Little Bits...

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I was in a car accident. I'm okay, as was everyone else involved. I was stopped at a light waiting to make a left-hand turn out of a parking lot when a young girl slammed into me from behind, pushing me into the car in front of me. Her fault, no? Well, the guy in front of me, according to my insurance company, is trying to claim that we BOTH hit him. I think he saw our cars (a Jeep and some sort of SUV) and thought, "$$$$!" Well, the joke's on you, ASS, because I only make seven bucks an hour! Anyway, I've been stiff but otherwise physically fine. The Boyfriend's car has almost $4000 worth of damage so it is less fine, but it's getting fixed so it's cool. It's just a hassle, although mostly for TB, who has to drive a rental car around now. I'm currently driving his super-pimp 1987 Jaguar. Shaguar, baby!

Yes, I need to buy my own car.

There is a lot of construction going on here at my workplace. My Favorite Sports Team is doing some facility renovation and it is SO LOUD. The hammering, drilling, and general noises of destruction are pretty hard to ignore, especially when 95% of my job requires me to be on the phone talking to clients. The noises are drilling into my brain! Ugh.



I just wrote a really long, detailed post about a car accident I was in on Tuesday, and FUCKING BLOGGER messed up and lost it. So I'll post it again later, when I calm down.


Busy Days, Busy Nights

The last two weeks were really busy for me, which is why I didn't update. Also, my office implemented a new software blocker and monitoring system, so I wanted to be a little careful about what I did on the computer. You never know who's watching! Dude, what if they just took a screencap of this right now? That would suck.

The last week of the season for My Favorite Sports Team was extremely hectic. I worked late every other day, which meant worked about 65 hours that week. The last home game brought mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was happy to not have crazy hours for the next 5 months or so. On the other hand, the season is over! At least I still have football.

This past Saturday, Matty and Les got married! It was a beautiful ceremony and the wedding was a blast. Les and her bridesmaids (me included) got ready for the wedding while we watched college football on a television that had been set up in our courtesy suite. Everyone that came into our room commented on the group of girls watching football. We were like, what's your point? Then the USC game came on at 12:30 and major screaming commenced. It was extremely hard for me to not swear during such a crappy display of football, but I think I did a good job - I had to make sure Les's family didn't think I was a dirty sailor. The wedding was supposed to start at 4:30 but the game ran over 4 hours, so the start was a little delayed. We couldn't leave before we knew the outcome! And besides that, Les knew that all her friends would be in the hotel bar watching the end of the game, not waiting for her to walk down the aisle! The wedding coordinator told us that we were screaming louder than the groom and his friends. Damn straight. We take our football seriously.

The weekend before Les and Matty's wedding, The Boyfriend and I took Rigby to a dog groomer by my parents' house. Rigby is a little tomboy who is always getting into things, so her fur was just a mess of dirt and knots. I told the groomer that I wanted her fur to be cut down really short, since she also HATES to stand still long enough to allow me to brush her fur. The groomer confirmed that the knots would necessitate a close cut. TB was worried that her comments meant that Rigby would come out with a buzz...and he was right. I went to pick her up later, and when I walked into the shop I noticed a cute little terrier on the table behind the counter...and then I noticed that it was wearing my dog's collar...and that it was MY DOG. Rigby looked so completely different, and when she spotted me she gave me a look as if to say, "They've cut my beautiful hair!" I present a before and after:


She looks like a completely different dog! I swear, she was depressed about her haircut for a few days, but now she's back to being her usual playful self. And she's much happier not needed to get brushed every day, which makes me happy, too.