Today was the first day of what is supposed to be a wonderful three-day stretch of weather. I walked around my neighborhood, and spent far too long in the book store searching for the best "reading at Starbucks" book. I finally bought The Nanny Diaries and Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy. As soon as I'd paid for my books, Walshy and Case called with plans for the night. I met them for a great dinner (paid for by one of their friends with a big expense account) and drinks. The best thing was, I didn't need a jacket! Yay!

Palm, 250 W 50th St (Broadway & 8th Ave), 212-333-7256, website
Dinner : Lobster Newburg

Social, website


Handle has become a restaurant reviewer. This is very awesome for her writing career, but even more awesome for her friends because we get to go to dinner with her for free! Woo! I was lucky enough to be invited tonight along to a cool Japanese barbecue restaurant. We were given our food raw, and then we cooked it in a pot of boiling water that was heating on the table. Once the food was cooked we had two sauces to dip into - yum!

Shabu-Tatsu, 216 E. 10th (1st & 2nd Ave), 212-477-2972, website
Dinner : Salad, Shabu Shabu for two, with prime rib and the veggie plate of cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, onions, tofu, and noodles, chocolate ice cream

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