Today The Boyfriend I explored a bit of the city. We went to Central Park and took a carriage ride. Our driver was stoned - he smoked a doob WHILE HE WAS DRIVING US! While we waited to be seated at Serendipity 3, we walked to Dylan's Candy Bar and looked around. Love all the candy-themed songs. We also celebrated our anniversary. Go us!

Brasserie 360 review
Brunch : Eggs Benedict

Serendipity 3, 225 E. 60th (2nd & 3rd), 212-838-3531 website
Dessert : Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, Coward’s banana split

Café Fiorello, 1900 Broadway (63rd & 64th), 212-595-5330 website
Dinner: Antipasto bar, lobster pizza


Tonight we celebrated The Boyfriend's birthday. I took him to a Portuguese restaurant (scoring points with TB's mom, who is Portuguese, oh yeah!). The service was excellent. They knew it was TB's birthday and they treated him like the prince he is! Hee.

Alfama, 551 Hudson St, 212-645-2500 website
Dinner: Chourico Assado (Portuguese sausage), Bacallhau spiritual (salt cod with shrimp and cheese), Bacalhau Assado a Portuguesa (roasted salt cod), creme brulee


The Boyfriend came into town today! I am so happy to have him here. We're celebrating his birthday and our anniversary while he's here.

Blue Moon review
Dinner : Mexican Calamari, cheese enchiladas


Mom and dad left for Newbury Park today. It was great to have them here to help me with my apartment, especially since I've been so sick. We had brunch before they left.

Green Kitchen, 1477 1st Ave (77th), 212-988-4163 review
Brunch : Eggs Benedict

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