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May 16, 2003

My computer monitor broke yesterday, leaving me unable to do work for the rest of the day. Since I couldn't leave, I passed the time by writing. These eight haikus I wrote in about 10 minutes.

I can't do my work
My monitor exploded
Ah technology

This stuff tastes like ass
Can't believe it's not butter?
I sure believe it

Her phone rings all day
She was fired last Tuesday
No one will answer

That big fly was gross
it stared with its ninety eyes
It gave me the creeps

Why are you so dumb?
I just told you the answer
I hope you don't breed

I play triangle
My boyfriend plays the bongos
We should start a band

Driving down the road
Why did that car cut me off?
Bitch is gonna pay

My legs are hairy
I hate to shave every day
That's why I wear pants

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