I left work early today and met up with my mom and Princess Leah at Macy's, where she was geting her makeup done. From there we went down to China Town and Little Italy. There my mom and cuz really got to experience CROWDS. It was so packed that if I hadn't been with them I would have gone right back down into the subway. We were hungry early, so we went to dinner around 5 or so. Then it was more walking and shopping!

La Mela Ristorante, website
Dinner : appetizers, gnocchi, tortellini, and linguini


After I left my mom and cousin this afternoon, they kept going on the N Train down to Herald Square to do a bit of shopping at Macy's and to see the view from the top of the Empire State Building. From there they could see the Queen Mary 2 docked in the Hudson River. When they were done, they got back on the subway, picked me up, and we went to dinner at Mo's Caribbean Bar & Grill. I'd walked by the restaurant so many times, so it was nice to finally eat there. Good food, good margaritas. I'll have to take the expert (The Boyfriend) back there to see what he thinks of the place.

Mo's Caribbean Bar & Grill, 1454 Second Avenue (76th St), 212-650-0561, website
Dinner : Coconut margarita, Chorizo y Camarones al Ajillo
Despite the fact that this has been the busiest week I've had at work since I moved to NYC, I skipped a meeting and snuck out to meet my mom and cousin for a lunch at Serendipity 3. No wait! That's a first.

Serendipity 3, website
Lunch : White Onion Soup, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate


My mom and Princess Leah walked all over the place today, from my apartment all the way to Times Square. They met me after lunch and I took them to The Boyfriend's and my favorite pizza place. So freaking good. TB was jealous.

Cafe Fiorello, website
Dinner : Friturra di Pesce Misto, Calabria Pizza


My mom and Princess Leah rolled into town this evening! I am so excited to have them here. Princess Leah has never been to NYC, so it will be fun to show her the sights. Tonight we went to dinner at a place down the street from where I actually wanted to go (it was closed!), and then I took them to a Teddy Thompson show where they met a bunch of my Co-Workers. Fun fun.

B Three Restaurant & Lounge, 33 Avenue B (3rd St), 212-614-9755, website
Dinner : Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

Living Room, website
Show : Teddy Thompson Performance

The weather, while still nice at 70 degrees, pales in comparison to yesterday. Probably because I know rain is in the future - boo.

Hooters, 211 West 56th Street (Broadway), 212-581-5656, website
Lunch : Buffalo Shrimp


Today was definitely the best of the good weather days. I danced around in the EIGHTY FIVE degree weather whenever I could. It felt GREAT, even though I was sweating a bit after my walk home. Whatever! I would rather sweat than freeze to death. My boss from California is in NYC for the next three days, so we went to lunch to catch up on things. After work, Eri, Walshy, and I went to grab a drink and dinner at an OUTDOOR table. Yay, outside! I love it!!!

Redeye Grill, 900 7th Ave. (56th St.), 212-541-9000, website
Lunch : Grilled Mahi Mahi, Pommes Frites

Eatery, 798 Ninth Ave. (53rd St.), 212-765-7080, website
Dinner & Drinks: Caesar Salad, Cosmopolitan


Another fabulous day. I could really get used to this place if the weather was always so pleasant. I did lots of walking in SoHo, then I walked up along the Hudson to Chelsea Piers, where I met Handle for dinner. We sat out on the patio while we ate - so nice!

Chelsea Piers, Between 17th and 23rd Streets along the Hudson River, 212-336-6666 website

Chelsea Brewing Company, Chelsea Piers, Pier 59, 212-3366440, website
Dinner : Calamari, Fish & Chips

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