I have finally been welcomed into the New York office - I went out for drinks with the boys! Good times. We bar hopped all over the area near our office, Midtown West.


Went to dinner tonight with the President of the company and one of my department co-workers. Then we went and saw a show across the street for a group we are looking to sign.

Indochine, 430 Lafayette #1 (Astor Pl.), 212-505-5111 review
Dinner : Grilled Jumbo Prawns

Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette (Astor Pl.), 212-539-8770 website
Show: Brazilian Girls


Today was the company holiday lunch. It was nice, but I miss the days when we used to have a nice party AFTER work. Not like I went back to work after this party, though! Later, some co-workers and I crashed a sister label's party. That's how a holiday party should be done! Lots of free drinks, food, and dancing.

Trattoria dell Arte, 900 7th Ave (57th), 212-245-9800 website
Lunch : Caesar salad, pasta

CELEB SIGHTING!!! Gary Sinise coming out of the men's room. I may have been tipped off about this one, and I may have been outside waiting for him.

Lotus, 409 W. 14th St (9th Ave), 212-243-4420 website
Sister label party


The Boyfriend left today. So sad! We'll see each other the weekend after Christmas. My co-worker Staysh knew that I was sad about his leaving, so she invited me to see David Bowie - for free! It was great.

Barking Dog Luncheonette, 1453 York Ave (77th), 212-861-3600 review
Breakfast : Omletes

David Bowie Concert @ Madison Square Garden website
Woo!!! Rebel Rebel!

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