It was a gorgeous day, so a couple of my friends and I decided it was the perfect night to sit outside, eat, and have some drinks. The our dinner was yummy, although a bit overpriced, but I will go back to Hallo Berlin again and again.

Julian's, 802 9th Ave (53rd & 54th St), 212-262-4800, review
Dinner : Goat Cheese Ravioli - yum!

Hallo Berlin, 626 10th Ave (44th & 45th), 212-977-1944, review
Drinks : Cheap tasty German beer! $12 Pitchers!


It was my friend's birthday two days ago, so tonight we all went out to celebrate. A group of us left work together, and when we got off the subway 15 minutes later it was absolutely POURING. The kind of downpour where you could be in a bubble of plastic and still get wet. We huddled in an apartment alcove for a few minutes before deciding the rain wasn't going to die down anytime soon. We made a run for it, getting drenched despite our umbrellas. We must have been a sight, running down the street in the rain, screaming. The bar was a good place for a party, we had the upstairs to ourselves.

People, 163 Allen Street (Stanton & Rivington), 212-254-2668, website
Drinks : Birthday Party


My parents met me at my subway stop today after work. We walked up the street a few blocks to get a drink, then it was off to a yummy Chinese dinner. Yay!!!

Pablo's Mexican Restaurant, 1584 2nd Ave (82nd St), 212-737-2322, review
Drinks ; Good chips and salsa, too!

Shanghai Pavilion, 1378 3rd Ave (78th & 79th), review
Dinner : Pork Juicy Dumplings, Jumbo Shrimps with Roasted Garlic


Today we decided to do some sight seeing. My dad really wanted to go down to the South Street Seaport, so we jumped on the 4 Express and we were off! We walked around Wall St. a bit before hooking back north to the Seaport. It's very cool, but it was so windy! I would love to sit there and chill on a nice, non-windy day.

South Street Seaport, Front and Fulton Streets, 212-732-8257, website

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