April 2005


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04.20.2005 - - - 4:20 PM
Well. Be careful what you wish for, right? The day after my last entry, I had an interview with My Favorite Sports Team. The interview was from 10-11 am. I was home by 11:30, went to lunch, and when I came back at 1, there was a message on my machine offering me the job, and can I start on Wednesday?! Nothing like quick turnaround! The best thing was, I was the only woman who interviewed for the position. Love it! I used my last two days of freedom to wrap up some loose ends and prepare for the new job. I had to go get a bunch of new clothes, since the dress code at MFST is much stricter than it was at the record label. Sort of a bummer, but hey, I like shopping!

So far, I am really liking the job. I work in the ticketing department, where I am specifically supposed to sell group tickets and packages. Itís a bit stressful because my particular division of the department has never existed before, so everyone here is working hard to show that weíre needed. AND, weíre trying to get hired on year-round; right now weíre seasonal. Luckily, Iíve done well so far. Iíve sold 6 full season tickets, which is the most of anyone in my division, and four of those seats were some of our new premium seats. I like the fact that I am leading the division and Iím the only woman! Go me. Hopefully Iíll keep having success. Baby needs to pay for all those pairs of shoes. And a car.

Itís been hard for me to get back into the swing of balancing my life and my job. Last week, I was absolutely CRAZED with something different every night and a full weekend of wedding activities and work. Yes, I said weekend of work. I had to come into work on a Sunday, already. When MFST has a home game, we all have to trade off coming in. Hey, itís money. This weekend Iím heading down to the desert for Bellsí Bachelorette party. I canít believe her wedding is in less than a month! All her showers have come and gone and now itís time to get down to business! Breeís shower was this last weekend, so now I feel like her wedding is real. All my pals are gettingí hitched, yo! Crazy.

The one thing I miss the most about being back at work is being at home. I know, duh, right? But at my house is The Boyfriend and my puppy, and I miss them! It was so great getting to spend every day with them the last two months. Oh, TB got into an amazing writing program in Iowa! He will be gone for three weeks from the end of May through the beginning of June. I am SO proud of him! Heís going to be taught by Pulitzer Prize winners! Not too shabby. Of course, Iíll miss him even more when heís gone, but this is such an amazing opportunity that I am actually more excited than sad that heís leaving, if you know what I mean. There are only 14 people in his workshop so it was a real honor to be chosen. Go TB!

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