Last day in the city before heading back to LA. We only had time for Lunch before we had to catch a cab to JFK.

Daniela Ristorante, 728 8th Ave (45th & 46th) 212-869-3585 website
Lunch : Calamari, margarita pizza


Signed my lease today! I am now officially an Upper East Side resident. 10021 in the hizzy!

CELEB SIGHTING!!! Steven Cojocaru walking down Fifth Avenue after appearing on the "Today Show." Mom stopped him to say how awesome he is. Man, he has great teeth.

Mon Petit Café, 801 Lexington Ave (62nd), 212-355-2233 website
Lunch : French Onion Soup, Shrimp Scampi. Mom and I walked here after I signed the lease for my new apartment!

Flute, 205 W 54th St (7th Ave), (212) 265-5169 website
Drinks & snacks : Strawberries and cream with a bottle of Champagne! We celebrated my new start in New York City.


I went into the office today to get some things straightened out, and touch base with everyone. Had to remind them what I looked like since it's been almost a year since I've seen them all. After spending a few hours at the office, I met up with mom and we opened a local bank account. Things are starting to happen.

Oscars, 301 Park Ave (Lex & 50th), 212-872-4920 website
Lunch : French Fries, onion soup. Late lunch with mom at the Waldorf Astoria restaurant


Today Mom and I went all over the place, looking at apartments. We ate at these two places:

Brasserie 360, 200 E. 60th (3rd Ave), 212-688-8688 review
Lunch : I ordered French Fries and onion soup. Nice little spot by Bloomingdale's.

Hell’s Kitchen, 679 9th Ave (46th & 47th), 212-977-1588 review
Dinner : Chayote & Portobello Mushroom Roll, Pan Seared Halibut. A very cool place in Hell's Kitchen, appropriately. Very trendy. We had a long wait for a Tuesday Night.
Okay kids. I'll be keeping track of all the places I go to here in the Big Apple. I hope you find it as thrilling as I do!

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