I just got back from the Siren Festival at Coney Island. Coney Island is so fun, especially when you go with fun people. I'd only been there two weeks ago with The Boyfriend, but I was still excited to go back. My friends and I had a blast eating, drinking, laying on the beach, going on rides, and oh yeah, listening to the bands. The sound on the main stage could have been much better, but in all it was a good event.

Siren Music Festival, Coney Island, website
Show : Festival, and food, and rides!


We have a new group coming out soon, and tonight we scheduled a show for them to perform for all the regional sales reps who are in town. I'd never been to the Coral Room before. It's definitely cool, but I could not get over the girls who were swimming in the fish tanks! They were swimming in fish water! That's weird to me, I don't know why. Of course, I would totally do it for $200/night, too.
Coral Room, 512 West. 29th St (10th & 11th Ave), 212-244-1965, website
Show : Brazilian Girls

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