Sick Day

I called in sick to work yesterday. I hate to call in sick, mostly because I don't get sick days and I work on commission. So when I don't go into work, I miss out twice - no hourly wage and no sales. But with all the madness of fall, and with Les and Matty's wedding in a week, I figured I should bite the bullet and spend a day getting well, rather than dragging it out for weeks. I definitely feel better today, so I know I made the right decision. Now I just need to make up for my day off on the sales board! It's hard to get back into the swing of things.

While I was lying prone on the couch, I decided to make the best of my time and I uploaded a TON of photos to my new hosting site. The Boyfriend's brother-in-law hooked me up with a free account at Flickr.com back in June and I hadn't taken advantage of it. It has an extremely easy uploading tool, so I spent a few hours transferring photos off of my laptop. I also had NINE CDs worth of photos to upload from my old work computer in New York City. Those nine CDs were filled with pretty much every photo I had taken since I moved to NYC...in other words, a butt-load. It was fun to go through all those memories. Now I have the monumental task of adding captions, but that's going to take a while.

In the past I've always put my photos up on my site where anyone could see them. I never really had an issue with strangers or weirdoes looking at them because I could just pretend to myself that anyone who looked at them was my friend, or at least someone who read my site. Then yesterday, as I was tooling around on the Flickr site, I saw that there were links that would let me look at my most popular photos, sorted into four categories: Most Views, Most "Favorited," Most Comments, and Most Interesting. So, even though I hadn't told anyone I'd uploaded photos, I clicked on the "most comments" link. There, I discovered that RANDOM PEOPLE had made comments on some of my photos!!! For example, there was a comment made about a picture of me and two of my friends, a comment made about the Halloween costumes Kimbrough and her roommates wore, and a bunch of others. Creepy! At that point, I was grossed out. Like I said, I was always able to pretend in the past that only friends and website readers looked at my photos, but with the random comments there was no way I could go on with that little lie. So I went through all of the photos and made it so that only friends and family can look at the pictures. To be considered friends and family, I have to invite you through the Flickr.com website. Right now I have left some pictures available to the public, but for the most part all my pictures are private. That being said, if you want to look at my pictures I would be happy to make you a friend! Just add a comment in this post, or send me an email.

I feel dizzy. I think it's time to go home!


Sudafed, Sudafed, Messing Up My Damn Head

Man. That game was boring! But I'll take the boring games any day, especially since the next few games for USC are going to be brutal! I had a lot of fun tailgating with my friends before the game. We got there five hours early and we BARELY made it onto the lawn we usually park on. I think they let about 15 cars in after us. It looks like we'll always have to get there absurdly early if we want to park in our usual spot. Now that I have one tailgate out of the way, I know the things I need to bring to "upgrade" our experience. My parents are coming to the next home game with us, so I charged them with figuring out how to bring a TV. Should be fun! I also have to get a canopy thing. My friend Ohio surprised me at work today with a USC folding chair! I thought that was pretty nice of him. He said he got it at Sav-On, so I have to go there to get another one for The Boyfriend.

In other news, I am a bit under the weather. It seems like a lot of people are right now. I'm mostly stuffed up in my sinuses with just a little cough. Yesterday I was absolutely miserable, but today I feel better - thank you, Sudafed! And that you TB for getting the Sudafed for me! The only unfortunate side effect from the medicine is it makes me a little out of it. I have been trying to talk to clients today and I have made very little sense. I even left the wrong number for someone on a voicemail! So I've decided to take it easy for the rest of the day and try to avoid situations where I'm going to look stupid.

Speaking of situations where I'm going to look stupid, I'm going back to my old sorority tonight to talk to the actives about "life after college." Ha! What I want to tell them all is to goof off for as long as possible, but something tells me that would be frowned upon. I have a few friends that are going, which is why I am attending, so hopefully one of them will go first. I have no idea what I will say in my awesome drugged state.


USC Trojans Football Game Day!

Puppy Quarterback,
originally uploaded by Plastic Heather.
I'm watching College Game day on ESPN right now. The Boyfriend had class at 8am this morning (yes, on a Saturday - and it goes until 5PM), so I'm wide awake...and getting excited.

I've been backing up all of my music and photos onto a new external network hard drive that I got for TB and myself, and I came across this picture. In a moment of weakness, I put Rigby in a little USC jersey that I'd bought for The Boyfriend's nephew. Sometimes, I go loopy. Anyway, it's a good picture for today!



I didn't watch Survivor last season...too many things on at that time. But this year I have re-evaluated my Thursday night priorities, and I have returned to Survivor. So far, it seems like it will be pretty interesting. I know that my parents and brother used to wax on about Steph, so I'm sure they're happy right now about her triumphant return.
Right now I'm trying to decide what I'm going to grill during tailgating before the USC/Arkansas game. I'm thinking about perhaps some chicken teriyaki, so I am trying to find an easy recipe for a teriyaki marinade that also sounds tasty. Not as easy as it sounds.

Website Issues

Well, just when I was ready to re-launch the site, I had major server issues. My hosting company is normally at my beck and call when these things happen, but of course this time they decided to take a little vacation. So, a few days later, here it finally is. The other thing that sucked about the server issues was that it meant I couldn't send or receive email. Email is the only way I can goof off at work! So I've been struggling this week.

So, I obviously haven't updated for a while. I got to the point where I was completely overwhelmed by work and personal commitments, and something had to give. Plus, here at work now my desk space is situated in such a way that everyone can see what I'm doing. If I was updating my website, everyone would know. That is part of the reason why I switched over to this new format - I can
update via email, so it looks like I'm doing work. It's soooo easy to update, I love it already. I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the archives...I will probably leave them the way they are for a while just because it's a huge undertaking. My next big project will be moving all of my pictures to an independent server. The Boyfriend's brother-in-law set me up with an awesome photo hosting account, so I am going to start using it.

In other news, work is going well. I'm still a bit in limbo since the season ends in a few weeks, but I've had some positive things happen lately. One was the upgrade in my work space - I am now in the main office, which is really cool, and I have an awesome flat-screen computer and a fancy telephone and headset. I'm still leading my division in sales, and I am leading the whole sales department in 2006 season sales. I'm just waiting now to see what's going to happen. I think I'm at the point now where I'm okay either way - I've done really well here, so I think I could get a good job elsewhere, should it come to that. I've just decided that I can't get stressed out about it anymore. The Boyfriend knows that I've lost many hours of sleep over all of it, even though it's really beyond my control. I just have to keep on keeping on, homies. So that's what I'm gonna do.

I had a great, insane summer. Lots of weddings and wedding-related activities, which I will get into in subsequent posts. I'm really excited for this weekend: It's the first USC home football game of the year. It's also the first USC game I've been to in a year, and the first home game I've been to in two years. I'm so pumped to see everyone and get my tailgate on. It's going to be different this year without alcohol being served inside the Coliseum...I really don't know how that's going to change people's pre-game drinking habits. I know that I usually bought one beer at half-time just to stave off any fourth quarter hang-overs, so I'm not really looking forward to that point in the game. I think a lot of people will get ridiculously drunk before the game starts, which is sort of counter-productive to what the USC President is trying to accomplish, but whatever! I'm more interested in seeing how people sneak booze into the Coliseum. I'll be taking notes.


the new template is almost there

Alright...I think I finally have the template looking fairly decent. I can't figure out where that smaller "plasticcandy" in the upper left corner is coming from, but I am too tired at this point to stress about it. Tomorrow, a real post.