Flying Above the U.S.

the straight story through plastic girl's eyes


I am one of those people who has always enjoying flying and everything that comes with it. Of course, there was that stretch of time when I would always feel sick, but that was when I was very young, so I don't count it. I love airports, and the shops they have there that are geared to whatever city or state you're in. I like the extreme emotions a lot of the other travelers have. Some are so psyched to get to wherever they're going, while others are tearfully sitting with loved ones they are about to leave behind. Of course, that was when non-passengers were allowed o go to the gates. Now those goodbyes take place at the car. Then you get the people who are scared to death of flying. I always am amused by those people, but I hate sitting anywhere near them. They freak at every little noise, thinking death is imminent. It's okay if it's someone I know, but if not, it gets old fast.

Right now I'm on a plane to New York City. The company I work for is flying me back to meet everyone, attend the holiday party, and do some work. I've worked for the Music Group for 9 months now, and I've only met a handful of people from the company - 6 to be exact. So it will be nice to finally have faces to go with the phone voices. I had to bring a present for my "Secret Santa." I had no idea what to get him, a he is a Senior VP and a 40-something man that I have never met or even spoken to on the phone. So I went to one of those little shops in the airport and bought him some See's Candy and a small "I *heart* LA" cup. I have heard that See's Candy isn't available everywhere, but even if it isn't, it's a good generic gift. So hopefully he'll like it. But I kind of don't really care if he does or not! It's the thought that counts. There are some women that I talk to on a regular basis that I am very much looking forward to meeting. They have promised to "kidnap" me after our holiday party and take me out on the town. That should be fun. I have never been to NYC before, and they know it, so I think they might even be more excited to show me around than I am, if that's even possible.

I'm about three hours into my flight right now. The movie was "Lilo & Stitch." I'm sure it's a good movie. But I wanted something a little more mature. I checked, and the movie coming back is "Spy Kids 2." What the ef? Did I somehow get booked onto the child-friendly flight? The food was predictably less than great, but I'm never really hungry when I'm flying. I don't know if that's an altitude thing or an anxious thing or what. I know when I am really excited or distracted, the last thing I think about is food. Weird, huh?

The most interesting thing about my flight is that there is someone requiring Secret Service protection on it. When I was checking in at the gate this morning, I heard (okay, overheard, I don't think there's anything wrong with that!) the agents talking about how the Secret Service was checking the plane, and that they would be sitting with "her" and that "she" would be boarding after everyone else. I then saw three men with those ear piece things going in and out of the door that lead to the plane. And they stood right there while every person boarded, looking us all up and down. I noticed about 30 minutes into our flght that we are being guarded. I'm sitting on the left of the plane, and out the window are two small jets. I'm sure there are planes ont he other side of the plane as well. I'm going to have to ask who was on our plane that was so important. I just checked again and the jets are still there. I don't know if I should be happy that we are being protected, or nervous that I'm sitting in a target. I think I'll be happy, because I don't want my flying experience to suffer in any way. I just found out, our special guest is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Cool! But if I am ever the leader of my country, I hope they don't make me fly United. Even if it is First Class.

The only worry I'm really dealing with right now is meeting everyone in the company. I know that I am one of, if not the, youngest people who work for the Music Group. Youth is celbrated in the music industry, but that isn't making me an less insecure about my youthfulness...I know I'm being paranoid, but I think it's okay to be concerned with how I come off. One of the older woman in the company that I have met a few times had made a few catty comments about my age - which I lied up a few years - so I think that's probably what is leading to my concern. That, and my dress for the party. I don't want to look inappropriate compared to everyone else. Don't get me wrong, it's not like my dress is something J Lo would wear, it's very nice. But I think that it's distinctly LA, and this is NYC. I guess I should embrace what makes me different from them. I'll be the only one there with a tan, right! Although with my luck, they'll probably hate me for that, too.

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