After walking all over the UES, then down to Rockefeller Center, Kimmi and I settled in to watch some basketball before we ordered pizza from down the street. Then we met up with Handle and Kimbrough for another night out. Lots of walking and eating today!

Green Kitchen, website
Brunch: Spinach Salad

Dean & Doluca Cafe, 9 Rockefeller Plz (48th & 49th St.), 212-664-1363, website
Snack: Lemon Bar & Root Beer

Brady's Bar & Grill, 1583 2nd Ave (82nd), 212-650-0567, website
Drinks: NCAA Final Four with Walshy

Pastafina, 1529 York Ave (80th & 81st St), 212-249-0407, website
Dinner: Bruschetta & Caprese Pizza

Public, 210 Elizabeth St. (Prince & Spring), 212-343-7011, website
Drinks: Awesome space, I need to try the food here: "Australasian cuisine" - cool!


Kimmi CoCo Puff is here! After I cut out of work a bit early, we did a bit of walking around before we headed to Bar Coastal for some drinks. Later on, we met up with Handle and Kimbrough for a night out. We started at M.J. Armstrong's on the LES, then hopped on the L for a fun Brooklyn night of dinner at Hurricane Hopeful and performance art at Galapagos. It was just what you would expect from a night in Williamsburg.

Bar Coastal, website
Drinks : Happy Hour

M.J. Armstrong's, 329 First Ave. (19th St.), 212-358-9946, website
Drinks: Met up with Handle and Kimbrough

Hurricane Hopeful, 139 North 6th St. (Bedfor & Berry) - Brooklyn, 718-302-4441, review
Dinner: New England Clam Chowder & Calimari
Good food, but very slow service.

Galapagos Art Space, 70 North 6th Street (Kent and Wythe), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 718-782-5188, website
Drinks: Performance art!!!


I can safely say that this is the earliest I have ever been at work. Damn you, New Jersey!!! After spending the night in my friend's hotel room, I left for work earlier than I would have because, a) I didn't know how long it would take me to commute, and b) it was still raining, and my L.A. sensibilities still make me leave for work early when the weather is inclement. Commuting from New Jersey was actually very easy. My friend's hotel was right on the Hudson, straight across from lower Manhattan. The PATH train station was the next building over from the hotel. I only had to take it one stop, to the World Trade center. It’s so weird…the train literally circles along the lower half of the imprint of the towers. I was staring out the windows at it. The whole PATH/Subway station there at the World Trade center opens up onto the site. It’s very surreal. From the WTC, I just took the A train up to Columbus Circle. Very easy! In all it probably took me only about 25 minutes, and now I can cross "going to New Jersey" off of my Things To Do list.


Yo kids, I'm in NEW JERSEY. Yes, today, on my 4-month anniversary of moving to the city, I decided it was time for me to get on the PATH train and venture to the land of Bruce and Jon. It was exactly as I expected it to be - cold and dreary. Just kidding! Okay, it was cold and dreary, but that's because it's raining. I'm in my friend's hotel room, and she has a great view of Lower Manhattan. I would take a picture but the clouds are hanging low, so I don't think it would be worth it. Some day, I may venture back to this strange land and take a photo on a sunny day.

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