The details!

Okay, here's the scoop on my engagement night. We went to dinner for Valentines Day. We went to One Pico, which is a restaurant on the beach in Santa Monica that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to. It’s in the Shutters Hotel. When we pulled up, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz were outside waiting for their car, and Britney and Kevin’s Ferrari was parked in the front. We were totally laughing about it going in, like, hello Hollywood! Dinner was great, and after we were done he suggested that we go for a walk. So, being a girl, at that point I knew! Heh. We walked toward the Santa Monica pier and when we got out on the sand he said all these wonderful things and then he proposed! It was perfect. He gave me an Asscher cut solitaire that he set in 18 k gold to match my Great Grandmother’s wedding band that has been passed down to me. He got the ring from my mom and took it to the jewelry store to make sure it matched!

Our anniversary is December 16, which just so happens to fall on a Saturday this year. It works out perfectly with our schedules since his school will be on winter break, and there is no baseball in December! So that’s the date we’re getting married!


Beer on the Wall

I just heard on the radio that the average American drinks twenty two GALLONS of beer every year! That's 2,816 ounces of beer. It seems like a lot, but then you realize it's 235 cans, or about 10 cases. The Fiancé and I just killed three cases a couple weeks ago! Hmm...now that I think about it, we're probably on the high end of the spectrum. Well, that's why twenty two is the average.

When I was driving back from have lunch with my bro (and when I heard that lovely factoid about beer), I was next to a somewhat odd looking car. It had been modified some, and as it passed me I thought, "I wonder what kind of car that is." I glanced at it's back bumper and there, in script, the owner had thoughtfully painted, "Eighty-Nine Sentra." Aw, thanks.


It's not hard, ladies!

There is nothing more disgusting than running into the ladies' room when you've been holding it for a while, only to find that all the toilet seats have URINE on them. COME ON. That is so foul. HA, I wasn't even trying to make a baseball joke. Good one.

So. Yeah.

I was updating for a while via email, and everything was peachy! A little TOO peachy. Then Woodsy was like, "hey, you haven't updated in a while," and I was like, "yes I have." And then she told me that there wasn't an update up since November! Now, I have a tendency to slack, but I hadn't slacked that hard! So somewhere along the way, Blogger decided it didn't want to post my email updates. Fucker! So, I'm going to have to track those down and re-post them.

In the meantime, here is a brief rundown of what's happened to me since November:

I celebrated my 3-year anniversary with The Boyfriend in NYC. It was great! Then we rang in the New Year in San Fran. Good times.

I got promoted. Yay!

I got engaged! YAY!!!

I bought a new car!

I broke my shoe at work today.

I think that about covers it.