May 2004


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05.27.2004 - - - 5:33 PM
I was just looking through my archives to see what I was doing last year. I was watching American Idol, preparing for a weekend of drinking, and starting my birthday countdown. Wow, nothing has changed! Except, you know, living on the other side of the country. No beach time for me this weekend, boo. I will have to hear all about my precious Pacific from my West Coast Hotties.

So, American Idol. I hated the first 30 minutes of the show. Excuse me, the "pre-show," even though according to my cable box it was all the same show. It was so bad! Don't make those poor booted kids sing, and don't shove Jennifer Hate Hewitt on me! What the hell does she have to do with American Idol, anyway? She must have a show coming out on Fox or something. But, it's a sad day when I have to praise Hate Hewitt: She did a FAR better job in the pre-show than Christina Christian. Now I must punish myself. The "real" part of the show got off to a shaky start thanks to Tamyra Gray's wobbly National Anthem. I was a few minutes behind on the show, so I was fast-forwarding through the opening. When I saw Tamyra singing, I didn't stop fast forwarding, until I noticed two things: the crowd was standing, and THE FONZ was shown in the audience mouthing the words. I was like, "the hell? The Fonz knows a Tamyra Gray song?" So I had to put the show on normal speed and be accosted by her horrible rendition. It was pretty awesome that I thought The Fonz was singing along with a Tamyra song, though! I liked the quartet of Ruben, Fantasia, Diana, and Kelly, and I LOVED Kelly's song when she had her moment to shine. I didn't really care who won. They are both good singers. Truth be told, I prefer Diana, but I'm not worried about her career.

Today is May 27, so it begins the Birthday Countdown! Only 31 days until we celebrate the day of my birth! I can't wait. The Boyfriend is coming out to celebrate the occasion, which is so sweet, especially when you remember that last year he spent the day with strippers. I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing to commemorate the passing of another year, but rest assured, it will be cool. Not as cool as last year when I was surrounded by all of my awesome friends, but as close as I can get. I should rent a car or something, and drive it somewhere. Just because, you know, I can. Soon I can run for President. Not that I would, my days of running for crap are OVER.

So, this weekend is Memorial Day. I can finally wear my white clothes. Isn't that right? There are lots of sailors wearing white around town: it's Fleet Week! I guess that means there are lots of ships in the ports; I KNOW it means there are lots of sailors in the city. I personally saw a bunch yesterday on the train on my way home and then more in front of the BBQ place by my house. Fleet Week makes me think of "sex and the City." Hee. Hey, that show is coming to TBS...how, I don't know. Some shows are going to be only five minutes long without all the nudity and cussing! But, I will still watch. I don't have HBO anymore because I am POOR and would rather spend that money on a BEER. Priorities.

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05.25.2004 - - - 6:00 PM
What to watch on TV tonight, American Idol or the Lakers game? Oh wait, I have Tivo, it doesn't matter! I'll be flipping back and forth between them, anyway, because there is no way I could stand to watch more than five consecutive minutes of either. If the Lakers don't win tonight, I won't hear the end of it tomorrow. Come on Lakers, help a sista out! As far as American Idol is concerned, I think it's a sure bet that Fantasia will win...the judges will probably be falling all over themselves praising her tonight. American Idol isn't racist!! Two Black winners in a row! Hey, American Idol, enough, we GET it. I think both Fantasia and Diana are very good singers, and they both deserve to win. I also think that the Lakers deserve to win! WOOOO!

Time for crazy New York Weather, volume 487. Yesterday it was a very pleasant day, partly cloudy and low on the "sweat" scale. So you can imagine my surprise when I got off the subway yesterday evening and was immediately drenched by a sudden DOWNPOUR. I ran for an overhang, but the damage had been done. The rain only lasted for a few minutes, but I had to walk home totally drenched. Boo! If there is rain this weekend, I'm going to be really sad. It's going to be hard enough spending my first Labor Day in ages not at the beach, but if it rains I will flip. That would be too depressing.

I am officially in love with sending out my laundry. I really love how easy it is, but I really, really love how neatly folded my clothes came back! My bag was totally rectangular and tucked in...it's hard to describe so you have to look at the picture. It looked as though the bag had been put into a compactor, it was that tight and crisp. When I cracked the bag open, I was happy to see that my clothes were just as neat, folded perfectly. Love, Love, Love, I tell you! Am I in danger of becoming a snob? When I have kids, will I quit my job but still have a nanny? Damn right. Kids are sticky, somebody has to wash them for me.

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05.20.2004 - - - 6:29 PM
Yesterday, I did the most decadent, New-Yorkish thing ever. More New York then ordering Chinese delivery at 4 am, more New York than buying a fake purse on the street, more New York than blowing an entire paycheck on shoes (okay, I haven't done that one). I sent my laundry out! That's right, I am paying someone else to do my laundry. I always thought that only really rich people sent their laundry out. Then I was telling my friend Eri yesterday that I needed to do my laundry, but I had to track down a bunch of quarters. She told me that she always sends hers out and how much she loved it. So I did some investigating into this crazy service. First of all, when I do my own laundry, it costs me $3 for the wash cycle and a quarter for every minute of drying. Depending on what I'm washing/drying, one load of laundry can cost me about $4.50. I do at least two loads at a time, and I knew I would have three yesterday because I was washing clothes, towels, and sheets. So, three loads of laundry at $4.50 each comes out to...$13.50. Not a small chunk of change. Add onto that a wash cycle that takes 39 minutes and a drying cycle that can take up to 35 minutes. That's my whole night right there when you realize I usually get home between 7:30 and 8 pm. As I walked home, I kept my eyes open for Laundromats that advertised drop-off services. I found one less than a block from my apartment, so I bundled up my stuff and brought it back. For my 19 pounds of laundry - YES, NINETEEN POUNDS - they charged me $14. That's only 50 cents more than if I did my laundry myself! You can bet from now on I will ALWAYS drop my laundry off. My time is totally worth that. At first I was squicked out by the thought of strangers touching my clothes, but then I was OVER IT. Wash and fold, you are my heroes!

On Tuesday I put my oft-underused bartending skills to work. We had an artist showcase, where we made one of our new singers perform like a monkey in front of a bunch of press. The women in charge of the event booked caterers, but neglected to request a bartender. Lucky for them, Staysh and I have oodles of bartending experience, and we nicely volunteered to help. I forgot how fun bartending can be, especially when it is open bar and you don't have to worry about balancing a register! It made me miss the old days when my friend Jen and I would open the restaurant on a summer day and then gossip about everyone that came in. Then we would walk out of there with at least $150 in our pockets and head to the beach or happy hour or whatever. Ah, I want to do that again! No...I don't, I remember how much I hated the crappy parts of that job. And there were a LOT of crappy parts. I remember crying behind the bar...but I remember going to the beach all day! Oh, so conflicted. It's like having a baby, or so I've been told.

I'm tired! I'm kicking it up a notch at the gym. Oh yeah!

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05.13.2004 - - - 1:21 PM
Every time I complained about the freezing cold weather, without fail someone would say to me, "just wait until summer when it's humid, then you'll be BEGGING for snow." While I know I will never, EVER beg for snow, I have come to realize what they meant. It is freaking awful. This last week has had temperatures above 80 degrees, with humidity that has reached 100% at some points. Add to that sudden downpours and lightning storms, and you have two very confused and sticky Californians. Since Friday, The Boyfriend and I were woken up every night either by thunder or unbearable humidity. We finally broke down yesterday and bought a fan...just in time for TB to go back to Cali! BOO! He's flying back as I write this. I miss him already.

Since we'd already gone to Shea Stadium, I had to make sure TB also got to see Yankee Stadium on this trip. Since they were playing the Angels, I felt like I was supporting my So Cal roots instead of the evil empire. We had good seats, although I don't think there is such a thing as a bad seat at Yankee Stadium. We were in the top level, right behind home plate, in Row S. I remarked to TB that we were under the overhang, and that it would be nice to have these seats during a hot day game. The game was going along nicely, with the Angels taking an early lead on the Yankees. The Boyfriend had just come back from the concession stand with some tasty beers, and while we were enjoying them I noticed that everyone in the level below us had suddenly jumped to their feet, looking behind them and scrambling around. "Look!" I said to TB, "is there a fight or something?" He looked at me like I was crazy, and said, "the rain." I was like, huh? Then I refocused my eyes and noticed that it was POURING rain, just insane amounts of rain. In less than a minute, the umpires called a rain delay and the grounds crew went to work covering the field. Meanwhile, the fans who'd only moments earlier been in seats closer to the field were rushing to find a spot that was covered. Needless to say, The Boyfriend and I were extremely pleased with our Row S seats at that point. After about 45 minutes, the game started up again, only to be delayed 10 minutes later by another deluge. At that point, TB and I decided we'd seen enough, and decided to leave. We got SOAKED waiting for the 4 train, but it was still a fun time. I found out the next morning that the game didn't end until 1:30 am, thanks to the rain and a tie score that went into extra innings. I'm glad we were home by then, even if we were sweating to death.

Yesterday the weather was even weirder. It was still extremely humid and hot, so most everyone was dressed in summer gear. At lunch, I ran across the street only to get caught in a sudden rainfall. Giant drops soaked me as I ran across the street in my flip flops, tank top, and skirt. Then I got even more drenched when I ran back to my office. It was great! Except not. The rest of the afternoon was creepy: the sky was pitch black, and there were flashes of lightning and booms of thunder every minute or so. It felt like it was nine o'clock at night instead of 3 in the afternoon. And today they're predicting more storms! I spent the morning doing research on air conditioners. I know nothing about them other than if I don't get one soon, one of these nights I will sweat to death.

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05.07.2004 - - - 4:53 PM
It has been so great to have The Boyfriend here. Besides the obvious reason, he is just so cute! Yesterday night I realized that he'd done the dishes from my breakfast. Today we were talking over IM and I asked him what he was up to. He said he'd just gone to the store to buy me a new light bulb to replace a light that I can't reach. AND he changed it! Too sweet of him to do those things for me.

We had a fun Cinco de Mayo. The Boyfriend and I each had CRAZY hectic days, so we were ready to kick back and reveal in some Mexican Awesomeness. It quickly became clear that there isn't much in the way of Mexican Awesomeness in New York City, and the places that were Mexicanly Awesome were packed to the brim. After walking up 2nd Ave for a while, The Boyfriend, our posse, and I finally settled on a place that, while crowded, had some breathing room. We found it just in time, because about five minutes after we got inside it started pouring rain. TB was bummed because the Giants/Mets game he was watching had to take a rain delay because of it. Meanwhile, the ladies of our posse and I were stalking the people who were lucky enough to have tables. We realized that one table clearly had people waiting for it, so we pounced on the other one, even going so far as to recruit the waitress to our side. As we were waiting, a group of girls tried to recruit the bus boy to help them snake our table. Oh HELL no, bitches. First of all, waitress covers bus boy, and second of all, you don't want to mess with a group that includes three Cali Kids trying to get their Cinco de Mayo on. When the table became available, we swooped in like we owned the place. The girls gave us dirty looks, but we just laughed at them. Suckas! The rest of the night involved many margaritas, nachos, and a bit of karaoke. Fiesta!

Last night, The Boyfriend and I made the long journey on the R & 7 trains out to Shea Stadium to see the Giants play the Mets. Neither of us had been to Shea, and it was a cool stadium - literally. I was freezing from the second I sat down. The game was a pitchers dual, aka very slow. The Giants' pitcher, Jason Schmidt, was pitching a no-hitter into the 7th, as TB kept reminding me. It's his fault the Mets got a hit. There was a group of businessmen sitting in front of us, and they were entertaining two men from Japan. I had to take a picture of the guy in front of me because he clearly didn't understand how to work his hat. It took about 6 innings before one of the other guys showed him that it was adjustible. We ended up leaving in the top of the 9th inning, with the score tied at 1 each. I wanted to beat the crowd on the subway, and we both wanted to watch the Friends finale that I was Tivoing...except for some reason, my Tivo decided that it didn't care what happened to Ross & Rachel, and made the executive decision to not only ignore my orders to record Friends, but also chose to not record er or the penultimate episode of Survivor. When I discovered this, I became...agitated. It's not a pretty situation when my TV shows are not recorded. Stupid technology! I have to buy the Friends Finale now when it comes out on Tuesday. At least it's cheap.

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05.04.2004 - - - 4:27PM
Trrrrrraaaaaaaa - La! It's May! The lusty month of May! Where the air is cold and windy and the rain won't go away! It is 58 degrees right now. In May! It's just not right, people. Yesterday it rained all day, and I'm hearing that it might rain tomorrow. Enough is enough! April showers bring May flowers and May bring WARMTH, isn't that how the saying goes? Meanwhile, the West Coast is having a massive heat wave. It isn't fair! Give us some of that heat you done stole.

Yesterday, I discovered what it would be like to be Superman. I had my hair tucked up under a hat, and just with that simple clothing item, POOF! I was unrecognizable. I would walk down the halls and coworkers would say, "I didn't realize that was you!" I passed a coworker on the street and waved at him from about two feet away, and I got nothing. It was awesome! I felt like I could go out and do mischief all over town. Or, you know, good. Whatever I felt like. I'm breezy, as Monica Geller would say.

I had a blast with Hardcore and The Ned this weekend when they invaded the NYC and my apartment. We did tons of walking, which hopefully helped to offset all of the drinking we also did. It's so nice to have friends here! To top it all off, The Boyfriend arrived last night! YAY! For the next ten days, I will not have to shoot dirty looks at the couples I see walking down the street. Yes, I am petty like that. Have you learned nothing? Tonight we are going to go to a happy hour and then make our own flavored vodka. The fun never stops in the Plastic Studio!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Get out your Sombrero.

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