December 2002


12.16.2002 - - - 5:47 PM
I'm back from my NYC trip...I'm exhausted. And even though I worked two of my five days there, I'm still swamped with catch-up work. I posted something I wrote on the plane in the Plastic Girl section, and I have other stuff that I wrote during the trip that I will post throughout the week. But now I must work...
P.S. Go Carson! Although, now I owe people money.

12.10.2002 - - - 4:30 PM
I'm all booked for my Miami trip. I'll be there from December 30th through the 3rd of January 2003. The Orange Bowl game is at 8 PM EST on the 2nd, so that gives me three full days of fun in the sun. Assuming it doesn't rain the entire time. Man, I would be so pissed if the sky was cloudy the whole time! I'll be paying off my credit card for a long time, though. Lately I have been extremely scatterbrained. I somehow managed to lose my credit card and driver's license. That makes the third license I have lost in an 18-month period. What the hell? I swear to God I am losing my mind. The last time I was this scatterbrained, I got into a car accident. So I am really going to try to figure out what is distracting me...but not in the car! The thing that's always scary to lose is a credit card, though. But the people at the credit card company were great. Go First USA! Too bad I'll probably never be able to use those United Airlines miles I've been accumulating. Damn them. I'm flying United tomorrow to New York City - I am SO excited! I've never been to the Big Apple before. I'm doing a lot of work stuff, dinners and parties and things like that. But I will spend the Friday Night with two of my friends who live there, and then Saturday and Sunday I will hang out with my mom and three aunts, who will also be in town. It's going to be a blast. I'm bringing my laptop, so I will hopefully be able to get some site stuff done...hopefully being the operative word. I ought to be able to accomplish SOMETHING during the flight. I've made a few improvements today. It's going to be so cold in New York...I don't think I'm prepared for the shock of going from 60 degree weather to 20 degree weather. I was cold this morning walking from my car, and it was already 62 degrees! This is one of the many reasons I love it here in Los Angeles.

12.09.2002 - - - 3:37 PM
My design is really simple right now. I'm hoping to have time over my vacation to design something better. But for now, this will do. My vacation is from December 24th - January 6th. It makes me feel like I'm back in college! I don't know what I'll do with myself for all of that time. Well, from the 30th to the 3rd, I'm busy, actually...I'm going to Miami! Should be fun, USC vs. Iowa in the Orange Bowl. But besides the game on the 2nd, I will have lots of time to play in the sun. Maybe even surf a little. It's going to be crazy to be in South Beach for New Year's Eve. I hope it lives up to the hype. It's also going to be crazy expensive. Air fare is out of control. Stupid airlines! But really, I don't know any other reason why I will ever go to Miami, and while I love it here in L.A., it's nice to get away for a while and do something different. Les and I are booking the flights and hotel tonight. I guess this is why credit cards were invented.

12.08.2002 - - - 11:02 PM

Fight On, Trojans!

Today USC was selected to play Iowa in the Orange Bowl by the BCS selection committee. This is a great bowl, and will give USC great exposure for recruiting students and athletes. But why does it have to be so far away? My friends and I all had our hearts set on going to New Orleans or Pasadena. Not that Miami isn't a cool place to go (so I've been told), but I don't know if I can go that far...

I love Pete Carroll. I had to put his picture up. Isn't he so adorable?

The Latest...Then

Music Right now I'm listening to a bunch of stuff. One thing that has been really popular with my friends (and me) is this mix I made over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a Christmas CD, but it has all kinds of artists doing their versions of traditional and non-traditional songs. I bought three CDs this month, Shania Twain's "Up," Missy Elliott's "Under Construction," and John Mayer's "Room For Squares." A strange mix, to be sure. I like Shania's CD, but many of her songs sound like something else, either like each other, like a song from a previous album, or like an ABBA song (Hello, "C'est La Vie"). Yet, like all her songs, they get caught in my head. I guess that's a good thing, since the number one reason I bought the Missy Elliott album was because I couldn't get her single, "Work It," out of my head. The rest of her album is pretty good, too. I love how she talks in between some of the tracks and gives her opinions on hip hop. She really has lost weight, too. She looks great, but the Old Missy looked great, too. I think I might be one of the last people to buy the John Mayer CD. I'd been thinking about it for a while, but what really sold me was his performance on "The Tonight Show." He sang "Your Body Is A Wonderland" acoustic, just his guitar and his voice. And it was awesome. It made me overlook that he once dated Jennifer Hate Hewitt, although the fact that they broke up speaks volumes.

Television - The usual for me: Buffy, Friends, SNL, The Osbornes, The Simpsons. It's that holiday doldrums period, though, where you never know if your favorite show is going to be preempted for "Frosty The Snowman." I watch Real World: Las Vegas every now and then, although I get SO annoyed at the lot of them. I can't wait for two Fox shows that come on in January. One of them is "Joe Millionaire." It just seems like it will be totally hilarious. And of course, I CAN NOT WAIT for "American Idol." It was my summer obsession, and there is no way I will miss out on any of the episodes this time.

Books - Yeah. I'm really busy with my In Style this month. I need some books to read. Any suggestions?

Wedding Watch - I'm a bridesmaid in my best, oldest, and dearest friend's wedding. There will DEFINITELY be more to come here. As it stands right now, I cried my eyes out when she told me she was engaged, and I cried my eyes out when she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Next, I will cry my eyes out when I attend her engagement party on December 28th. It's all in my attempt to be cried out by the actual wedding, because people don't need to be distracted by my hiccuping during the vows. I want to plan a bomb bachelorette party, so I would appreciate any ideas.

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