March 2004


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03.31.2004 - - - 6:08 PM
Not too much to report today. I never left my desk - it was one of those days. as a result, I don't have too much to say. Um...well, I saw a 20-something woman and a 60-something woman get into a screaming fight on the bus this morning. That was pretty awesome. The problem was that I didn't realize they were fighting at first because I was blaring my headphones. Then I sturggled to find the pause button so I could hear what they were saying. I turned the music off just in time to hear, "I didn't push you, bitch, but I will in a second! Don't be such a grumpy old lady!!!" Then there was an exchange I didn't hear, followed by the older woman yelling, "Oh yeah, I bet! You can GO there, then!" So awesome. I wish I'd heard the whole thing. I can only hope that there will be another fight tomorrow.

Tonight I am venturing into New Jersey! Uncharted waters! Handle and I are meeting up with my friend Kimbrough, who is in Jersey on business. We're going to have a little sleep over at the hotel, and it's a bit rediculous how excited Handle and I are at the prospect. Should be fun! Now we just have to figure out how to get to New Jersey.

I've added a new feature to the site. Up in the top navigation bar I have inserted a new link, but in case you can't decipher it, it's the apple icon. Click on it and you can see a little guide of all the places I've been and the things I've done since I moved to the Big Apple. Enjoy!

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03.29.2004 - - - 7:17 PM
It was such a gorgeous weekend in the city. I emerged on Saturday morning with only a slight hangover, and was stunned by how warm it was. I had on a light jacket, but we are talking weather so nice that I easily could have walked around with just my t-shirt on. Sunday was just as nice, or so I've been told...I may not have left my apartment. It was one of those days where I knew if I did, I'd spend money! So there. Today, however, it is in the low 40's and it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week. NO! Damn it. All I wore today was a jean jacket. I'm gonna freeze on my walk home. Maybe I'll take the bus...my feet hurt today. Damn you, new Converse sneakers! Why don't you come broken in?

I called Best Buy and HP about 85 more times this weekend, and the only thing both companies could agree on was that I needed to buy a recovery disk for my dearly departed computer. Yes, BUY one. Both companies agreed that the recovery files were originally installed on my computer, which is why I don't have a recovery disk - it was deemed unnecessary. Apparently some brainiac though that the recovery files would never get corrupted. Hmm...I wish that brainiac would hand me $96.89 to replace what I just spent buying the disks! Ass. I am so pissed about it. If these files don't work, I will THROW. A. FIT. They don't want to mess with me, my friends. I am the same person who today told her CFO that something he did was Bull Shit. Cue the Twisted Sister! "We're not gonna take it!!!" Don't eff with my computer.

I love this little bit I read about the Tom/Penelope break up: "Cruise's sister and publicist, Lee Anne DeVette, also confirmed "they did break up," but said the two stars are "very good friends" who talk frequently. "They're just not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore." What? I didn't know adults spoke like that. "They're just not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore." I think that I used phrases like that until the age of 16. Isn't there a better way to put it? Such as "They're just not DATING anymore" or "They are no longer a couple" or ANYTHING else? Saying that two people are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore doesn't seem grammatically correct. Am I right? Also, they are SO not friends. I'm just sayin'.

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03.26.2004 - - - 4:54 PM
I have suffered a death! Yes friends, my sweet computer has died. It is a premature death, being that it is only 21 months old and only recently completely paid for. The computer technicians tell me that its start up files are corrupted. A computer heart attack! The technician doctors from Best Buy Hospital worked on him for a long time, but they could not save him. I held out hope that maybe its memories could be saved, but it was brain dead. The only solace I have is that its internal organs are usable for future operating systems. Oh, computer! I wish I'd taken more pictures with you. Although, the pictures I do have are stored in your sweet, dead memory. Computer! Remember that time we hacked into that web site? Remember that time we looked up people walking in the park? Remember when we, uh, deleted internet porn? When we would play iTunes and dance all night? *SOB!* I will miss you, and your memories...such sweet memories. You were too young to go. TOO YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!

R.I.P. My Computer

In other news, I'm back in New York! I meant to update when I was in California and Arizona, but I didn't. Okay? You gonna hold that against me? I was BUSY, people! And my computer died! And. I didn't feel like it. I had a blast. I saw all my friends, my family, The Boyfriend and his family, and my old co-workers. Good times, peeps! TB's family and I had a blast in Arizona. It was SO WARM there it made me feel bad for my friends back in NYC where it was snowing. We went to tons of games and ate WAY too much red meat. I seriously think I ate my year's allotment of meat in one week. I'm in meat detox now. And a diet. TB and I have decided that we are "vacation" people, while his sister and her husband are "trip" people. Do you know the difference between trip and vacation? A vacation is where you relax, while a trip is where you do crap all day long. On a typical day, TB and I would get up, have a mimosa, watch some "Starting Over," go to a spring training game, drink beer, go to dinner, drink more, then pass out. Note how the majority of our activities are done sitting on our asses. TB's sis and her husband were all about the activities. They wanted to hike! Explore the area! Go to the zoo (they are in their 30's with no kids)! LEARN! For goodness sake, who goes on a vacation to learn? We deemed them Trip Nerds. Here is a good example of TB's and my laid back attitude. We started...okay, I started, making The Boyfriend pose for pictures with every mascot we came across. Like this picture here with one of the Milwaukee Sausages. I had him pose for a couple others, but then I just could be bothered with it. Too much standing.

I was walking down Broadway today, and I realized that aside from some jostling, I have not been accosted here. I say this because on Monday, walking down Highland in LA with my brother, this random dude walking down the EMPTY sidewalk towards us aimed his trajectory for me, and as he passed, he swung his blue plastic bag right at my ass! And he connected! I screamed, "DO YOU MIND?" at him, but Ky was cool as a cucumber. Maybe that's because the blue bag of mystery didn't touch HIM. Whatever. Freak!

And a...um...I don't know. Have I mentioned yet that I am super-tired and on strike from work today? I got here and even though I was in a good mood, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get anything done. Unless you count creating a righteous new rubber band ball! It's pretty awesome.

That is 100% rubber band, my peeps. Note the perspective next to the AA size battery. It bounces and everything. Not the battery, the rubber band ball. All in a day's work.
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03.12.2004 - - - 12:24 PM
It is unbelievable to me that it's been a week and a half since I last posted. Last week I was frantically trying to get everything done before I left for Miami, and this week I have been frantically trying to catch up before I leave for Los Angeles. It's a wicked game, I tell you. I had a blast in Miami. I am, in fact, still recovering. I thought it was hard to stay out until the bars closed here in NYC at 4, but that just helped me prepare for the ultimate test. The bars in South Beach NEVER close. Let's just say I tried to make it, but I failed that test. I was never out past four. Not that staying out until four am is wussy, but when I would complain of being tired the next day I wouldn't find many people who had gotten in before me - and that includes my co-workers, who are all (with one exception) at least 10 years older than me. Thankfully, the other girl my age, Miss I, was usually with me when I would leave. I just can't party like that! I need my beauty sleep. Miami was a blast, though. The weather never dipped below 70, and I met some great people and saw some great shows. I can't wait to go back next year.

Before I left for Miami last week, I realized that almost all of my warm-weather clothes are still out in LA. On Thursday after work I walked over to the best store ever, H&M, to see if they had any cheap skirts or tops I could bring with me. On my walk there I started to notice something: every single mannequin that had hair was a brunette. Even in H&M. That is just so opposite of California. I think there would maybe be one brunette mannequin for every 99 blondes. I guess it's representative of the area...I don't see a lot of blondes here. Not even fake bottle blondes! My office is the exception to this rule: tons of blondes. On the street, none. This just shows how fake the entertainment industry is. Except for me! Yeah!

I have been hassling my company's tech support to provide me with the things I'll need to travel next week. I'm hoping they'll be able to provide me with a way to check my email when I'm out of the office. You'd think, however, that I asked them for a Rolls Royce and a check for a million dollars. How hard is it for me to be able to check my email from a remote server? Well, it shouldn’t be hard, but my company needs an excuse to keep its giant tech support staff, so it makes everything hard. I have to get a special card and all this other crap. The most annoying thing, though, is that I KNOW there is are a few cards just sitting around on the tech floor. I know this because the head of my division's IT told me. I hate all the stupid hoops you have to jump through in this company. Grrr.

California, here I come! Yay!

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03.03.04 - - - 4:41 PM
I like that when I'm feeling homesick, I can turn on the TV and see little pieces of home. For example, last night I was watching an old Gilmore Girls, and I'm fairly certain that Lorelai and Rory were shopping at either the Glendale Galleria or Topanga Plaza. AND, they went into a store that I am CERTAIN was Forever 21! God bless them. Tonight I will watch The O.C. and see my beloved Hermosa Beach standing in as Newport. I love seeing Cali on the TV.

Speaking of things I saw on TV last night, I saw something wonky on Scrubs. I watch TV with the Closed Caption on. I try to remember to turn it off when other people are watching my TV (although The Boyfriend never makes me turn it off, isn't he sweet?) because it tends to bug other people. I don't hear very well, so it's easier to have the CC on than to ask every 10 seconds "what did she say?" I've found that sometimes, the closed caption does not match what the person actually says. Usually it's just something like the actor saying, "I was so bored I was falling asleep," while the caption says, "I was so bored." But occasionally it's totally random, as if the captioner is trying to play a joke. I've seen the captioners on Will & Grace make comments about Jeff Zucker, the head of NBC entertainment. On er, the captions will say, "medical jargon," or "long medical word." Anyway, last night on Scrubs, the captioner tried to transcribe the song "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne (and if you got to this website by doing a Google search for Avril, GO AWAY). I am not a fan of hers, but I think her lyrics are pretty easy to understand. The closed captions read this: "How ‘bout them transparent dangling carrots." Hmm. Now, isn't that an Alanis Morisette song? So, this means that either the captioners got an early copy of the episode that had the Alanis song (which would have been a stranger choice than the Avril song in that scene - really!), OR the captioner hates Avril and refused to transcribe her song. I prefer the latter.

I'm going to Miami this weekend for work, so I've been busy trying to get everything done before I leave. I have a short day on Friday, then I'm not back until Tuesday. I've been working long hours lately, so I don't really want to stay any later than I already have been, but I might not be able to help it. Stupid work! When am I going to be independently wealthy, I ask you? I've been working on a little side web project in my spare time that I will soon be linking to here. It's basically my "what I've done" diary since I moved to New York. I bet you all can't wait!

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