me. That's Ralph Wiggum. Do you live under a rock?
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Well, aren't you nosy! Plastic Candy is my site dedicated to me - my life, my friends, and my projects. The name "Plastic Candy" comes from a line said by Ralph Wiggum, my favorite character, in one of my favorite "The Simpsons" episodes, "Last Tap Dance In Springfield." . Lisa is taking dance lessons, and it's time for the big recital. Ralph is the star of the show, but right before everyone is supposed to go on, the class finds Ralph laying on the ground, clutching his stomach saying, "I ate too much plastic candy!" It cracks me up everytime I see it.

But, I think Plastic Candy is a good way to describe the aspects of my life. When I started this site, I lived in LA, at the beach. I worked in the Record Industry. I (still) have friends who act, sing, write, model, teach, promote, bank, and fundraise. I saw, heard, and experienced beautiful things every day in Los Angeles - my daily candy. However, it is often smoggy in LA, and cold at the beach. The Record Industry is slowly going down the tubes. My friends and I are all struggling to make ends meet. I also see, hear, and experience a lot of odd and inorganic things - my daily plastic. LA is full of sugar-coated counterfeiters and raw gems. Now, I live in New York City, and even though both cities are different (and pride themselves on it), the people and experiences I have are still similar. This site touches on my daily interactions with the plastic and the candy.

I'll update this site often, with the latest information I feel like posting, and, most importantly, with links to the sites that I am related to in some way, either as the webmaster or a contributer. Keep coming back!

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