March 2003

03.31.2003 - - - 2:24 PM
I am sunburned, and I spent a total of 40 minutes on the beach. I'm only sunburned on my right shoulder and arm, though - the result of driving in my car with the top down. My right side got the brunt of the sun yesterday, and since I was wearing a tank top it was overexposed. It's not painful, though, so I'm lucky. Just a little irritated. It was a great, chill weekend, and we took advantage of the wonderful weather by eating outside, going to the beach, and barbecuing. It was so nice. And I was in bed by 10:30 every night, which is so rare for me. I never wake up feeling rested! I also had a really nice breakfast with my mom and cousin on Sunday, and then we went shopping with her cool discount hook up. I spent a lot, but I got a lot for my money, so it was worth it! I'm wearing a new pair of pants and a new belt today. I love new stuff. My friends are slowly trickling back from their world adventures. They all had so much fun, I'm so happy for them. And jealous for me! I need to start some serious saving so I can go on an awesome vacation next year. There are so many places I want to go. I wish I could go this year, but I have so many obligations and financial drains that I know a long, exotic vacation isn't in the cards for me. Which is another reason why I'm glad all my friends are going to these cool places - I get to live vicariously through them. The good thing is that since I won't go anywhere this year, I can save up vacation days as well. Minus the days I take off just because I want a long weekend, or to go to a wedding or something like that. April is going to be a busy month for me. I have a lot of work stuff going on, and I seem to have something planned for every weekend of the month. It's becoming birthday season, too. There are four birthdays this month, four next month, etc. I love birthdays. Any chance to go out and have a good time. Oh, one thing I've noticed over the last few days of nice weather: truckers keep honking at me. What's that about? Is it a rule or something that they have to honk at people in convertibles? It scares the SHIT out of me! The weather is supposed to get cooler through the week, which makes me sad, but I guess I can at least be happy that I won't have random dudes in giant trucks honking at me.

- - - - - - -

03.28.2003 - - - 4:46 PM
Crazy Chinaman. He looks too happy to actually be working on a website. I just started on a new design project. I'm not going to link to it yet because so far, it sucks. It's been so hard. The original webmaster of the site got shipped overseas, so the owner asked me to take over. Sgt. Webmaster laid down the groundwork...but it's not groundwork that's particularly good. And, the owner of the site seems to think that the site is 3/4 done, and I would say that it's actually only about 1/4 done. There's just...soooooooooo much to do. Tons of photos, lots of pages with a million links. The good thing is, she needs the site done ASAP, which is good because I do my best work under a deadline. And I know I can get it all done on time, it's just that I am a perfectionist, and there is a lot of cleanup that needs to be done in addition to the straight-up creating. And, yes, I know I should be using this time to work on that site, but I have been on it all day and I just can't take it anymore! So there, I just needed to vent. I'll be working on it all weekend, anyway. I'm so glad it's the weekend, I have a great one ahead of me. It's so gorgeous out, it's supposed to be 86 in Hermosa Beach tomorrow. Perfect beach weather. I could really use some color. I was looking at my tan lines the other day. Well, more specifically, I was looking for my tan lines the other day. I could barely find them. So I need to be a good Southern Cali girl and get that skin cancer. Bells, The Boyfriend, and I have Saturday planned: Wake up around 10:30 or so, drink some mimosas, go to the beach for a few hours, then maybe go to the pier or back to our place for some afternoon drinks. Don't worry, I'll wear sunscreen. I'm all about protection. Then on Sunday I'm going shopping with my super duper cousin, who has the hook-ups for some 40% off shopping action. And my mom is going to join us for a meal, either breakfast or lunch depending on what she decides. After that, I'll be back to the salt mines of the new web project. Unless I get home from shopping at an hour where tanning could be accomplished. Then, it's shopping, eating, tanning, webbing. In that order. Fun weekend, yay! After taking a three day weekend, it's really making me want a vacation. Which reminds me that my darling friend Les starts her SIX WEEK VACATION today. Bitch! Just kidding, she is a teacher in a year-round school, she totally deserves the break. Teachers deserve everything! Yay, teachers! However, she IS a bitch for going to the Dodgers game tonight. Only because I'm jealous. Les is the coolest. See how great this weekend is? Beautiful weather, hanging out with friends and family, watching baseball. Can't beat it.
- - - - - - -

03.27.2003 - - - 4:46 PM
Can I get a Holy and a Moly? It is sooooo windy here in La La Land. We're talking hair in a ponytail, cry out for your Auntie Em and grab small animals and children windy. I was walking down the stairs outside my building and I seriously thought I was going to take flight. Which would have rocked. Anyway, last night I was woken up repeatedly by the wind. The first few times it was because my window was open, so my shades were banging into each other. After I closed my window, I started hearing things hitting each other outside, like trash cans and deck chairs and barbecues. I could hear the building groan with every giant gust. Then, this morning, I turned my TV on to get my fix of Katie, Matt, Al, and Ann, only to be greeted with, "searching for satellite signal." Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat. Something's wrong with the damn satellite. I've been having nothing but problems with my TV since I got back from Arizona. The tube inside is going out, so when you look at the screen it's like you have sunglasses on. So that's annoying, since the TV is less than three years old. So, now we have this satellite problem. I went to the front window to look out at the satellite, because I was a little afraid that the dish had just blown away. Oh, no, it was still there. But the wall it is attached to? Hanging on by TWO NAILS. This is the balcony wall, the divider between our balcony and the one next door. I could just cruise right on over to my neighbor's balcony if I so desired. The wall has detached itself from the building, and is barely attached to the balcony railing, sort of like a loose tooth that's clinging to your gums by a thread of flesh. But, HERE'S THE THING: this has happened before! The last time, it was two degrees outside and I was all alone in the apartment. I had to call Hardcore in a panic to come help me keep the thing from blowing onto the driveway three stories below. Then the landlords thought that TWO NAILS would fix it. Two! I don't think so! So I called them before I left for work this morning to tell them that a very heavy wall is being held in place by only two nails, and that it is very close to ruining our very expensive satellite dish. AND I may have mentioned that the wall is very likely to break apart, then fall to the ground below, landing on someone's car. Wouldn't that suck? But, since my car is here with me at work, I'm not too concerned with that. I'm really just thinking about my neighbor who parks down there. And I'm thinking about the satellite dish. I need my Must See TV! Er, I mean, I need to watch the news so I can stay updated on Shock and Awe. Speaking of TV, American Idol? Both awesome and horrifying. Awesome in that the Animated Corpse of Julia DeMato (tm Shack) was finally voted off. Horrifying in that they did the worst group sings EVER, and it always makes me sad to see these kids pimping stuff. Like, they all went into it knowing they were going to be shills for Coke and Ford, etc, but now? They have to shill for the war. Well, it's not exactly the war. They were forced to sing on a charity remake of "What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love," with the proceeds allegedly going to the troops. That's cool. But what if the kids don't support the war? What if they don't want to make any statement about the war at all, whether it's pro or anti? I just think when you get to political stuff like this, shows like American Idol should stay the hell away from making any statements whatsoever. Okay! There is my non-statement on statements. I'll just go to Switzerland now.
- - - - - - -

03.26.2003 - - - 3:28 PM
It is a beautiful spring day here in Southern Cali. I went for a walk on my lunch. Okay, I walked to the mall, but it's still like two blocks away. I would have stayed outside, but while it is beautiful it is also windy, and I didn't care to have my hair blown all over the place. I hadn't been to the mall in a long time, so I felt it was a good way to spend my lunch. I went into a few shops, where I purchased two hats! I'm so excited to wear them. One is a brownish knit cap, and the other is a fuzzy red visor. I'll be supa-fly in them. After I bought the hats, the urge suddenly came over me to get a pedicure. I don't know why. I think I've had maybe four pedicures in my whole life. Usually I'll think about getting one, and then I think of a million better ways to spend that $15. I still thought of better ways to spend the money, but then I remembered that you get a foot massage with a pedicure. And I really, really wanted a foot massage. I would pay a lot for one. Because I don't do...feet. I'll paint my toenails, but I don't have to touch my feet when I do that. I think feet are just the grossest things. I can deal with the feet of babies, but once they start walking, their feet are lumped in with the rest. I don't know what it is about feet. They are just one of those things that completely turn my stomach. The sight of them, ech, even just thinking about them right now! Anyway, so I went and got a pedicure. I didn't watch the girl do it, but DAMN did she give my feet a good massage. Ten minutes, easy. And she rubbed all the way up to each knee. I wished I could have taken a nap, I was so relaxed. So, now my toenails have pretty purple polish on them. Although, I've only looked at them once. I'm leaving work early today to take The Jackster's car into the shop. There's something in the water at our apartment, because she was rear-ended last week in her new car. It's like we're magnets or something. Poor thing, though, she was leaving for Australia just six hours later. She must have been so sore on that 15-hour flight! I can't imagine, although I know the pain of seeing your pretty new car all banged up.
- - - - - - -

03.25.2003 - - - 12:51 PM
I'm back from my long weekend in Arizona. It was so much fun to kick back in the sun, watching spring training games and drinking beer. I love baseball! Opening day is in just six short days. I can't wait to hear Vin Scully's voice. I get chills every time. But, unfortunately, the weekend was far too short for my taste. After a seven hour drive out there, it occurred to me that maybe I should have taken two days off of work instead of just one. I got to hang out with The Boyfriend's family, which was great, and we had fun when it was "kids' night out." JD's Tonight! JD's Tonight! JD's was the name of the sports pub on the grounds of our hotel. They got to know us there. We also ate at a cool restaurant called "Pinnacle Peak," one of those meat and potatoes places where they cut off your tie if you dare wear one inside. Good food and fun people there, although I always forget that there is a smoking section in restaurants outside of Cali. I was sad to leave them all in Arizona yesterday, not only because I had fun, but because that meant I had to make the drive back to LA alone. I am never, never, never doing that again. As much as I like rocking out in my car by myself, I like company more. And even though our drive out there was stressful at first with all of the traffic, I very much enjoyed driving to Phoenix with The Boyfriend. He rules. The most important thing that happened over the weekend, besides, of course, "Shock and Awe," (say it fast!), was the Academy Awards. I brought great honor to my family by tying for first in my Oscar pool. I got 16 points! Woo and hoo! These were the best Oscars I can remember. Or, maybe the reason why I think that is because I was drinking wine during these Oscars and normally I don't? Who knows, the point is that everyone looked pretty (except skin and bones Renee), and I WON THE POOL. Yee Haw! What did I win, you ask? Why, I won rounds at JD's! Three rounds on other people. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Of course, we didn't stop at three rounds. On top of the wine we drank during the show. I'm sure that has nothing to do with why my drive sucked yesterday. Nothing at all. Above is a picture of me before we celebrated St. Patty's day. I was about half-way dressed for the occasion. Two things I'd like to point out in that picture: 1) Even though I'm standing on a tall stool, my head still does not touch the ceiling, even with a hat that is a foot tall. 2) I hadn't even been drinking, yet I allowed Kimbrough to take that picture. Man.
- - - - - - -

03.21.2002 - - - 1:04 PM
So, I'm a small person. Short. Petite, if you will. And I have blonde hair and freckles and blue eyes. I feel that this often works in my favor, for several reasons. First, I get away with a lot. Because I look all tiny and innocent, and I know JUST how wide I need to open my eyes and JUST the right angle to tilt my head to look sweet and pure. You know, all angelic with my blonde halo of hair and shit. And I know that if I act shocked and outraged towards anyone who would even CONSIDER that I would do something wrong, while working the head and eyes, I will get away with it. It's a combination that never fails. Unless I use it on my parents, which is another story. Second, people think I'm physically weak. This isn't something I'm just assuming, I have actually been told that I am wimpy To. My. Face. Example: I used to work in a very busy bar, where several times during a shift I would have to re-stock beer and alcohol. That could mean moving a keg, or pulling out cases of beer, or carting 12 handles of booze down two flights of stairs. But there were several (male) managers at the bar who would have one of my male coworkers grab the stuff for me. Once, I was told that I wasn't strong enough to carry a case of beer. Not strong enough? Suddenly, even though re-stocking was a total pain in my ass, I always wanted to do it. I don't like it when people tell me I can't do something. And, I had to prove that not only could I do it, but I could do it better. So I would carry two cases of beer at a time. And it really wasn't a struggle, but MAN, one manager seriously yelled at me for doing that. Even though all the guys that worked there would carry two cases at a time, and several of the women would, too. But because the women were taller, it was okay. Everyone told me I should enjoy it, but I couldn't because I'm a hard worker and it wasn't fair. Third, I am often assumed to be a pushover. Part of this is because, in some situations, I am quiet as I size up the situation. I know my friends are laughing at the idea of me being quiet, but I'm thinking more along the lines of professional situations. When I meet work people, I am far more demure than when I'm out with my friends. I've often found that, while I'm taking people in, they are also taking me in. But it's not the real me, it's The Professional Me: the me who doesn't talk loudly, laughs at everyone's jokes, pretends to be listening to what everyone is saying. If I encountered Professional Me when I was out, I would think I was a pushover, too.
I write all this because yesterday, I got into a fight with a woman at work. Let's call her Toothy, because she had some unfortunate things going on in her mouth. Toothy thought she could pull the wool over my eyes because all day, I'd been acting like this sweet little idiot. She started talking to me about getting paid for some stuff she did, and tried to tell me that she had been promised cash for her work. I said, "Really? Who told you that? Because they were wrong. I'm the person who arranges payment, and we never pay people in cash." Toothy, who has known my boss and all the other people we were working with for upwards of 18 years, says, "I don't know. One of those guys." Me: "Really? Which guy?" Toothy: "I don't know, the point is, one of them told me I was getting cash." We went back and forth like that for a few minutes. Finally, she says, "Well, every time I have worked with you people, I have been paid in cash." So I told her that I have been working here for over a year and we've never paid anyone in cash. My lord, we are a GIANT conglomerate! We don't even pay for pizza with cash, it has to go through 85 accountants and six monkeys! I told her that since I was the one who handled the processing and paperwork, I was the one who decided how people were going to get paid (even though that's not true, but it sounded good), and she wasn't getting cash. She got all huffy and then she GOT IN MY FACE. Like, she leaned her big, three-toothed moon an inch away from mine, and with her nasty cigarette breath she said, "well, look, HON, (which is something I HATE being called by anyone other than family), if I don't get my check by Monday, I'm going through the union." Oooh, scary. Going through the Singers' and Actors' Union is not going to make me quake in my flip flops. Me: "Go ahead and go through the union, then. It will take you months to get your check, and they'll take out all sorts of taxes." Toothy realized I had called her bluff. So she said to me, "well, I think this is total bull shit. I don't know how you run your business." Dude. Lady! You are talking to the lowest person on the totem poll. I don't care what you think about my company! I know they rob people, it's the music industry! But, as long as they pay me, I will defend them to you. So I told her that I would tell Payroll to send her a check as fast as they could, but it would probably not arrive until the beginning of April. She started to freak out, all yelling and stuff. I stood there and took it for a second, then sort of started yelling back. I say sort of because I don't really remember what I said as my temper took over. And also because I was very conscious of the fact that my boss and five other people were just standing there watching. After we were done, Toothy still didn't have her cash, and tried to get her brother to talk to me. But I was done. I told her she and her brother could talk to my boss. Then I got really annoyed that my boss had watched the whole thing and hadn't said anything. THEN I got scared, like maybe he hadn't said anything because I had overstepped my bounds and he was going to fire me. So after Toothy and Co. left, I apologized to my boss. His reply? "No, no, you were great." Great? Then why the hell didn't you have my back? Why did you let this crazy lady scream at me? Thanks. I walked away totally pissed, and sat next to two people who had seen the whole thing. I asked this one woman, "am I wrong to be mad at my boss right now for not helping me there?" and she said, "no, because I'm mad at him for not helping you." Then the man I was next to said, "Woah, Heather may look like a pushover, but don't fuck with her!" He's British, so it sounded really cool. Now, looking back on it, I wonder what I said during the part I don't really remember. Maybe I was speaking in tongues? That would be bitchin'.
- - - - - - -

03.19.2003 - - - 4:17 PM
I would like to start this by saying that I am SICK AND TIRED of writing a WHOLE DAMN ENTRY just to have it get erased by my stupid computer. Okay, now that I have that out of the way, I will get back to re-writing what I wrote before. And that is that I love cold leftovers. There is something about the way cooked food tastes cold that gets me salivating. Maybe it's because I think re-heated food just doesn't taste the same. Or, maybe it's because I am often too lazy to go to the microwave. Which is really sad when you think about it. Anyway, I have adjusted my taste buds to immensely enjoy my food straight out of the fridge. Yesterday, I got a Baja Chicken Burrito for lunch, but I only ate half of it before I put it in the fridge. I couldn't wait to eat it cold for dinner, and damn it was good. The same goes for Chinese food, and bacon, and Mexican and pizza. It's just so yummy when it's refrigerated! The one exception to this is soup. Until today, that is. I had some left over tortilla soup, and it was so good cold! I'll have to start trying my other soups chilled. Maybe one day, I'll eat like a normal person. Don't get me wrong, I'm not picky by any stretch of the imagination. I prefer to look at it as enjoying my food MORE, since I will eat it in a variety of ways. I'm so weird.
I spent an hour at Target today. I could have been there for three more hours, but I decided to be a good employee and not spend a big chunk of time out of my office. I have been known to spend large amounts of money at Target. It has everything! I walked down every aisle today, even though I had only one thing on my list. And, despite the fact that at one point I had eleven things in my basket, I only ended up buying two. Two! That's huge for me. I've never really been known to show restraint at Target. Or at shopping in general. If I see a good deal, I can't help myself. It's not like I splurge on $250 shoes - I can spend that $250 soooo much better. I know the good places to shop. Sometimes, though, I need to take someone with me when I know I'll go a little overboard. Jax has been known to stop me from buying crazy things. Once I tried to buy eight bags of raisins, because when I bought that many I saved a dollar. Never mind the fact that I would save SIX dollars by only buying the single bag I needed. Thank goodness for Jax! Speaking of Jacx, she and Hardcore and D Wop are all going to Australia tomorrow for ten days! I'm going to miss them. Have fun, ladies!
- - - - - - -

03.17.2003 - - - 12:31 PM

Boy, was my weekend crazy. It started with drinking on Friday and ended with death on Sunday. I may have mentioned this before, but St. Patrick's Day is like the official holiday of Hermosa Beach. There's a festival and a parade, even. Except for this year, because it POURED all day on Saturday. So, no parade. I can't tell you how disappointing that was. Seriously. I love a parade (cue background music), and this one is no exception because of all the crazy people in it. It's sort of like if the Doo Da Parade and the Rose Parade had a very small baby, it would be the Hermosa Beach St. Patty's Day Parade. Anyway, because of the rain, it didn't happen. So instead of enjoying High School bands and dancing midgets, we had to entertain ourselves on Saturday. So we went to Sharkeez, and we didn't leave until the sun had gone down and the rain had stopped. Which was a long time. And then we enjoyed more beverages when we returned home. I'm sure all that drinking has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I still feel like crap two days later. Nothing at all. I took a few pictures, which I'll post tomorrow when I actually feel like accomplishing work. This marks the third major drinking holiday in a row where I got so drunk BEFORE the holiday that I didn't actually drink on the DAY of the holiday. This always happens with St. Pat's and Cinco De Mayo. I get a little overzealous, I guess. I'm sure that eating a funnel cake when I was hung over didn't do much to make my stomach feel better. Even though it has all the elements one usually requires when hung over: grease and sugar. It's this dough that's fried, and then you pour powdered sugar all over it. But dough is heavy. HEAVY! Don't ever forget that. So think about all the alcohol in your stomach, and then add grease and sugar and a bunch of dough. Think that will make you feel better? Trust me, it doesn't.
- - - - - - -

03.14.2003 - - - 2:05 PM
I've been stalking the vending machine.

You see, I have an obsession with Chex Mix. An addiction, if you will. I just can not get enough of it. I can eat it morning, noon, and night. Once, I bought a GIANT bag of it at Cost Co and polished off the entire bag in three days. That's like FIVE pounds of Chex. After I ate all that Chex, I decided that I wasn't going to eat Chex Mix anymore. And, for seven months, I didn't.

Then, last Monday, I was in the kitchen at work. I was getting some water or something, and I looked over at the vending machine, my Spidey Sense a-tingling. There it was, behind six bags of yucky Honey and Salsa Flavored Chex: A bag of Traditional Flavored Chex. As I pressed my face up to the glass, I knew that it had to be mine.

Never mind my vow of Chex Mix Abstinence. In these times of National Crisis, it's only natural that we turn to our security blankets. Some people turn to booze (which I'm in favor of), some turn to drugs. I turn to Chex, is there something wrong with that? The only thing standing between me and my Bag of Yumminess was about six bags of nasty flavored Chex. I wasn't about to spend money on those bags to get to my jackpot, so I started making little visits to the kitchen every day to check on the progress of my bag. Every day, my bag got a little bit closer to the front. As of Monday, there was only one gross Honey Chex bag between me and my sweet, sweet Traditional Chex. I stepped up my visits to the kitchen to five a day. But, as of yesterday, the Honey Bag was still there. It mocked me every time I went to the kitchen. I gave up hope that I would ever get my Chex.

Then, today, it happened. I was walking by the kitchen on the way to get my mail. I think it was my Spidey Sense, because I glanced over at the vending machine. My Chex Bag was in the front! It was calling my name, telling me how good it tastes. I stuck my hand in my pocket, but I didn't have any change. Forgetting about the mail, I ran back to my desk to grab my wallet. What if, as I went to my desk, someone else was drawn to the Chex and it's salty goodness? It would be so cruel if the Chex had mocked me, after I had kept my eye on it all week! It belonged to me. Luckily, when I got back to the vending machine, it was still there. I threw my change into the slot and watched as my salty prize fell to the bottom. I ripped it open and ate half of it before I even made it back to my desk.

Now, I feel like I'm going to barf. I think my love affair with Chex Mix is over. You can't go for months without eating it only to scarf a bag down in less than 90 seconds. This is probably for the best, though. We have these GIANT Kit Kat bars in the vending machine that I think are more deserving of my attention. But, I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Chex Mix.

TGIF! And it's St. Patty's Day Weekend. St. Patrick's Day is the official holiday of Hermosa Beach. It promises to be a crazy three days. I can't wait. Mom, are you still coming to have brunch on Sunday? Because maybe we should reschedule. Or, maybe I should call you, because Mom Watch is on day 8 and you still haven't replied!

It's proud that I am that I'm Irish!!! Is it time to go home yet?

- - - - - - -

03.13.2003 - - - 10:35 AM
Wooooo-eeeee! I had quite a day yesterday. I love it when I'm in bed at the end of the day, thinking back on the last 12 hours, and I have TWO cool stories to tell.
On my way to work yesterday, I was listening to my favorite morning radio show, Jamie and Danny. Jamie was telling a story about a man who had been attacked by his pet cat, completely out of nowhere. The man was chased into his bathroom, where he CALLED THE POLICE on his cell phone. The police and Animal Control came and took care of the cat. This made me think of a story that my best friend had told me the day before: her little sister was attacked by their two cats a few days earlier. Like, the cats were chasing her and biting and scratching and everything. I guess they had been staring at her for days, which is soooo creepy, and then they just snapped when she was feeding them. And they totally got her good - I guess she was really bloody and bruised after it happened. So I called in and told the story, and how they put the cats to sleep after it happened. Danny thought that was awesome. They put the cats to sleep because I guess this isn't the first time they've attacked someone, and they have lots of little kids around the house that wouldn't be able to defend themselves. But then, aaaaallllll these people called in with attack stories, and they had all happened within the last few weeks. I think the cats know something we don't. I've never trusted cats, and now I feel somewhat vindicated in my long-term stance that cats are evil. I have really good luck when it comes to radio stations. This is the third time I've been on the air with Jamie and Danny, and my voice has been on three of the major stations in L.A. I also get weird song vibes, like I'll be thinking about a song, then change the station and BOOM there it is. But, my best luck comes with contests. I've won lots of CDs and concert tickets. Last September, Ryan Seacrest was giving away tickets to the American Idol finale on his radio show. When I saw how much tickets were going for on ebay, I told my mom, "I'm going to call in and win tickets," (Mom Watch Day 7...remember that, mom?). The next day, I called in and won. And I got a pretty penny for those tickets on ebay! Being a radio star is one of my hidden roommates are enlisting me to call in next week about a party we want to have. I'll write about it if it actually happens.
The other thing that happened yesterday was pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. I went into the studio yesterday afternoon to do my work thing. When I got there, I found out that Steve Perry was there and he was going to do a vocal on one of the songs. Steve Perry, as in the former lead singer from Journey. It was so cool to meet him and hear him recording the vocals on a track. Sometimes when he would hit a note a certain way, I would think to myself, "That's Open Arms!" or, "I'm forever your-ours, Faithfully!" As he sang a certain part, I said to the guys in the control room, "I liked that take, it was sexy." So the engineer got on the microphone to Steve and said, "Heather just gave that her seal of approval," to which Steve replied, "her's is the only opinion that counts, I gave her my seal of approval twenty minutes ago." Oooooh! I acted all casual about it, but I was definitely slightly grossed out, yet mostly pleased. A rock star gave me his seal of approval! Yee haw, that's kind of neat! And how cute is The Boyfriend who said, after hearing the story, "I gave you my seal of approval a long time ago." Awwww....! Even though I'm apparently getting approval all over the place, his is all I care about.
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03.11.2003 - - - 10:20 PM
I have the best job in the world. I wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 every morning (depending on if I feel like doing yoga or not), then cruise into work between 9 and 9:30. Today, after I did some random stuff at my desk, I left the office and went to the recording studio. It was a gorgeous day today, so I put the top down on my car. Then I spent the rest of the day in the recording studio! How cool is that? How many people get to leave their office on a beautiful afternoon to go work on a record? I'm so lucky. I hung with some cool musicians today. A few I'd been introduced to in the past, so it was good to see them again, and the others I met today. These guys have been around for a while, and now I'm only two degrees away from some serious rock legends (Clapton, Petty, Harrison, etc.). I heard some great, completely unrepeatable stories, too. I'm going back for the rest of this week and for part of next week, I can't wait. In other news, I was able to see the Round of 12 on tonight's American Idol. I was actually surprised by how well some people did (hello, Carmen) and how well some people didn't (Julia, what happened?). I really have no idea who is going to be sent home tomorrow. And since I didn't vote, I have no favorites. Maybe I will in a few weeks. Simon did mention that Kelly Clarkson's album is sounding great, I'm looking forward to hearing it. While I'm writing this, MTV is airing a show called, "Urban Myth," (at least, I think that's what it's called, I'm too lazy to look it up). It's actually pretty interesting, it clears up all these myths that everyone has heard throughout the years. On this show, they said, among others, that the myth about getting straight A's if your college roommie dies is false, that a guy really did get his penis stuck in a pool jet, and that headphones do not increase the bacteria in your ears. So now we can all rest easy.
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03.10.2003 - - - 4:55 PM
I really hate Mondays. I hate thinking about how great my weekend was when I know that the next one is five days away. This last weekend was great. It was so mellow, I chilled with The Boyfriend all weekend. On Friday night, my parents took us out to dinner (Mom Watch Day, hello, are you there?) and that was really nice - yummy food and good margaritas. On Saturday we ran errands, then went to a birthday party for our friend Nora, which was lots of fun. On Sunday we read the paper, talked, and made a nice dinner of Cajun shrimp and artichokes. It was nice to be so relaxed, because this week is going to be crazy for me. We've started working on a new recording project at work, so I'll be in the studio a lot. On Thursday, one of my best friends is coming from San Francisco for a weekend visit. And, this weekend is dedicated to St. Patrick. Hermosa Beach goes crazy for the holiday. There is a parade, street parties, and a festival that closes the pier and several parking lots. It's such a blast, it's part of the reason why my friend is coming this weekend. And I know we'll have lots of people staying with us. And, the week after that, it's more studio time, followed by a road trip to Spring Training in Arizona. So, you can see why I wish today was NOT Monday - I have a lot to look forward to! And, it's a gorgeous day outside. Why do I have to be cooped up at a desk on a day like this? It should be against the law. I'm so pasty white right now. I know this is good, because of UV Rays and skin cancer and all of that. But I haven't even applied self tanner in eons, so I'm looking as Irish as I am. So, I'm throwing that on the agenda for the weekend, too! Lots of sun time! Woo Hoo!
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03.07.2003 - - - 4:22 PM
Yesterday, I complained about some stuff. Today, I will talk about two things I love. The first is Conan O'Brien. He is jut so damn funny! It used to be that I was always awake at 12:37 AM to see him, but lately I've actually been sleeping like a normal person, so I have to tape him. But that is no matter! Conan live, or taped, or a taped tape, is all the same: scrumptious. Why? Because Conan isn't afraid to make fun of himself. He's the butt of his own jokes, and is pretty fearless with many of his skits. I was reading quotes of his the other night, and I'll be damned if I didn't laugh at almost all of them. I've been watching Conan since season one, when he totally blew. But there was something about him that kept me watching. Maybe it was because he was Irish...maybe it was because of the occasional glimpses of brilliance...or maybe it was because I had a contraband TV in my room and I was stoked on the thrill of watching Late Night TV without my parents knowing (Mom Watch Day 2...are you reading this, mom?). Whatever the reason, I'm glad I stayed with my Conan! Yay for Conan! He rules. My latest personal slogan is via Conan, "When life gives you lemons, uh, make some fruity juice." Okay, Conan, I will. Will come make some with me? Oh, did I say that out loud?
The other thing I love is my job. One year ago today, I started working here at this fine establishment. I have an awesome boss, so that is the first thing that's cool. He let's me do my own thing, and doesn't mind when I want to leave early to go on a road trip, or catch the end of happy hour. I love all the other people I work with, even though they're three thousand miles away from me. Ever since I finally met them all in person, they have gone even more out of their way to make me feel like a part of them. I get the joking phone calls now, and the jokey emails. And I give it back. It's freezing in NYC right now, so I definitely made some prank phone calls about their weather versus mine (70 degrees, thank you very much). The best thing about my job is I really feel like I learn something new everyday. I don't take it for granted. Especially considering a year ago YESTERDAY, I was cleaning bathrooms and serving drinks to drunk, rude tourists. I know how many people would kill for my job, because I would have killed for my job a year ago. So, yay for me, I kept a good job for a whole year! And in this economy, my nails have dug in so tightly to this bad boy that they will never be able to get rid of me. Not that they would, because I'm pretty awesome. Look at me, making fruity juice.
One more thing...she's in my links, but read Heather's entry today. It really got to me.
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03.06.2003 - - - 4:48 PM
Oh man, everything is pissing me off today. I don't know why. One of my friends gave up complaining for Lent. I know that's something I should do, but two things come to mind: first, there is no way I could go through the day not complaining. What would I talk about? Second, I would break my complaint ban in about an hour, then feel guilty about my impending trip to hell, then complain about it. It's a vicious cycle. It's a bunch of little things today. And it's not like I'm in a bad mood, really. I feel pleasant enough. But man, some things are really under my skin today.
1) My internet connection. It quickly jumped to the top of my list today. My company got a new server for the L.A. region two weekends ago, and ever since then my connection goes in and out on me. It's so annoying. I was going to update here sooner, but NOOOOOO, I couldn't connect to the internet. I expect that when I'm at home, on my dial-up modem. But on on a NETWORK?! Damn you.

2) My skin has been totally freaking out lately, and nothing I am doing is making it better. As soon as one giant pimple goes away, another one pops up. It's like the pimple is just migrating around on my face. I normally have good skin, so I am flabbergasted by this. And annoyed, did I mention that?

3) While I'm on the subject of my appearance, I would also like to talk about my nails and hair. My nails grow well, and I don't bite them or pick them. But they keep breaking really low, next to the cuticle in many cases. That's just plain painful, people. And it looks bad. And my hair. *sigh* I am vain about my hair. It is the one thing that always does what I want it to. I treat it nice. I buy it nice shampoos and conditioners, I brush it, I love it. And it repays me by having these weird flyaway strands that stick straight up on the top of my head. There are tons! And every possible style has flyaways, no matter where the part is, no matter if my hair is down or up. Hairspray is no match for these babies.

4) So, two days ago I asked this woman to send me some information on an album we are working on. I needed to know how much money we had spent so far. An annoying question, but one that is solved in about 10 minutes with a calculator. It took her TWO DAYS to get back to me. Meanwhile, other people were like, "What the hell? How much have we spent?" and I had to keep saying that I didn't know, which made me feel stupid. I hate feeling stupid. So I sent the woman an email saying if she didn't get back to me within the hour, I was going to take over the duties from her. She totally called my bluff - she didn't call back for two more hours. I'm not going to take her duties from her, though, her job sucks! Hee.

5) I was listening to local radio here, and the DJ was talking about Crispin Glover and his new movie. This DJ does a "Totally 80's" request show every day, so one would think she knows something about that time period, no? Well, she says, AND I QUOTE, "You know Crispin Glover, he played Michael J. Fox's dad in the Back To The Future movies, George MCCLOUD." What? MCCLOUD? I wanted to call her up and say, "HELLO MCFLY!" I know that those movies are some of my favs, but my GOD! How could she get that name wrong? His first name I would have forgiven, but not McFly. That is the family name! I turned on a CD immediately to drown out her voice (Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Still damn good!).

6) I keep getting weird songs stuck in my head. Getting a song stuck in my head is nothing new, in fact, it's normally a good thing. But the "Inspector Gadget" song? The "Chili's" song that those two lame neighbors sing in that commercial? ARG! Both of these songs are now grappling for a prime position in my head! Quick, where is Rumours?!

But, seriously, like I said, it's not that I'm in a bad mood. It's Thursday! Yay! Good TV is on tonight, I GET PAID at midnight, and tomorrow is my year anniversary with the company. Stevie Nicks was on the radio earlier and I got to hear Fleetwood Mac's new single. And I have a super life and friends and family that love me and blah blah blah. I know this. Hey, it's almost time to go home! That makes me happy! It's just...I guess I'm very close to the edge today, and these things have threatened to push me over, but they didn't. See, I'm a glass is half full kind of person. would be nice if my glass was half full of wine tonight. That would kick. I'm still positive, mom! Don't worry! I'm positive and not at all shallow. Actually, mom, do you even read this?

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03.05.2003 - - - 4:39 PM
Before I forget, my brother wants me to clarify something I wrote yesterday. I said that our Lego Heroine, Nurse Lady, was always being kidnapped. Kyle would like everyone to know that Nurse Lady was actually very self-sufficient, and that Lego Town was big on Feminism. Obviously, my memory is not what it used to be. What can I say, I'm old and stuff. With that out of the way, I would like to talk about how sweet I am. Literally. Bugs love to get their chompers on my sweet, sweet flesh. This is unfortunate for me because I have HORRIBLE reactions to bug bites. We're talking giant, disgusting, infected wounds with a teensy tiny bite in the center. One time, I got three sand flea bites on my right arm: one on my elbow, one on my finger, and one right between my wrist and elbow. These three bites worked together to guarantee that my entire arm swelled up to three times its normal size. Unfortunately, the finger with the bite also had a ring on it. A ring that had been passed down to be by my mother. My friends told me right away that it needed to come off, but my finger was already swollen so the ring was stuck. So they said to go to the hospital and have it cut off. Hell no! It's an heirloom! I said I would rather lose my finger then my ring. But, the fleas won: One morning I woke up around 5 am and realized that I could not feel my finger anymore. When I looked at it, it was an ugly blue color. I quickly drove to the emergency room and had the ring cut off. Sweet blood runs in my family. My bro also has very bad reactions to bug bites. I remember one spider bite in particular on his forehead...ew, it looked like a pussy third eye. And the fact that a bug was on his face is pretty damn disgusting. Have I mentioned how much I hate spiders? I am scared to death of them. I blame Arachnophobia. Damn, just typing that word makes me squirm in my chair. Why did my parents let me see that movie at such an impressionable age? I have never recovered.
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03.04.2003 - - - 4:59 PM
I've been thinking about Legos a lot lately. Maybe it's because I long for the days when I was younger and had hours to spend each day constructing different sets. Maybe now as an adult I see the Zen value of focusing on those small pieces. Or, maybe it's because I drove by Lego Land the other day. The point is, Legos are on my mind. Growing up, my brother and I kept the Lego company in business. We took over our parents' dining room with our elaborate town. It was comprised of Pirate Land, Normalville, and Outer Space. We had a million of those little Lego People, but one of them, Mr. Hero, was the leader of the whole shebang. We knew who Mr. Hero was by his red cap. Mr. Hero was constantly going up against the evil Dictator, who was always managing to kidnap Mr. Hero's girlfriend, Nurse Lady...did I mention that my brother and I have very active imaginations? We would spend hours coming up with stories. I thought it would be cool to maybe get myself a set and put it together. So I went to the Lego website to look at their products and see if there was anything cool to get. I thought they might have something that would be fun to build but also means something to me now as a "grown up." And...there's nothing. I'm so sad. First of all, the Lego website is really geared more towards kids. That's fine, I can understand that. But all their products now are either themed, like "Harry Potter" or "Star Wars," or it's all about learning. Screw learning! What happened to town buildings? There's no record store or candy shop I can build? That's so disappointing. And from what I can see, they don't have towns anymore, or space land, or pirate stuff. I know it's been close to 15 years since I bought Legos, but I guess I thought those were classics. My next course of action is to go to a Toys 'R' Us to see what's offered in person. But since I go to Toys 'R' Us about once every 10 years, it will probably be a while. Sigh. It's raining again here in So Cali. Is this El Nino or what? I'm wearing flip flops and a short sleeved top today. I guess I'm going to have to keep closed toed shoes in my car from now on, just in case. Also, I have a giant bucket of Easter candy on my desk. It talks to me. It says, "Heather, eat us and enjoy our sweet malted goodness." Or "Heather, you must bite into a Robin's Egg, they're Cadburylicious!" I'm going to have to get rid of it. Into my belly!
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03.03.03 - - - 3:03 PM
Holy crap. Right now it's 3:03 on 03/03/03! CRAZY!!! I love those crazy date things. Now I have to wait until 4:04 on April 4th of next year for my next thrill...I hope I remember, I'd be pissed if I missed it. Um...shit, now I can't remember what the hell I was going to write about today. I even had a good thing to talk about today, hence the early posting time. So. I guess this really shows my attention span, huh? I'm about to write some Pulitzer Prize winning stuff, but I get distracted by OH LOOK SOMETHING SHINY. But seriously. I think I have ADD sometimes. Although, I think it might be affected by all the sugar I eat. All of a sudden, I can't get enough of it. Maybe my body is so pissed about my new caffeine-free diet that it makes me uncontrollably crave sugar. And, every now and then, it plays tricks on me and then my body can't get enough salt. And I feel like I'm GOING TO DIE if I don't get any salt. Or Sugar. It's a vicious cycle. Damn it! I still can't remember what I was going to talk about. I'll just write about my weekend. On Friday night I went out drinking and dancing with my friends. We caused the usual amount of commotion. I love that I still know people who work at my old bar. Because it's so popular, there is always an insane line out front...and we almost always get to cut in front, pissing everyone off. It's awesome! And, since we're all cute, smart, and sassy, it makes the other girls hate us more. Ah, if they only knew how much I paid for that front of the line treatment. Saturday I hung out with The Boyfriend during the day, then went to an engagement party for my B. Fri's older brother. The wedding is in April, 2004 - 20 days after 04/04/04! Awesome. Then, on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, Jax, Bells, and I went to the 18th Mile of the L.A. Marathon to hand out water to the participants. We had to be there at 7 AM. The Wheelchair Marathon started at 8:10, with the runners starting 20 minutes later. Which meant that no participants would even reach us until at LEAST 9 AM. Was I bitter? Yes. It was damn cold, man, and we had to park far away because of the street closures! We quickly realized that the volunteers were not organized at all, so we just grabbed a table and went to work setting up cups. We were told by a random guy to only fill the cups half-way. Since none of us had done this before, we believed him. Soon, we were joined by a couple UCLA students and a group of three friends. After we covered our table with half-full cups, Jax, Bells, and I decided that a breakfast of caffeine was in desperate need. That's when things got crazy. Remember when I said I cut caffeine out of my diet? Well, now when my body gets some, it completely freaks out. And I'm sure the gross Cliff Energy Gel I sampled didn't help matters. Suddenly, I was jumping all around, making weird jokes, and generally not making any sense - to the point where Jax told me to not talk anymore! I did calm down eventually, just in time for the first wheel chair participants to get to us - at 9:02, only 52 minutes after they had started the race! Insane. And the runners got there about an hour later, only 1:30 into the race. An hour and thirty minutes to run 18 miles! Da-yum. I don't think I could even do a third of that in such a short amount of time. It was cool to see such amazing runners up close, though. When the packs of runners started coming through, things got very hectic. It was actually pretty challenging getting water to everyone who needed it - and a lot of those selfish runners didn't even say thanks! Nah, I'm just kidding. A TON of the runners would say thank you after I handed them a cup. I was like, don't talk, save your breath! Who says Angelenos are rude?! Does anyone say that? Jax, Bells, and I ended up staying until 12, an hour past the end of our shift. And we got a bag of cool marathon crap, including a T-Shirt I'll never wear again. Yay! After eating and doing some random stuff, I went over to The Boyfriend's house to chill. I love lazy Sundays. We went to dinner with two friends at a British Restaurant in Santa Monica. The twelve or so patrons in the bar were totally schnockered, and we were told by the waitress that this was because Liverpool had beaten Manchester United in soccer. Nothing like ending the day singing songs with drunk Brits! Between that and the Simpsons, I'd say it was a pretty damn good Sunday. Now, if only I could remember what the hell I was going to write about today...

The Latest...Then

March 13th, 2003

Music - I am, of course, still all about Mindi Abair's, It Just Happens That Way. It's really awesome, something totally different than what's out right now. And Mindi herself totally kicks ass. You can hear snips of songs on her website. Check them out, then go buy it! Mindi thanks you. The last CD I bought for myself was the Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits Collection. It's great, she has so much emotion when she sings. I've also been giving play to the 50 Cent Lp, Get Rich or Die Tryin', and I have a CD of his bootlegs. I don't know what it is about him, but he's awesome. Although, if I hear "In Da Club," ONE more time on the radio, I will scream. I'm also rocking some of my old favorites my No Doubt, Eminem, Diana Krall, and Norah Jones. Kind of an eclectic group.

Television - I knew it was coming, but I still haven't come to grips with it: Buffy will be no more after this year. I think it hasn't hit me because there hasn't been a new episode since the announcement. I don't know what I'll do next year on Tuesdays! I mean, sure, there's American Idol and Gillmore Girls, but no Buffy? I'll be lost. At least The Powers That Be have been speedy with releasing the Complete Season Buffy DVDs. The fourth season comes out this summer, just in time for my birthday. At this rate, I'll have the entire show collection by the end of 2004. So, I guess I'll survive, but it will be rough at first. And, American Idol is finally getting good. I never would have guessed that Vanessa would have been the first to go. Not that I'm going to miss her, although I'm sure she's a perfectly nice girl. I think she was just trying too hard to be different, and the audience read into that. The next few months are going to be interesting.

Books - Jackie lent me The Red Tent. I still haven't started it. I also have another book she lent me about Cyber Terrorism written by her sister's father-in-law. I can't find a link to it, but when I do I will update this. But, I think the next time I'm in a book store, I think I'm going to pre-order the new Harry Potter book. And, I'll buy some internet HTML books. Because honestly, those are good reads to me. I'm a nerd, I know!

Wedding Watch - I now have my complete bridesmaid outfit: shoes, dress, and shawl. My dress needs to be altered, though. I think I could do without half a foot of material on the end. Even with heels. What can I say, I'm a short kid. Now we're talking about important things, like how we're going to wear our hair, and who is bringing who, stuff like that. And, of course, some of the other bridesmaids and I are have been doing some serious bachelorette party planning. It's going to be fun!

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