We walked around the neighborhood a bit today. I bought a coffee table, a corner stand and a telephone stand table thingy. The snow is still coming down, but not as hard as it was yesterday. It was still a pain to carry all that furniture back in it, though! After we got my new purchases back to the apartment, we headed out to watch the USC/Oregon State game. I got a "Greater New York Alumni of USC" T-shirt. Go USC!

Ship of Fools, 1590 2nd Ave (82nd & 83rd), 212-570-2651 website
Snacks : Bar food!


It started snowing just after I got into the office this morning, and it still hasn't stopped. I took the bus home - big mistake. It took over three hours! I finally got out and walked the last bit, and met mom and dad for dinner. Whew.

Blue Moon, 1441 1st Ave (75th), 212-288-9811 website
Dinner : Mexican Calamari, Shrimp Fajitas. Fun restaurant! Great margaritas.


I have been so sick since I arrived here on the 30th. I had to call in sick on the 2nd and 3rd...not the best way to start in the new office, but what can you do? I felt well enough to go to dinner with mom and dad at a nice place down the street from my apartment.

Bandol Bistro, 181 E. 78th (Lex & 3rd), 212-744-1800 website
Dinner : Scampi a la nicoise

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