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These are some of my favorite places on the internet. Enjoy!

Reading & Entertainment
Billboard Online Dancing Brave Defamer
Fametracker Gawker Go Fug Yourself
Matt Leinart Blog" Mister Zero Natalie Dee
Ostrich Ink Plain Jane Pop Culture Junk Mail
Save Craig Stereogum Television Without Pity
Ultra Tart Uncle Bob Whatevs (dot org)

Bachelorette Party Fun Bridesmaid101.com EroticTreats.com
Calorie Counter The Covers Project Gothamist
This Day In History LAist LA.COMfidential
Let's Sing It Song Lyrics Mighty Goods: Shopping Blog RhymeZone

Games and Diversions
Drunk Walk Guess The TV Show or Movie Name Hold The Button
Maui Web Cams MiniClip Penguin Batting
The Reflex Tester Game Roshambo Rampage Towers of Hanoi

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