With my parents in town, I woke up early today to take them down to the flea markets. The Chelsea markets were great, of course. My mom got some good stuff that she was pleased with. The Hell's Kitchen market, however, was a big disappointment. The random market that sprung up on First Avenue a block from my apartment was much better. After walking through that with my mom, we took in a showing of Harry Potter. When we left the theatre we realized what dorks we were, having gone to a movie in the middle of a beautiful day, so we called my dad and had him meet us at a little outdoor Mexican cafe. One giant pitcher of margaritas later, we were done for the day!

Chelsea Flea Markets , 6th Ave (about) between 24th and 26th Streets, 212-647-0707, review
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, W. 39th St (9th Ave & 10th Ave), PHONE: 212-334-8006 , website
Shopping : Antiques

Chihuahua Mexican Place, 1452 2nd Ave (76th St), 212-772-1006, review
Drinks & Snacks : Quesados and a margarita pitcher


One of my best pals from high school has moved all the way from Brazil to New Jersey! My bro and I got to see her for the first time in 8 years. It was so great to catch up with her and meet her fiance. I'm so glad I have another friend so close to me now.

Jackson Hole, 1611 Second Ave (83rd & 84th), 212-737-8788, website
Dinner : Cheese Fries

My boss is in town from Los Angeles, so a few of us went around the corner to a nice little spot for a "business" lunch. Free food, woo!!!

Matt's Grill, 932 8th Ave (55th St), 212-307-5109, website
Lunch : Matt's Grilled Shrimp Caesar


My friend Al and I decided that we didn't want to work anymore, and we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at a restaurant near the office. Sitting out in the sun gossiping for an hour was exactly what we needed.

Brasserie Centrale, 1700 Broadway (53rd St& 7th Ave), 212-757-2233, review
Lunch : Baked Salmon Salad Sandwich


My brother is in town! I joined him and his boss as they entertained some important guests for dinner at Matsuri. Absolutely delicious!

Matsuri, Maritime Hotel, 363 W. 16th St. (9th Ave), 212-243-6400, review
Dinner : Chef's selection of appetizers and sushi - it was all amazing!

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