Thanks to the generosity of my old boss, my cousin, and my aunt and uncle, I had amassed a large amount of Macy's gift certificates. Being my first visitor-free weekend after the holiday, I thought it would be a good time to go shopping! I headed down to Herald Square and braved the never-ending crowds at Macy's, and I managed to spend every last time of my free money. I then cruised across the street to get some necessities at H&M. Woo!

Shopping at Macy’s and H&M, Herald Square
Macy's, H & M, Herald Square


Had a work lunch today with the President of the company and my department co-worker. Yum, free food! After work I headed downtown to watch my friend's band perform. Go Erin!

Trattoria dell Arte , website
Lunch : Gamberoni Toscani (Shrimp) Lunch with the President and a Co-Worker

Baggot Inn, 82 W 3rd St (Thompson St), 212-477-0622, website
Show : Leslie Carr (Erin’s Band)


Had a show to go to for work tonight for an artist that we're interested in. Went out for drinks with the work crew before the show at a fun bar near the office.

Scruffy Duffy’s, 743 8th Ave (45th & 46th), 212-586-2424, website

Living Room, 84 Stanton St (Ludlow), 212-533-7235, website
Show : Teddy Thompson Performance


After walking by the store every day, my parents went to Orwasher's Bakery to get some yummy fresh breads for breakfast. I finally have sourdough! I haven't been able to find that here.

Orwasher's Bakery, 308 E. 78th St (1st & 2nd), 212-288-6569, website
Breakfast : Sourdough Loaf, Raisin Bread


For mom and dad's last night in NYC, we tried a new French place. Very nice, and tasty.

Sel et Poivre, 853 Lexington Ave. (64th & 65th), 212-517-5780, website
Dinner: Mushroom Soup, Oven roasted chicken with red skin mashed potatoes


Today we went exploring. I took mom and dad on the subway down to Herald Square, and we went to the Empire State Building. It was so freaking cold on the observation deck. I got some pretty pictures, though, so it was worth it. I'll post some here once I figure out how. After that, we walked around Herald Square a bit, then headed to Little Italy, which was still decorated for Christmas. I loved all the guys standing in front of each restaurant on Mulberry Street trying to convince you to come in. "Hey, Bella, you want to eat here! Best food in Little Italy!"

Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave, (33rd St & 34th St), 212-736-3100, website

Puglia Ristorante, 189 Hester St (Mott & Mulberry St), 212-966-6006, website
Dinner : Pizza, Calamari, Ravioli

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