January 2005


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01.26.2004 - - - 6:45 PM
The Boyfriend listens to me about anything electronic or technical, so when I told him we needed wireless internet service, he looked at me blankly and nodded his head and agreed. I immediately ordered service through the phone company, sat back, and waited. A few days later, we got a package in the mail with our sweet sweet wireless information, including our new modem. It was like Christmas in January! You see, I am a nerd. The next day, we received a phone call from James Earl Jones informing us that our wireless service had been activated! Oh, happy day! We each got on our computers and walked throughout the apartment, sending each other instant messages that said, ďCan you hear me now?Ē We totally nerded it up. But now we can both be on the Internet at the same time, which is crucial. And as a totally awesome bonus, I can now sit on the couch and job search at the same time! The fact that the TV with the DVR just so happens to be a few feet away from the couch is, uh, totally irrelevant.

So, of course, right now I am sitting on the couch, watching recorded Simpsons re-runs (Bart & Homer, not Jessica & Ashlee), while my yummy dinner digests. The Boyfriend loves his BBQ, and tonight he made some delicious steaks while I grilled garlic shrimp. Mmm mmm good, my babies. I am feeling rather content at the moment, despite the fact that it was a sad and icky day here in Los Angeles. I am happy because this Friday is my last day temping for my former company. I have taken a step back and realized how good it was that I temped for them, and I am glad I was able to do it while I was re-adjusting to LA life. At the same time, I am excited at the prospect of a new beginning. The temp agency Iím with will probably place me with another company, and I think it will be cool to try a new place and meet new people. And, if they donít, that gives me more time to job search and, uh, not work! While Iím worried about the financial aspects of not having a job for an undetermined amount of time, Iím really looking forward to having the time to sit back and figure out what the hell I want to do with myself. Itís also fun to daydream about some amazing opportunity coming my way that pays a lot, so I can get out of debt and also buy pretty things.

Anywhoodle...Iím just settling back into LA life. After my brush with the law yesterday, I have decided to be low pro. You know, since I am normally so ďout there.Ē I have a busy few days and weekends coming up. I canít believe next week is already February! TBís parents are coming down tomorrow, and then Iím off for the weekend with Bree. Then the next weekend is the Superbowl, followed by the Grammys, and some bridal showers and bachelorettes and weddings and then I think it might be Christmas. Itís going to be one of those years! It should be great. Alright, time for American Idol! Happy Anniversary Nanie and B Far! Has it really been 3 years?!?!

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01.25.2005 - - -2:24 PM
I have been back for a month already! I can't believe it's been that long already. Time sure flies. I'm definitely enjoyed being in partly-sunny CA this weekend while NYC was being hit with a blizzard. At first I thought, "oh, the snow! How fun!" But then I remember how much I hated living in the snow. If I was there right I would be wearing layers of clothing instead of my brown sandals and very cute blue top. Suck it, snow! I don't miss you.

Even though it's been a month, there is one New York City habit that I haven't dropped: street crossing habits. I absolutely LOVED being able to cross the street whenever and wherever I wanted. The art of dodging cabs and buses became second nature...to the point that I find myself still doing it here in LA, where crossing against the light or in the middle of block is more than just frowned upon - it's against the law.

A little while ago I left the building to get some fresh air. My boss was off at lunch and I just felt like getting out for a little bit. It wasn't a long walk, just to the mall and back. I didn't even buy anything! That's what kind of walk it was. I was distracted by what looked to be a strange apartment building across the street from the mall, so I started chanting the name of the building over and over so I could remember to look it up when I got back to my computer. I got to the corner, and crossed. Against the light. Did I mention that across the street the other way is the Burbank Fire & Police Station? I crossed in front of a cop. While my boss, who was returning from lunch, got to the corner from the other direction. While I was freaking CHANTING the name of that building OVER AND OVER TO MYSELF. Yes. The cop in the passenger seat got out of the car, but only after the siren made that little whoop noise that it is wont to do. I started chanting "shit shit shit" over and over again, but this time I did it IN MY HEAD, like a normal person.

COP: Do you know what you just did?
ME: Um, uh, uh, um...
COP: You crossed against a light. That's against the law.
ME: Um, uh, uh, um...
COP: (starting to think that maybe I'm retarded) Where are you from? Are you from here?
ME: Um, uh, yeah, I just moved to LA from New York City!
COP: New York, eh? Let me see your ID.
ME: SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT Okay...here you go.
COP: This says you live in Hermosa Beach, and this ID was issued back in June of 2003. When did you live in New York?
ME: SHIT! I lived there all of last year. 2004! I never got a New York ID! But here is my New York City Library Card! And a couple of Metro Cards! And look, I have a New York Sports Club card! Oh, there's my boss! He'll tell you!!!

My boss, at this point, was standing 2 feet away. He looked...embarrassed. Less for himself, more for ME.

MY BOSS: It's true. She was just transferred back from New York.
ME: See! I just sort of forgot where I was and it's like an automatic thing for me to just go when there are no cars, and I looked both ways, and I didn't impede traffic...
COP: It's okay, I believe you. Ma'am, next time, try not to forget where you are.

Then I had to walk the rest of the way back to my office with my boss. I don't remember the name of that damn building.

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01.13.2005 - - - 2:28 PM
I am so pissed. I had written almost an entire entry here when I clicked on an email link. The link opened up in this window and I lost everything! Damn it! That effing sucks. Sigh. Well, I will try to remember what I talked about. Um...I complained about my job. I hate temping for my old company! It's even worse than when I was a regular employee. I can't wait to be done here. Then it's onto bigger and better things, I hope! I've been applying for jobs every night when I get home from work, and I try to do some surreptitious job searching during the day, although it's hard since my desk is in a place where everyone can see what I'm doing. And even though I hate temping here, I still want to appear as though I love it and everything around me. Suck.

In other news, I moved this last weekend. In the rain, yeah, and it was hard. We tried to beat the rain by backing the cargo van we rented up to the back of the garage (it was too tall to fit), and then draping plastic over the top of the van and the garage door. That sort of worked, although the wind was a problem and water running off of the roof had a tendency to pool up in the plastic. Carrying some of the furniture through the garage proved to be more trouble than it was worth, since doing that meant navigating heavy pieces through a narrow hallway and the laundry room. My dad and TB ended up hustling a lot of stuff through the front door with towels thrown on top to protect what they were carrying from the rain. It was hard! I felt so bad for them. While they were doing that, my mom and I carried boxes and other random things out to TB's car and loaded them up. Luckily it wasn't raining when we were unloading later at TB's place. We managed to get everything in and most of the furniture set up before my parents have to leave. I was totally overwhelmed with all the stuff that was piled up everywhere, but my parents nicely volunteered to come back the next day and help me go through it all. We managed to go through most of the boxes, and we got the kitchen all squared away. Now it's mostly random stuff everywhere, including almost all of my CDs, so this weekend that is my big project! That, and my closet. Oy.

I'm glad it's stopped raining here finally. I personally don't mind the rain. Having spent the last year in weather-loving NYC, I'm used to rain. So many areas are having problems here, I've never seen anything like it. I remember during my freshman year of college it seemed like it rained every other day, and that was nothing compared to what we just went through. The area needs to dry out so those problem areas can get fixed up. Soon everything will be green and pretty and I can lay out in the sun!

Can I go yet?

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01.07.2005 - - - 12:31 PM
So, it's, uh, been a long time since I updated. How was your holiday? Mine was good, very busy. Saw lots of friends and family, good times. Let's see, what else? Oh, I moved. Back to California. It was both a long time coming and very sudden, and it was one of the most overwhelming things I have ever done. I was totally consumed with all the drama of work and leaving, not to mention packing and all of that. I'll start at the beginning.

The Monday after Thanksgiving (November 29th), I talked to my boss and the President of the company. I told both of them that after a lot of thought and evaluation, I had decided to move back to California for three reasons: 1) personal ties, 2) job dissatisfaction, and 3) salary. My boss was very understanding about it all (being that he is located in California, he understood my desire to be back), but he was sad that I was leaving the company and wanted to know what he could do to keep me. The President reacted in the same way, and asked what it would take to make me stay. I told both of them that I wasn't using this as a bargaining ploy, but that I was unhappy in my job and personally and financially, going back to California was the best move for me. The President asked me to give him some time to see what he could do, and to please keep it to myself for a few days while he worked something out. I told him I would, which was my biggest mistake.

Days and days and WEEKS went by and I heard nothing. I was on hold, thinking I was going to be offered a promotion, or a raise, or SOMETHING that I would at least have to consider before I could really get into the process of moving. I inquired to my boss, or HR, or the CFO every day for some information. It finally got to the point where I told them that I was just going to go ahead and continue as planned, since I had given them TWO WEEKS to make some sort of decision about me. I had an interesting conversation with the CFO and President of the company, and then that was it. It was upsetting and extremely anti-climactic and unsatisfying. I wasted all that time. I had two weeks to pack up my whole apartment, sell my stuff, say goodbye to everyone, and Christmas shop. Luckily The Boyfriend was able to come out at the last minute and he REALLY helped me with a lot of stuff. Then Ky was there the last four days and helped out a bunch, too. But it was one of the hardest things I've ever done, this moving across the country thing. And yes, I'd done it once before, but this time it was much, much harder.

My friends in New York threw me a really fun going away party, and a lot of my coworkers said wonderful things about me and how hard it would be to replace me. But, in the end, I really feel like I didn't give my proper goodbyes. Because I couldn't announce my departure until two weeks before the holiday break, many people had already left. Plus, since I was so busy, I really didn't get to enjoy that last month in the City the way I would have liked. I am disappointed and annoyed with how everything ended, but I am not going to dwell on it. New York City is an amazing, wonderful place, and I really do love it with all of my heart. I didn't leave because I didn't like the City. I left because I missed California, I missed my family and boyfriend and friends, I missed the ocean and driving and Baja Fresh and all those little things. California is my home, but I will always fit in in New York. Throughout the whole month of December, I wanted to write all these things I loved about the city, and I would compose a million entries in my head, but I never had a spare second to write any of them down, not even on a scrap of paper. I loved the subways and my little apartment, and the late-night food. I loved my friends and most of my coworkers, and sometimes I even loved the tourists. But in the end, I didn't love my job and I didn't love going into debt for it. I was very, very unhappy everyday and it just wasn't worth it anymore. I've always said that my job funds my life and that my job ISN'T my life. When it got to the point where my job was not funding my life and was, in fact, making me pretty miserable, that's when I knew it had to stop. I am sad that I had to leave the city and my friends out there, but they will always be my friends and I will always have New York.

It's great to be back in So Cal! Although, this crazy rainy weather leaves something to be desired. I have spent the last few weeks seeing my friends and family. This weekend we are moving my stuff into my new place...which is actually an "old" place - The Boyfriend's house! So it's a very exciting time and I am loving almost every second of it. What seconds am I not enjoying? Well, I am still working for my company. And it sucks. To make a long story short, because they dragged their feet with me, they didn't have enough time to hire my replacement before I left. So they asked me to be a "temp" and do my job from the west coast office until they hire someone. It's lame and it's been extremely complicated, and I wish I was independently wealthy so that I could have told them to shove it. But I needed the money and the good references, so I said that I would help out. Sigh. But it's the only black cloud on my move back to LA (except for the literal ones that are dumping buckets on Los Angeles as we speak!).

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