I took The Boyfriend to China Town & Little Italy today. We came across a man selling bootleg DVDs, so of course we had to get one. But, down with piracy! Ha. We had lunch at a great place in Little Italy - we will definitely go back.

La Mela Ristorante, 167 Mulberry St (Grand & Broome), 212-431-9493, review
Lunch: Appetizers and pasta!

Ship of Fools, website
Drinks: Hot spiked cider

David Copperfield’s, 1394 York Ave (74th St), 212-734-6152, website
Drinks: Belgian Beer!


My work crew (Case and Walshy) and I decided to take TB out for a night on the town. After some misfires, we found a couple good places to spend our evening.

Trinity Pub, 229 E 84th St # 1 (3rd Ave & 2nd Ave), 212-327-4450, website
Bar Hopping: Drinks

Mustang Grill, 1633 2nd Ave (85th St), 212-744-9194, website
Bar Hopping & Eating: Mushroom Quesadilla


The Boyfriend is so glad he came all the way to NYC so I could drag him to work events. Luckily, he likes events like this.

The Living Room, website
Show: Teddy Thompson


The Boyfriend and I went to my friend Al's comedy show. She's going to be famous someday.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 307 W. 26th St (8th Ave), 212-366-9176, website
Show: SPANK - "La Belle Vie"


We laid low today, played it cool. After resting all day, The Boyfriend and I met up with D Wop and her Man (he needs a new name...I have to think about it). We took them to a Karaoke bar near the apartment.

Iggy’s, 1452 2nd Ave (75th & 76th), 212-327-3043, website

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