Today was a guy in my office's last day with the company, so we had a going away party for him. So drunk! I love bar tabs! Where is my metro card?

Bar 9, 807 9th Ave (53rd), 212-331-9336, review
Drinks : Going Away Party


Tried a Mexican place near the office for lunch. It was alright, but it really made me miss California-style Mexican!

Cancun Mexican Restaurant, 937 8th Ave (55th & 56th), 212-307-7307, website
Lunch : Cheese enchilada, chicken burrito


When I was walking around the other day I passed a place that I thought looked really cute, Lili's Noodle Shop. I didn't have time before my movie to try it, so I grabbed a take-out menu. I ordered from there tonight...I will not order from them again. Blech.

Lili’s Noodle Shop, 1500 3rd Ave (84th & 85th), 212-639-1313, review
Dinner : Cantonese Wonton Soup w/egg noodles, shrimp dumplings


I talked to my brother yesterday, and he told me all about his fun thrift shop finds. I got jealous, so after I did a load of laundry I headed down to So Ho for some shopping. I didn't find anything, but it was to fun explore a new area. Since I was so close, I decided to walk to China Town to see the New Year's parade...I lasted about 5 minutes. It was totally packed, and SO cold. On my way back to the subway, however, I passed a Dean and Deluca, so I rewarded myself with some chocolate covered coconut macaroons. SO GOOD!

Dean & Deluca, 560 Broadway (Prince), 212-226-6800, review
Snack : Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons

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