July 2003

07.31.2003 - - 1:58 PM
I am so used to how bad it smells in Burbank that at first I didn't even notice the odor. Then, as I walked around the corner of my building, the smell hit me so hard and so fast that I thought I would pass out. I don't know what it was, or what was causing it, and I never ever EVER want to know. As I sit here now, a full 45 minutes later, I can still smell it. It is clinging to my clothes, my hair, and my nostrils. I can't get rid of it! It's like that Seinfeld episode. I think I'm just going to have to have someone steal the car. Lat night, The Boyfriend and I went to the Norah Jones concert at The Greek Theatre. K was nice enough to drop us off and pick us up so we didn't have to deal with the stack parking nightmare. We got there just as the opening act was ending, so we had to deal with a big crowd at the concession stands. As we waited in line for Margaritas, Randy Newman and Leslie Ann Warren squeezed by us. A few minutes later, Ravi Shankar walked by. Lots of famous people taking in Norah! It was a good show, Norah was very engaging and her music is great. Her voice was just as flawless live as it is on the record. I'm excited for her new album to come out. We got out of there around 10:30, but judging by how tired I am today, it just as well could have been 3 AM. I stayed up to finish my book, The Lovely Bones (SO GOOD!), and then I turned out the lights around midnight. Not late at all. But I woke up this morning feeling like I'd run a marathon in my sleep. I'm so glad I took Monday off, I plan on sleeping as much as I can. Perhaps catching some rays at the same time. So, here we are, on the last day of July. I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by so far. I can't believe that T's wedding is a mere four days away. It still feels like she called me yesterday to tell me she was engaged. It still feels like yesterday I was sitting in the stands at her college graduation, hugging her after high school graduation, playing bobby sox softball, getting ready for kindergarten. When did we grow up? I can't believe her wedding is in four days.

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07.29.2003 - - - 11:48 AM
After a truly hellacious work week, I promised myself that I was not going to think about work for the entire weekend. I had been crazy with entry forms and submission crap and I really needed a nice, relaxing weekend. I was so, so happy that this past weekend was T’s Bachelorette party. We bridesmaids took T down for a weekend of relaxing and partying. On Friday, we got to Palm Desert and were so happy to be out of the car and out of traffic that we did a happy dance. Then we thought to ourselves, “hey, let’s go get some grub.” So we went to a Mexican restaurant called Los Consuelos or something like that for dinner. Many margaritas were consumed. Also, some food. By the time we got out of there, it was about 9:30 and we didn’t really feel like going back and changing to go out. I was totally exhausted because I’d been up until 2 am on Thursday and had then woken up at 6 am on Friday to work on my Grammy project for work. So I was all for it when T suggested, “Let’s go to the store and get booze and assorted cookie mix.” So we did. We drank Mud Slides and all that yummy stuff, and we ate oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. Is it any wonder that my bridesmaid dress is super-tight? I passed out nice and full. On Saturday morning, I woke up at 7:45, because my body hates me and doesn’t believe in sleeping in. I was awake for a good two hours before everyone else woke up. Not so fun when you are sharing a place with other people. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I jumped on the bed that T and Nonie were sharing and made them get up. Nonie had bought stuff to make chocolate chip pancakes the night before, and I was hungry, damn it! So we set her to work while the rest of us watched TV. Mmm, pancakes. At around 11:00, T’s sister Eee showed up. Eee had tried to commit suicide the day before by jamming a q-tip into her eyeball. Actually, she had poked herself in the eye while removing eye make-up, and she had a HIDEOUS blood clot in her eye. So, she didn’t drive down with us the day before because she was at the Dr.’s office. From now on, I will call her EYE. After we all were sufficiently grossed out, we threw on our bathing suits and some sunscreen and went to the pool. It was very hot and humid in the Desert, so we immediately jumped into the pool. It felt so good to be in the pool while it was 108 degrees. I was in heaven. Until I got overheated, then I felt kind of nauseous. It was still a good time, though! Strawberry margaritas and a pool, we were happy! If it hadn’t been for the humidity, I think we could have stayed out in the sun all day; but, we did last 2 and a half hours, which is pretty good. After showering and relaxing for a little while, it was time for the festivities to begin! The party started with T= taking a shot of Tequila. Then Eye took a shot to celebrate her 21st birthday. The rest of us laughed and pointed at the faces they made while we sipped our margaritas. The first game was “Pin the Macho on the Man.” Everyone had to put their foreheads on a bat and spin around 10 times while blindfolded. It was a lot harder than it sounds, especially when you factor in alcohol. No one managed to hit the poster the Man was on – Eye didn’t even hit the right wall! The next game was a pińata…let’s just say that Nonie made a big impression on a sliding glass door. Thank goodness it was strong glass. Once we’d played all the in-door games, it was time to hit the town! We put on our finest gear, dressed up T, and we were off to dinner. We ate at a yummy Italian place at The River. I swear, the men who worked there acted as if they had never seen a group of young women before…which was to our benefit, because we got lots of free stuff, like shots and dessert trays. Yum! When we were sufficiently stuffed, we started our bar crawl. Because T was dressed up, we got a lot of attention, and T got a LOT of shots. By the time we hit our last stop, Bananaz, T had tossed back about 7 or 8 drinks. No one was dancing at the club, so T dared Nonie to get the party started – and started it was after Nonie danced solo on the dance floor for about 2 minutes. As more and more people showed up on the dance floor, more people wanted to dance with T and buy her a shot. We eventually made friends with a large bachelor party, and the guys there bought us a million drinks and shots. The one problem with Bananaz is that it’s an indoor/outdoor place, so even though the air conditioning was going full blast, it was still about 85 degrees on the dance floor. We were all dripping with sweat. After hours of dancing, it felt so good to get into the car with nice, cool air conditioning. As we drove back to where we were staying, we tried to figure out how many drinks T’d had…we figured something like 14, I believe. As we drove by a Ralph’s, Tand I decided that we needed food, and we needed it then. So we pulled over and got a couple of frozen pizzas. Back in the room, T opened her presents while the pizzas cooked. She got some sexy stuff, woo hoo, GiGi will be very excited. After the presents were opened, things started to go bad for T. She showered, and then declared, "I think I need to barf." The next thing we knew, some unsettling splashing noises were coming from the bathroom and Nonie was making unhappy faces, "I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and she just ran in here and did that!!!" Poor Nonie. But T, she’s a rally-er! When she emerged from the bathroom, she said, "Is the pizza done? I’m hungry?" I can’t imagine why! That’s my girl! Sunday morning brought the beginning of our extreme diet. No breakfast, and only salad for lunch. Yuck. Some of us stopped at the outlets in Cabazon, but we didn’t get anything. After eating and drinking all weekend, none of us were in the mood to try on clothes. We looked, though. Our drive home was fun, if long. None of us can believe it’s the week of the wedding. I really can’t believe that, after thinking about and planning the bachelorette party for so many months, it’s already over. T is getting married in five days! Crazy.

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to The Boyfriend – he’s made the quarter-finals in this contest, and that is HUGE! I’m so proud of you, Mikey!

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07.24.2003 - - - 4:43 PM
I am crazy busy with work. This is how I look right now:

Too much work makes me nuts. Nuts, I tell ya!

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07.22.2003 - - - 4:53 PM
I am so exhausted. I am still sick. My medical degree is telling me that my sinuses are infected. What, you didn't know I have a medical degree? My biggest problem is that I am SO BUSY, I haven't let myself just sit back and relax and do nothing. Over the weekend, I had a concert for work, a Dodger game, and an impromptu BBQ. I know I should have skipped the BBQ, but...I was hungry! The Boyfriend and I needed to eat! Actually, one of the number one reasons we went to the BBQ was because I feel like I haven't seen any of my friends in weeks. I haven't seen my roommates in a million years! That's how freaking busy I am. And it's only getting worse. I won't spend a weekend in Hermosa Beach until September - and only one weekend in September! I swear, at this rate I won't have a free Saturday until 2004, which means that one of my New Year's Resolutions will most likely be to "shake this cold that's been lingering for the last five months." Gah. I know I should go to the doctor! You do my job for me while I go, okay? I have been insanely busy at work this week with Grammy nominee submissions, which I am in charge of this year for my company. I told all the people involved that they had to give their information to be NO LATER than today. Now, here I sit, at 4:53 PM, 7:53 on the East Coast, and I think I have maybe 10%-20% of what I need. Bastards! Do your damn job so I can do mine! I'm seriously giving myself an ulcer over this. Oh well, what can I do? Moving on. Last night I went with my mom and her friend to the Dixie Chicks concert down at The Pond in Anaheim. Before the show, we stopped at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant. Man, that crap is good! I am positively CRAVING that chicken soup right now. I've never found creamy soup like that that actually tastes good. Being sick, it was the best thing I had ever tasted. The chicken and the potatoes and biscuits and corn and pie were good, too! I want it all again. By the time we made our way through the traffic, Michelle Branch was almost done with her opening set. Since I'd just seen her at Wango Tango about a month and a half ago, I wasn't sad about missing her. In between Michelle's set and the Dixie Chicks, I met up with T, Nonie, E, and GiGi, whose seats were just over from ours. The concert was great. They had a great set list, and the stage was something to watch all by itself. It had all these cool effects going on during each song, and since the set up was "Theatre in the Round" style, it was nice to have something else to see since the group wasn't always visible. I had a blast. Of course, today my voice is thrashed from singing along to every song. It's never a good idea to sing at the top of your lungs when you have a cold that won't go away. I wish I had some of that soothing chicken noodle soup right now.
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07.18.2003 - - - 4:11 PM
I haven't felt like updating the last couple of days. They were both crappy days that I prefer to not remember. Plus, my hosting company was down or taking a vacation day or something yesterday, so I couldn't have updated even if I wanted to. So. There! Today I don't really have all that much to talk about, really. I had fun watching the all-star game on Tuesday over at The Boyfriend's place. We BBQ'd a bunch of food for us, his roommate, and some friends. But damn those Dodgers! It figures that a Dodger would give up the winning run. Damn it. Oh, the razzing that ensued. I choose to believe that it won't end up mattering who has home field advantage in the World Series, because the Dodgers will take it before game 7! Ha ha, I crack myself up. Tomorrow The Boyfriend and I are going to the Dodger game (thanks Catherine!), I hope they win. I'm excited to see the new players, they'd better make a difference. I have a few gripes today. First, the weather totally blows. It's hot and muggy, with the threat of rain. Rain. Yes, rain. I would like to mention the rain because I have a work concert to go to tonight, and it's at an outdoor theatre. Awesome. maybe if I get really lucky, they won't allow umbrellas. Another complaint is this whole Kobe Bryant thing. I feel so let down. I can't believe he cheated on his wife. It makes me snicker when I think of the wording in his and his wife's statements. They never say "cheated," it's always "committed adultery." Oh, THAT makes it better. I feel bad for the girl, because until now, no one believed that Kobe had even looked at her, let alone raped her. It's going to be interesting to watch the trial. As a final note of complaint, I want to thank the people who run my building for making sure that the temperature inside never rises above 58 degrees. It is so cold, I have my space heater on and I am still shivering. I think this is why I'm still sick! It's an evil conspiracy by my Huge Corporation to kill me! I have a sore throat STILL. Jeez. I'm sucking down the honey like it's nobody's business, and my throat still hurts almost two weeks after the symptoms first started. I think my day started off wrong when, upon exiting the freeway this morning, I noticed that the car in front of me had a license plate frame that read, "I Love My Trust Fund." Oh. My. God. No words And, finally, I would like to say that everyone I have dealt with today on a professional level is a total moron. Seriously. I can't wait for it to be next weekend! Get me outta here!
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07.15.2003 - - - 3:47 PM
There are some things that people don't have fun shopping for. I personally don't enjoy going to the grocery store when I have to buy stuff like tampons and deodorant, although I've gotten over the embarrassment that I used to feel. I don't like shopping for shoes, and bra shopping is kind of a pain. But, there is something about doing the shopping for others that makes it different. I've bought my friends deodorant and condoms and tampons without a second thought. If it isn't for me, I feel like everyone knows it. Last night, Les, Hardcore, and I went lingerie shopping for our friends who are getting married. I refer back to where I said I hate bra shopping. I like wearing the bras, I just don't particularly enjoy the process of picking one out. But buying one for someone else? FUN! I don't have to try anything on, I just get a gift receipt, and all is right with the world. The three of us set off for the Del Almo Mall after work. I don't know, I feel as though I have been to a fair amount of malls in my day...the Del Almo Mall sucks. It may have a ton of stores (including, for some reason, two of some), but the layout is the worst thing in the world. The mall is H-U-G-E, and you have to wander around food courts and up escalators and down stairs and through department stores to get from one end of the mall to the other. And you still might not be able to find the store you're looking for. It is also ghetto, but that is another story for another time. As luck would have it, we parked as far away from our store (in this case, Frederick's of Hollywood)as we possibly could. We had to stop and consult every directory we passed on our way. Finally, after what seemed like hours of walking, we finally arived at the store. Les was blushing, "I've never been to a lingerie store! I don't know what to get!" Meanwhile, Hardcore and I were like, "Yeah! I dig this crotchless one-piece teddy with the feathers over the nipples!" Les isn't as close with her engaged friend as I am with T, so it was hard for us to pick out something for her. Everything one of us held up for her was greeted with, "I can NOT see her wearing that!" Les's friend is more of a Tom Boy. But, she finally settled on a pretty purple thing that looks sort of like this. I can't find the exact outfit on the website. I walked all over that store looking for the perfect thing for T. I am very pleased with what I picked out. But, no link! Sorry Eee! Email me and I'll send it to you. I think it is the perfect mix of sassy and sexy. The Frederick's website describes it as "perfect to wear alone, or under a suit jacket!" What? I think the Frederick's web designers are on crack, because, yeah, it's pretty, but it is also LACE. And lace has HOLES in it. Do you follow what I'm saying? Idiots. I always have fun when I'm with my pals, so it was nice to have Les and hardcore along for the shopping trip. They had good opinions. So don't worry, T, if you are reading this. Everyone likes it! GiGi will love it, too. Hee hee. I would like to point out that this picture is of Eee, who was born 21 years ago today! I remember when she was born! Do a shot for me, Erin! Doesn't she look grossed out? She's holding that thong like it's contaminated. Sisqo would be so sad.
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07.14.2003 - - - 3:50 PM
I have had one of those days where I haven't really done a whole hell of a lot, which is good because I'm not really feeling all that great today. I just can not shake this damn cold that I have! I woke up with a sore throat, and it hasn't gone away all day. Say what I will about other illness symptoms, but a sore throat is one of those things I just turn into a baby over. It is so painful, and I use my voice all day at work so it is constantly aggravated. Luckily, I have been very quiet today, which is easy to do when you are all alone in your office (grumble), and you only answer the calls from numbers you recognize, sending everything else to voicemail. I just can't be sick anymore. I can't. I had a very good weekend, though, despite the fact that I didn't feel well for most of it. I left work early on Friday (hence the lack of an update) to go to a wedding with The Boyfriend. It was a very nice wedding, although the ceremony...was interesting. The priest is here on sabbatical from India, and he had never performed a wedding in the US before. And it totally, totally showed. He forgot parts of the ceremony, like THE VOWS, kept blanking on the bride's name, never told the groom he could kiss the bride, and told a very long story about all the suffering involved in marriage. Good way to start off! And YES JEN, I cried when everyone walked into the church. I am such a freaking woman! I didn't lose control, though, which is good. There is something about hearing that music that makes me get all teary for some reason. I think it is in my female DNA. I'm going to need to listen to it over and over before T's wedding, because I don't want to be that blubbering freak bridesmaid walking down the aisle. I thought I was very sly with the tear wiping, but The Boyfriend noticed the tears. Damn. Anyway, the reception was so fun, there was a great band that did a million Beatles covers and a bunch of other stuff, too. I don't normally like bands, but they were awesome. The Boyfriend and I danced up a storm. The bride looked gorgeous, the dresses were pretty, it was a good cake, blah blah blah. All in all, a very fun, successful wedding. This photo was taken at the wedding. The favors for all of the guests were sunglasses, with a little tag that read, "The Future is so Bright." Am I cheesy? Because I thought that was cute. So here, The Boyfriend and I are showing off our Mamma Jamma Style. I like to point. The next day, I went out to the Homeland to attend a wedding shower for T. I wish I hadn't been feeling so poorly, because it was lots of fun but it was very hard for me to get into it. I soldiered through, though! I got lots of fun pictures, and I'll let you know when I post them in the wedding section. T is getting some crazy nice stuff as presents. I'm all kinds of jealous. I love neat kitchen and bedding stuff. Jax and I have decided that we should just go register for stuff and tell people it's a belated housewarming gift. Or a "welcome to the apartment, Bells" gift. When it comes down to it, we just want new stuff that Jax's older sisters and brothers and Bells's brother and my parents haven't used before us. Not that we aren't grateful for the hand me downs! We're grateful, but also greedy. I think it's big of us to admit it. Anyway, the shower was fun, although I was robbed in TWO contests, I mean games (you know which ones, T). I had to leave a bit early to get my bridesmaid dress altered. The woman is cutting like a foot off the bottom of my skirt. Ah, to be short. On Saturday, it also happened to be Nonie's birthday, so a big group of us went out to celebrate it. I sat across from George (who I will now refer to as GiGi, meaning Groom George), and we decided that the first song he and T should dance to as Man and Wife is "I Wanna Sex You Up," by Color Me Badd. I don't know if T will be hip to that, but I wish GiGi the best of luck in convincing her. I will give him a shiny penny if he could convince her. Mmmm, just thinking about what I ate for dinner is making me hungry. Is it time to go home yet? Damn. It was a good birthday dinner, complete with the Avoiding Game (Ashand I both won) and drunk Nonie. Good times! On Sunday, The Boyfriend and I had a great day. We were very domestic, going to the store, cooking breakfast and dinner, washing our cars, and doing laundry. And, I got in some good tanning time as I willed the sun to somehow dry up all the phlegm in my lungs. Alas, it did not happen. So, today, I cough and cough and swear at Tylenol for not making a more effective cold medicine. Bastards!
- - - - - - -

07.10.2003 - - - 4:30 PM
I am full of apathy today. I'm surprised I'm even updating this. After being filled with a white hot rage toward my employers yesterday, today I find myself not really giving a crap about anything. Of course, this happens on a day when I am rather busy with job-related tasks. Okay, so here is why I was so pissed off yesterday. On Monday, one of the executive's assistants sent out an email that said the company is having a big outing at the beginning of next month. It's going to be on a Thursday, and everyone is going on a boat ride, where they will be treated to all the food, beer, and sodas they can consume. They then get the rest of the day to go to a restaurant where a bar tab will be, or they can go do whatever else they want. Sounds like lots of fun, right? I thought so. The thing is, it's happening in New York. When I was hired for this job, I was told I would get to go to New York at least two or three times a year, for work and other activities. So far, I have been there once. I didn't expect to get flown out just for a boat ride, but since the email had been sent to me personally (as opposed to a group list), I started to hope that maybe I was going to go. So, I responded to the email with, "sounds fun." Then, yesterday, my boss calls me into his office to tell me that he'd talked to the woman planning the event, and that the only people who were going to be going to the event were the people who were already in NYC. Since there are only five people who don't work in the NYC office, I know it wouldn't be too big an expense to fly us all out, but I was okay with that. Then my boss dropped the bomb: "oh, but I'm going. Can you book the trip for me?" Oh, gee, CAN I? That would make me ever so happy! Pissed off but trying not to show it, I went back to my office and called my friend in the NYC office to tell him what had happened. "That's bullshit," he said, "You know that the head of the sales department won't stand for his guys not being there, you know they will come out for the party and the meetings." Damn it! So, here, another example of me being isolated from my company and my co-workers. I know most people would be overjoyed with being the only one in their office most days of the week. And, while it is nice, it is very, very lonely. I miss face-to-face interaction. I have only spent parts of two days with most of my co-workers, and I doubt I would recognize most of them if they were walking down the street. I think that's sad! I can only talk on the phone and email so much. So, that is why I am mad. Damn it, now I'm all fired up again, but also kind of bummed out. Sigh.
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07.09.2003 - - - 3:58 PM
Today on my drive to work, I followed a green Nissan for most of my trip along the 110. I noticed right away that on the driver’s side, there was one of those flags that proclaim the car owner’s favorite sports team. This one was a yellow flag with purple script, so I immediately assumed this guy was a Lakers fan. As I got closer, however, I realized the wording wasn’t “Lakers” but actually, “Jesus.” Hmm. The script was the same as if it was a Lakers flag, and there was even writing above the script where “Los Angeles” would have gone. Alas, I couldn’t make out what those words were as the writing was too small and the flag was whipping around like crazy. I started to think about what the driver was trying to say with this flag. I’m pretty sure there are no sports teams named Jesus. Is he saying that Jesus is a Lakers fan? Are Jesus’ colors purple and gold? I know purple is the color of royalty, but I would think Jesus would prefer something a little more masculine than purple. Although, Shaq is pretty masculine and he looks good in purple. Or, was this man equating Jesus to the Lakers? I don’t know if Jesus would like that comparison based on how poorly L.A. did in the playoffs this year. Or, maybe he’s saying that Jesus is on Kobe’s side on this whole sexual molestation thing. I don’t know. What could possibly have been written where “Los Angeles” should have been on the flag? What is Jesus’ hometown, anyway? Damn, I should read the Bible or something. These are the thoughts that go through my head on my morning drive. The driver of that car should take better care of his Jesus tributes, however: the flag was all tattered. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Burbank may be a weird, stinky city, but it always comes through when you’re feeling like crap about yourself. A little while ago I went for a short walk to cool off after getting REALLY PISSED at my STUPID LAME ASS COMPANY for completely SCREWING ME OUT OF A TRIP I WAS PROMISED OVER A YEAR AGO. Anyway. As I was walking back to my office, a man carrying a bunch of folders stopped me. I figured he was looking for something, so I actually stopped to hear what he had to say. Folder Man: Excuse me, but can I ask you something? Me: Sure. Folder Man: This may catch you off guard, but I was wondering if you were in a relationship. Me: What?! Folder Man: Because, I saw you walking and I thought you were really pretty, and I was wondering if I could get your number. Me: Um, thanks, that’s nice, but I’m in a relationship. Folder Man: Oh, you are? How’s that going for you? Me: Fine, thank you (starting to walk away). Folder Man: Well, can I give you my number so that if your relationship doesn’t work out, you can call me? Me: No, I don’t think so (still walking). Folder Man: (yelling after me) Oh, it’s serious, then? Me: (walking into my building) Yeah, it’s great, thank you! So. What is with weird men? While it’s nice that he thought I was pretty, there were a few things wrong with his approach. First of all, he shouldn’t have asked me if I was in a relationship because no matter what, I was going to say yes. Two, he didn’t take no for an answer. Three, he was yelling after me as I walked away, right outside my building. Hello, you are a stranger. Why would I give you my number when we haven’t even spoken? God. But, at least I got a nice little image boost, which elevated my mood slightly. Stupid Company. I will bitch about it tomorrow.
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07.07.2003 - - - 4:04 PM
Continuing on with my weekend. So, Friday night started out innocently enough. After we got ready, four of us made a run to Jamba Juice. This served a triple purpose: 1) nourishment; 2) a refillable closed container; 3) a good mixer, if you chose to go down that path. Jambas in hand, we set out for the parties. First, we stopped at the home of our esteemed comrade Steve. He was having a party on his roof, complete with a BBQ and a keg. Whee! We spent a few hours there, then moved onto the various parties on the strand. Walking the strand on the 4th is very interesting. There is so much to see: people wearing crazy outfits, men & women wearing next to nothing, and, of course, people getting arrested. In our 13 block walk, we managed to see four arrests. One guy was not happy about getting arrested, and was doing everything in his drunken power to escape from the police. He kept screaming, "DON'T HURT ME!" while he would twist his body around in a position that would make contortionists cringe. He thought that all of us onlookers were on his side, but alas, he was mistaken. He was our entertainment, and nothing more. Of course, we were also trying to avoid the cops, not quite certain that our Jamba Juice cups were inconspicuous enough. We were appreciative to the belligerent arrestees for distracting a fair amount of police personnel. After some hemming, hawing, and bathroom time, our group splintered. Half went back to Steve's, while the rest of us went back to my apartment. There, we enjoyed Margaritas and Cotton Candy, which I made while wearing my 'fro wig. We also engaged passersby on the sidewalk three stories below us in a friendly game of "Here Comes a Water Balloon!" It was very hot, so almost everyone was happy to get hit with a water balloon...except the one couple in their car, but since they weren't technically hit with the balloon, we knew they couldn't do anything. However, we decided it would be a good idea to leave our apartment, so we headed next door to BBQ and hang out some more. When it got dark, we went down to the beach to watch the fireworks. Now. If you have never had a near-death experience, you have never watched fireworks from the beach in Hermosa. The city of Hermosa Beach doesn't set off fireworks themselves - you have to hope it's a clear night, then you can see the displays from Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, and Marina Del Rey. The residents of Hermosa Beach, however, take matters into their own hands: not content to rely on the weather Gods, every year they drive to Mexico to buy their own fireworks, and they set them off with abandon as soon as the sun goes down. The three times I have watched fireworks in Hermosa, I have had fireworks explode on the sand 10 feet away from me, watched a guy set himself on fire, and had a lit amber land on my head. Why do I keep going to the beach to watch, you might ask? Because usually, I am not in my right mind when I'm watching fireworks. Okay, that's not true. All three years, I've actually sobered up in time for fireworks. I'm just too lazy to drive anywhere to watch them, and I LOVE fireworks! It was fun to sit on the sand with my friends and The Boyfriend and watch this year's display. It was very pretty. D Wop and I also treated everyone within a 20 foot radius to our library of patriotic songs. We knew all three verses to "My Country 'Tis of Thee!" I didn't get to show off all of "This Land is Your Land," however, because Woodsy threatened me with death. Good times, good times. Saturday was just as fun. We had yummy breakfast at Sharkeez, and then ventured to the beach where we laid in the sun with 85,000 of our closest friends. It really was fun, though, there were about 10 of us, and we had a football, volleyball, and paddleball, so we had a lot to do. When the heat of the sun got to be too much, we went back up to our apartments to get ready for another BBQ/birthday party. We WERE the party, baby! I upheld the standards for female shot gunners around the world, while Pinky treated everyone to pole dances. We left the party to go dancing, but I didn't stay for long because I started to feel sick. Which brings me up to Sunday, yesterday and today. On Sunday I laid on the couch all day, coughing and trying not to swallow. I hate having a sore throat. I went to The Boyfriend's house in the evening, and we had Chinese food (lots of soup) and hung out. He took good care of me, and wasn't grossed out by my coughing, which is really nice considering he is sick, too! Yesterday and today I have been a SLUG. I've got a huge weekend coming up, so I have to get better by Friday at the latest. No time for being sick!
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07.07.2003 - - - 12:45 PM
Wow, I have really slacked in the last week with my updating. I apologize to everyone who's been anxious to find out what's happened in the last week. I actually was very busy, and then I was unexpectedly off on Thursday, when I would have updated for sure. So, let's go back in time and I'll tell you what I've been up to. On Monday night, Jax, Les, Bells, D Wop, and I went to see Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. I enjoyed it, partly because I "get it," and partly because I enjoyed their outfits. Jax, Bells, and I decided we were going to go as the Angels for Halloween. On Tuesday night, The Boyfriend and I went over to our friends' house to see their new puppy. It is too cute for words. It's a type of Jack Russell Terrier, but it's slightly smaller in the body, with longer legs, and a far more laid-back personality. It's my kind of dog, let me tell you. After we played with the dog for a while, we went to dinner at one of The Boyfriend's favorite Mexican restaurants. I indulged and ordered the fire shrimp - shrimp wrapped in bacon, smothered in a HOT sauce. It is soooo good, but I was feeling like I might die later that night. My stomach was not happy. Then, Wednesday, one of the greatest nights of my life. I accompanied one of our artists to Dodger Stadium so she could perform the National Anthem, and I, along with her manager, my boss, and The Boyfriend, got to go on the field with her. It was so amazing to be standing on the field for an hour before the game! We got to watch the Padres take batting practice from only 10 feet away, and I touched the grass and the track we were standing on. What a great memory. Even though the Dodgers lost, the bastards. I can't believe how much they suck lately. Okay, wait, I told myself I wasn't going to get into the Dodgers. Moving on. My boss told me that since Thursday was a half-day, it was cool with him if I didn't come into the office, since he wasn't going to come in, either. Gee, not go to work? But I wanted to! Just kidding. I slept until 9:00, which is very late for me, and started off my day by reading the paper and watching the Today Show. Then, I decided that I needed to tackle the mess that was my room. I try to be neat, but then other forces step in and my room sort of...explodes. As I was cleaning, I heard a loud, "boom!" from the hallway. I cautiously called out "hello," while I looked for something heavy to protect myself with. It turned out to be Bells - she had majorly overslept and was freaking out. An hour and a half later, after we had figured out the right story to tell her boss, we ran some errands, then went to Palos Verdes to meet Christinie for lunch. It was a gorgeous day, so we drove there and back with the top down. When we returned to our apartment, I discovered that, for the first time in the 14 months I've owned my car, I'd gotten a sunburn while driving. I was beyond annoyed. My shoulders and chest were now bright red, and I had a lovely white patch where the seatbelt had been. I am really meticulous about not getting strap lines when I tan, especially since I have a big wedding coming up where tan lines would look bad. The rest of the weekend was spent slathering on sunscreen and other creams to try to prevent peeling. On Thursday night, a big group of us went out to dinner to celebrate Pinky's birthday, with dancing after. Quite an eventful week, if I do say so myself. I think I'll save Friday and Saturday for tomorrow. I actually started to come down with a cold on Saturday night, and I have spent the last two days hacking and sneezing and being miserable. It never fails, I always get sick on vacation or at the end of a long weekend. I can't imagine why.

The Latest...Then

July 14, 2003

Music - I got some fun CDs for my birthday, so I have had a lot to listen to lately. My brother gave me The Beatles' Abbey Road, Nickel Creek's This Side, and Rhett Miller's The Instigator. These are in heavy rotation in my office. I put them on when I'm sick of listening to crappy demos. I highly recommend them. My mom gave me the soundtrack to Charlie's Angels 2, and it is a lot of fun. Very good summer music. She also gave me Beyonce's Dangerously In Love. It's pretty good. I love the first single, I pump it up whenever I hear it. I also just got the new one from The Black Eyed Peas, Elephunk. It's an upbeat album, great beats, very funky. It's not as good as the BEP's first two albums, but they set they bar very high. This one is still great, totally worth the $$$.

Television - It's summer. There is practically nothing on. I keep forgetting about The Amazing Race and American Juniors, although I'm not too broken up about missing the kids singing. I am getting my Sex and the City fix, though! Love that show. Berger is so The Boyfriend! They are both so cute. I don't think I can handle it, though, if Carrie blows this relationship. She needs to be happy when the show ends. It's kind of nice to not have new TV on...I am a slave to TV. I know.

Books - I wolfed down Harry Potter V in about three days. It was great, the best one yet by far. I just finished Girls Poker Night, which was a totally cute read. My aunt gave me The Devil Wears Prada for my birthday, so that is my next read. And, I bought the new Cosmo! I should just get a damn subscription. Especially since The Boyfriend likes to read it, too! Hee.

Wedding Watch - The Bachelorette party is in less than two weeks, and I can't wait. I've received everything I ordered from the esteemed people at www.bachelorette.com, and it went over well with my planning committee this last weekend when I showed it to them. Now that the wedding shower is over, there isn't much left! I can't believe it's almost here. Crazy.

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