One of my co-workers is turning 40 next week, so to surprise him his department threw a party at his favorite bar. He definitely was surprised. This bar...well, I won't be going back there any time soon, unless I take up smoking. It is one of the few bars in the City where you can still smoke. The birthday boy smokes, so that's why it's his favorite bar and the site of his party. My hair stinks.

Carnegie Club, 156 W 56th (6th & 7th Ave), 212-957-9676, review
Drinks : Surprise birthday party
I wrote about this earlier, but I am just so happy with my laundry place that I have to give it a plug. They're great, and they fold your laundry into the most amazing little squares!

M & I Launderama, 402 E 78th Street (York & 1st Ave), 212-628-1883
Totally awesome launderama!


I like laughing. So when my friend Walshy said to me and my other pal Eri that he could get us free tickets to Caroline's, I was all about it. I hadn't been to Caroline's before, and I like the free. We had a good table, and the show was pretty good. My personal favorite was the guy who went on second, Mike Birbiglia. The food there was alright, but I would probably eat before the show next time - my burger wasn't worth $11.

Caroline's On Broadway, 1626 Broadway (49th & 50th), 212-757-4100, website
Dinner : Hamburger w/french fries
Show : Don McEnery, Mike Birbiglia, John Pinette

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