I woke up this morning feeling adventurous, so I took the M79 to the west side with the intention of going to a flea market there...a flea market that, as it turned out, did not exist! Bastards. I went back to the east side and went to another flea market down on 64th Street, then I walked all the way up to 86th street, exploring the area as I went. I stopped in a Barnes and Noble to warm up (it was like 10 degrees!), then went to a movie. "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!" Um...it's a renter. Before the movie, I went to the local candy store, then across the street to the Bagel Shop for some movie eating. Yum!

Loews Cineplex Orpheum, 1538 3rd Avenue (86th), 212-876-2111, website
Movie : “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!”

Hot & Crusty Bagel Café, corner of 86th & Lex, 212-426-2111, website
Dinner : Mozzarella Sandwich


Having a crappy day today. Some of the women here took me to lunch across the street at one of the 8,000 Indian places on the street. Considering I don't like Indian food, this was actually bearable! The Boyfriend will be so proud of me.

Baluchi's Indian Food, 240 West 56th S. (Broadway & 8th), 212-397-0707 review
Lunch : Goan Shrimp Curry


I liked Jamie Cullum so much last night that I snuck in to see him again tonight. After the show I went back and met him - he's so wee! Like a little British Elf. After his show, I dragged Walshy with me to see Teddy Thompson again. Shows galore. It took us about 80 hours to get home on the subways, but it's all good.

Joe's Pub, website
Dinner : Bruschetta Platter, Jamie Cullum Performance

Living Room, review
Show : Teddy Thompson Performance


Tonight was my first time seeing our new act, Jamie Cullum, perform live. He was AMAZING. I brought my friend Handle and we had a blast.

Joe’s Pub , website
Dinner : Mixed Green Salad, French Fries, Jamie Cullum Performance


Football Playoffs! I met up with Case, Double H, and their friend Jeff for a fun afternoon of football, beer, and chicken wings.

Blondie’s, 1770 2nd Ave (92nd & 93rd), 212-410-3300, review
Snack : Chicken Wings (the review up here is for the west side location, I couldn't find an East Side review)

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