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10.31.2003 - - - 3:44 PM
Happy Halloween! Last night I celebrated Halloween by going to a Christmas show! Oh yeah, baby. I have a friend who works for American Idol, and she got Jax, Bells, and I tickets to go to their Christmas Special. It was really fun - we totally got into the whole cheesy stand up and scream atmosphere. It's hard not to! We were singing along, and clapping, and saying, the whole bit. We were sitting in a place where we knew we would not be on TV, so it became our mission to have our voices make the program. I can't wait to watch and see if any of us were successful. One thing I will say is that I had always heard it's insanely loud at those tapings, and it really is. I give the sound people a LOT of credit.

It's been a crazy week, hence the lack of updates. I will really get into everything next week. I just haven't had the time this week. Plus, I need to talk to other people before I spill all the details here. I will unload on Monday! I am trying to get out of here early today. Halloween traffic is always bad because of parents trying to rush home to take the kids Trick-or-Treating, but now there is the added transit strike and impending rain. I want to leave here by 4 - hopefully that will happen!

Here's another picture from last weekend's party. It's me and Eric Gagne, Star closer for the Dodgers! Yay!

- - - - - - -

10.27.2003 - - - 4:25 PM
I have decided that Armageddon is on it's way, and for two reasons. The first is that there are crazy fires all over Southern Cali. The second is that the other night, while drunk, my fab friend Les gave driving directions that were RIGHT! I don't think you know how amazing that is. Les is the type of person who literally gets lost driving down the street. The fact that she got us out of the neighborhood that none of us had been in before is shocking to me. See, if only Les could drink before she drove anywhere...oh, wait.

So, those fires. They seem to be everywhere. And they are HUGE. The wind is making the smoke and ash blow every which way, so even with my apartment about 45 miles from the nearest fire, we are still affected. There was ash on my car yesterday, and the air smelled like smoke - and not in that good, fireplace kind of way. I was outside for two hours yesterday, and by the time I got back inside, my eyes, nose, and lungs were burning, and I had a horrible headache. I can't imagine what the firefighters are going through right now. Since I have some relatives in fire's way right now, I am keeping my fingers crossed that things don't get any worse. Ugh, it's all so awful.

USC won on Saturday, and they moved up to number 4 in the BCS poll and number 3 in the other important polls. I like this trend. This weekend is homecoming, I can't wait. This last Saturday a big, fun group of us watched the game at Sharkeez. The bar had drink specials for USC fans, so we used that to our advantage. After the game, it was back to the apartment to chill for a bit, then get ready for a big Halloween party. It was at a big house in El Segundo, and the people went all out in decorating the place. I went, as you can see from the picture, as a naughty school girl. The Boyfriend went as a priest/cardinal thing. We had tons of fun. I love it when people go all-out for Halloween, and there were some great costumes. I'll post them all week.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday dinner, and it was really nice to see the fam. I just wanted to say again, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!"

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10.24.2003 - - - 4:11 PM
Happy birthday, Mommy! She looks so young, I tell ya. I'm so glad it's Friday. I have football tomorrow, a party tomorrow night, and then shopping and dinner on Sunday. A nice, relaxing weekend. I really need it. Plus, Halloween is a week from today - something I have been looking forward to for ages. Now I just need to figure out my costume. I thought about going as Jessica Simpson, but the accessories needed for that are a little too pricey. Plus, would people know what I was supposed to be? Who knows? So I think I am going to be something a little more obvious. Since the party tomorrow requires costumes, I'll have to get something tonight or in the afternoon tomorrow. Costume shopping is so fun.

I'm tired. I'm sick of this work stuff yanking me around. I need to take sleeping pills so I can actually get a good night's sleep! You can push all the doubt and uncertainty out of your head during the day, but those thoughts will find a way into your brain somehow. I always get attacked when I'm trying to sleep. It makes for many restless nights.

I went back to the dentist today for the final step in the work I had done last week...and, just as I was about ONE MINUTE away from being done and never having to set foot in that office again, the dentist CHIPPED MY TOOTH. God damn son of a bitch. So now I have to go back in a couple weeks. I hate them. I told the receptionist that they'd better find an appointment sooner than November 11th, being that this is their big mess-up and all. I think she saw the wrath in my eyes, because she promised rather quickly that she was sure they could, and that they'd call me as soon as they had a cancellation. Or, maybe she wanted the crazy chick away from her. Whatever the reason, I know her name and I know what she promised me, and if it isn't delivered, OH, the hurt I will put down.

So, my hair cut! I like it. I know my "before" picture yesterday is a back shot, but when I was messing with my camera I didn't really like any of those shots. That's why you get this one. I think it better shows how different my hair is, anyway. It's scary how much I look like both of my parents in this picture. Seriously. It's Halloween-scary.

- - - - - - -

10.23.2003 - - - 4:15 PM
I have been laughing a lot lately in the past few days, despite the bad moods and the anger at my company of lying liars. I think it's a good sign when, despite the blinding anger, you can think back to funny things that have happened and can laugh just as hard as you did when it happened. So, maybe I should tell you what these instances were, no?

The first was on my last night in Chicago. First, a little history lesson. The Chicago Cubs have a curse, in case you didn't know. As the legend goes (and sorry if you know it), back in like 1919 or something, a man bought tickets to a Cubs game for himself and his billy goat. The Stadium workers wouldn't let the man bring his goat in, so he cursed the team, saying that they would never win another world series. That year, the Cubs went to the World Series...and lost. They haven't won a Series since 1908. Anywho, The Boyfriend and I were walking back to our hotel after eating at Ditka's, and we passed a restaurant named "The Billy Goat." Looking up at its sign, TB said, and I quote, "Hey, is that place named after that one monkey?" I about died laughing. To give TB credit, it was at the end of a long day of sun and booze. But, still. Billy goat, monkey - yeah, they're the same!

Today is when my other story happened. I went to a lunch with my boss, and a producer we work with. I will call him Prod for this story. We went to an Italian restaurant, and each table had a glass of bread sticks. The three of us were talking, and all of a sudden, Prod says, "Doesn't it look like the table next to us is eating around a giant wang?" My boss and I looked over, and the table next to us had four women at it...and their bread stick...well, it was shaped funny. If you had said, "How’s it hanging?" to the bread stick, its reply would have been, "to the left." It looked JUST LIKE A WANG! I started snorting with laughter, while my brain started chanting, "Bang the wang! Bang the wang!" Prod then went onto say, "every time that woman leans in, I freak out. It looks like she's gonna...you know. Lucky breadstick." I am a 13-year-old-boy sometimes when it comes to humor, so I was cracking up, which kept Prod laughing. I kept telling myself to pull it together - I was sitting next to my boss, for goodness sake! Just when I would stop laughing, Prod would give the table a sideways glance, and I would lose it again. My boss, it should be noted, was chuckling, but I know he was thinking, "These dumb kids." (It should be noted that Prod is 32). Just when I thought we were done laughing about it, the women’s dessert arrived...round, white cookies, with a small dot of jelly right in the center. Prod exclaimed, "Dude, they got nipple cookies! They're a theme table!" I hope you realize how funny this is, people, because I think my boss now thinks Prod and I are seriously demented. We didn't stop laughing until we got back to my office three blocks away.

Tomorrow I will write more, but I need to wrap some things up here at work. Why so early, you ask? Because I am getting a hair cut today, my friends! I am so excited. My hair is too long, and damaged, and I need a change. Hopefully I will be in tomorrow - I'm going to the dentist in the morning, and based on their history, I can not guarantee that they will not keep me all day. So, I leave you with a parting picture of my "before hair." Enjoy!

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10.22.2003 - - 4:25 PM
Despite having an amazing weekend, I am in a foul, foul mood today. It just goes to show that nothing good can last. See, bad mood already. Basically, work is crap right now. A huge chunk of my company got laid off last Thursday, so when I came back to work on Monday, I came back to a tons of "goodbye, it's been fun working with you emails," which was just so sad. Oh, and lest I forget, I also came back to chaos. That's what happens when you and your boss are the only people left in your ENTIRE department. Add to that rumors flying around about one's own job, and it makes for a very unhappy, pissed-off Heather. It's just a bad work environment. Morale sucks. I hate everything. My mood is bad. Did I mention that?

I am going to move onto happier things now. My weekend! It was so much fun. I updated on late Friday night/ early Saturday morning, so I will start from there. The Boyfriend and I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday so we could make an 8:45 AM bus out to South Bend. Before that, we were supposed to meet Les and Matty at a nearby Starbucks for a much-needed caffeine injection. Everyone in the Starbucks had two things in common: USC gear, which was pretty cool, and bleary eyes. It was early, California time! On the bus, I am proud to say that I was the first person who cracked open a beer. I drank it, and then I decided I needed a nap. Hey, I was up late the night before updating this mutha! I woke up about an hour later, when we were only about 30 minutes outside of South Bend, and then I had to deal with carsickness. Not fun. I was so happy when we parked and I could get off the bus. My ticket connection from the batting cages on Friday paid off with one ticket. The Boyfriend and I ran all over Notre Dame's campus trying to find him. I was on a mission, so I didn't really pay attention to anything around me. Luckily, I've been to Notre Dame before, so I know how beautiful the campus is. Hopefully TB paid attention! We met up with my ticket savior outside of the Golden Dome. After that, TB and I hightailed it about a mile in the opposite direction, to where we had seen the ticket scalpers as our bus had pulled in. I found a guy who had bought the ticket he was scalping for $300...I bought it off of him for $125. I am a negotiator, I tell you. With tickets in hand, The Boyfriend and I returned to the tail gate and enjoyed some drinks before it was time to go into the stadium. What a great game! The first quarter was pretty dicey, with both teams scoring on what seemed like every possession. After that quarter, however, USC dominated. Final score, USC 45, Notre Dame 14. Sit down, Irish!

The bus ride home was soooo looooong. The traffic out of South Bend is just like leaving any other football stadium, except for one thing: it's in the middle of freaking nowhere! Everyone is basically going to the same place, so the road is clogged. TB, Les, Matty, and I made the best of it. Plus, the bus had TVs on it, so we were able to get some of the World Series. As we pulled back into Chicago, we were busy discussing what to do with the rest of our night. Then the bus passed a restaurant called, "Ditka's." We all agreed that we could not be in The Coach's town without going to his restaurant. While Les and I were in the bathroom, TB and Matty made small talk with the hostess. After asking if Ditka himself ever came into the restaurant, the hostess replied, "Oh, yeah, about three or four times a week. In fact, he's upstairs right now - it's his birthday." At that moment, Les and I just happened to be at the top of the stairs, discussing what Ditka shirt she should purchase for his brother. We decided on an orange one, because Ditka "looked cute" on it. I'm sure you've figured it out by now: Ditka was about 2 feet away from us when we were talking. We didn't realize that, though, until TB and Matty told us. Then I felt like such a dork. Les and I made Matty ask him if we could have a picture with him, and he was sooo nice, he jumped right up and posed with us. After that, TB, Les, Matty, Pinky, Rollo, and I enjoyed a great dinner!

The Boyfriend and I totally crashed after dinner - it was a long day of walking, sitting outside, and, of course, drinking. I think we managed to get about 10 hours of sleep, which is a TON for me. We got up, packed, and then met up with TB's really nice and funny friend from High School, Dan. Dan walked us around Chicago, showing us some "insider" sights, and then took us to a deep-dish pizza place. I ate about half a piece of pizza before I felt as though I was going to explode. If I lived in Chicago, I would be very, very round. It was great hanging out with Dan - it showed me another side of The Boyfriend! Alas, all good things must come to an end, so, with Jax, TB and I headed back to the airport. I love Chicago! I could go back there tomorrow.

- - - - - - -

10.18.2003 - - - 12:13 AM
I love Chicago! I have had the best time here so far. After flying during the day on Thursday, The Boyfriend and I met up with Pinky, Les, and Matty, who had flown in the day before. We went to a restaurant named Carson's, where we had an authentic Chicago Ribs dinner. It was soooo delicious. After that, we met up with Jax, Bells, and Kimbrough and the group of us bar hopped around Rush and Division, the big bar area of Chicago. Today, The Boyfriend and I woke up and met up with Les and Matty at the USC rally on Navy Pier. During the entire rally, I held up the sign you see in the picture above (I know it's small, so I'll tell you: "Need 2 Tickets, Please Help! Fight On!" I'm so polite). No luck. Then, the four of us walked down Michigan Ave and found a great pizza place. The four of us demolished two pizzas. Let's just say that now, 10 hours later, I am still full. Then we took the subway to Wrigleyville! It was so cool to go to one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the country. We took tons of pictures, I'll link to them when I get back to California. After that, The Boyfriend noticed a bar just down the street from the stadium that boasted batting cages. How could we pass that up? We went there and played in the arcade/batting cage for hours. And, hopefully, I made a ticket connection. Totally beat, the four of us headed back to downtown Chicago, where we went our separate ways. After resting our aching feet in our hotel room for a bit, The Boyfriend and I walked down the street to an amazing blues club, Blue Chicago. We would have stayed there until closing, except that we have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to catch the bus to South Bend. Hopefully when we get on the bus I will have tickets to the game! Keep your fingers crossed. I know this is a short update, but I paid $9.95 for internet access and I'm going to use it, damn it! Also, I want to say good luck to my cousin, Princess Leah. She's doing the AIDS Walk in LA on Sunday. Go Princess Leah! You rock!!!
- - - - - - -

10.15.2003 - - - 3:48 PM
As of the time I am starting to write this, the Red Sox are losing to the Yankees 6-4. No! Damn it, I really want Boston to go to the Series. Especially if the Cubs make it, that will make the games more interesting. If it's a New York/Florida Series, forget it. BO-RING! I can't have these wild-card teams making it to the World Series. The wild card is such B.S. Just like the Designated Hitter. They both ruin baseball, I tell ya! Oh, I just realized that Boston is a wild-card team. Well, that still doesn't change how I feel about the wild-card, but I think it would be neat, FOR HISTORY'S SAKE (because I do everything for history's sake) if it was a Boston/Chicago World Series. Okay, I'll be quiet now.

I went over to Urban Outfitters during my lunch break today. I received an email from them saying that they were having a sale, and I needed to get a sweater to take with me to Chicago. It seems that one I already owned somehow shrank. When I exited my building...oh my God, the smell! I know I talk about it a lot here, but really, it was soooo bad today. The gardeners had been working on our lawn and shrubs, and apparently they had fertilized. I saw some people sitting on the benches outside smoking, and I wondered how they could stand the smell. Of course, when you are addicted to something, I suppose you don't really care so much about how the airs smells around you, as long as you can smoke. Plus, cigarettes don't exactly smell like roses. But then I started thinking, which is always dangerous. I remember once at a sleepover, a girl lit a fart on fire with a lighter. Yes, I know, that's gross. So, I realized that the air totally smelled like fart, and I wondered if the smokers could possibly trigger an explosion by lighting up. What? It's a legitimate thought - the smell was really strong, so it had to be concentrated in the area. I didn't stick around to find out, I just pulled my shirt up around my nose and mouth and booked it over to Urban.

Chicago tomorrow! The city will be nuts if the Cubs win tonight. It will be really fun to be there when the city is so excited. On the other hand, if they don't win...well, I won't think about that. No matter what happens, I will have a ton of fun in Chicago. USC better win, man. Also, I wouldn't mind getting a ticket to the game. That might be cool. I'm really excited to be going out of town - I need a break!

The pie class last night was fun, but not what I thought it would be. Instead of everyone following along to the teacher's instructions with their own ingredients, we instead watched her make everything. So, I didn't get to bring home any pies, although I do have some really yummy recipes to try. Oh, and we got to eat her end results, which was nice! My dad was pretty bummed that my mom and I didn't bring him back any pies, though, as was The Boyfriend. It just means I need to get to cooking.

And, in case you were wondering, the Lying Liars who tell Lies (also known as my company) did not tell everyone what the status of their jobs are. It was supposed to happen today...and, well, it's after 7 in New York now, and I'm thinking that everyone has gone home. So, another weekend of not knowing lies ahead of me. Thank goodness I have a ton of fun stuff to do. They can't lay you off if you're on vacation, right? Right?!

- - - - - - -

10.14.2003 - - - 3:59 PM
Woo, only two days until I go to Chicago! I can't wait. I love Chicago, it's one of those towns where there is so much going on. Not to mention beautiful. And, since I'm leaving on Thursday, that means only one more day of work this week. It will be a big day, though, if you believe the rumors: Wednesday is pink-slip day. I've heard so many rumors at this point I don't know what to believe anymore, but I do have it on good authority that there WILL be lay-offs tomorrow. I just don't know if it will be in my department or not. To add to the confusion, my boss is out of town for the rest of the week. With my luck, whatever happens that will affect me will all go down on Thursday or Friday. I'm not going to let that potentially ruin my weekend, though. I've been looking forward to this weekend for too long to let a little thing like job status ruin it.

I had a really fun weekend. On Friday night, I went to Oktoberfest, and, despite my sore mouth, managed to consume copious amounts of beer. Look how cute Bells, Pinky, Woodsy, and I look with our steins. And, check out my hat. I don't know what Peter Pan hats have to do with Oktoberfest, but I like it nonetheless. Saturday was the USC/Stanford football game. I always manage to forget how totally lame Stanford fans and their band are...man, they are so stupid. USC kicked ass, and thanks to "Separation Saturday," managed to move back up into the Top 5 in both football polls. Yay! I won't talk about bowl games here. On Sunday, The Boyfriend and I got up early and caught a slow boat to Catalina...okay, it was a fast boat, but it was choppy water, and even with my sea-sickness patch I still felt ill. We had a nice day on the island, eating and drinking and watching great music at the Catalina Jazz Festival. By the time we got home, I was totally exhausted. I really need to catch up on sleep. Jeez, I am always saying that. I should just give up!

Tonight, my mom and I are taking a pie-making class! According to the class description, we will be learning "platinum pie crust recipes as well as an easy NO ROLL piecrust. Find out the secret to All American Apple Play Dough Pie and the holiday masterpiece Brown Sugar Meringue Baked Alaska Pumpkin Pie. Quick and easy petite puffed pastry apple tartlets round out the class." Um...hell yeah! I don't mind if I forget everything I learn tomorrow, as long as I get to take home something yummy. I hope I get to make both pies. If not, I'll make one and my mom will make the other. Man, I am shaking my head right now at how smart I am.

- - - - - - -

10.10.2003 - - - 2:19 PM
Let me just say, don't do a Google Image Search for "tooth" unless you are prepared to see some nasty, nasty looking chompers. I wasn't prepared. It made me feel sick. So, yeah, I have a tooth problem! Well, it's sort-of taken care of. I had a toothache, and after spending all day on Wednesday on the phone with my insurance company, 1-800-DENTIST, and a dental office, I finally got an appointment at 9AM Thursday to get my tooth looked at. So, promptly at 9:03 yesterday, I cruised into the dentist office, filled out paperwork, and sat down. Promptly at 10 AM, I was called back to start my x-rays, exams, etc. At 3:30 PM, I finally walked out of there, sore and crying and pissed off. I had to have some major work done, and I have an extremely high resistance to Novocain. So, every 20 minutes, the dentist would have to stop and inject more, because I could feel what they were doing. It was a long, long time to have your mouth propped open. Everyone there was very nice, but I hated it. And I hate my cheap insurance that won't pay squat. I have insurance...why? Sons of Bitches.

So, after suffering through that yesterday, I didn't make it into work and I instead went to my parents' house, where they made me soup and milkshakes and rubbed my head and let me watch whatever I wanted on TV. It was nice, although I didn't sleep very well. I'm totally exhausted today, I just want to go home and sleep. It's hard to stay asleep when your whole mouth and jaw is sore and sensitive. I woke up so many times I stopped counting. I just can't wait for it to all be over. Someday, someday.

I have a fun weekend ahead, though, so Advil is going to have to play a big part. Tonight is Oktoberfest, and tomorrow is the USC/Stanford game. A lot of big events that I must attend. I plan on leaving work soon and getting in a nice nap. I think that will help me greatly. And, then, on Sunday if I am feeling okay, I have to go out to Catalina Island for the jazz festival. I need to find my sea sickness patches...

- - - - - - -

10.07.2003 - - - 3:57 PM
Election day! I am so glad it's here. That means, finally, I can go back to watching commercials without being harassed about politics. I don't want to think while I watch TV! No more "Join Arnold," or "No on Recall," or anything like that. I want my beer commercials, damn it! I hope that the election results aren't close because I am REALLY looking forward to this whole fiasco being over with, and then the Governor, whoever it may be, can focus on doing his damn job and stop bothering me.

Anyway, I went to The Boyfriend's sister's wedding this past weekend. It was a fun-filled weekend, meeting TB's relatives, eating, drinking, and, of course, witnessing, celebrating, and dancing. I'm still exhausted from it all. We flew up on Thursday evening after work, where we were picked up by The Boyfriend's Father. We then went to a dinner where we met up with other family who'd traveled to the Bay Area for the wedding, including some of TB's sister's future in-laws. We ate Mexican food, drank sangria, and got to know each other. TB has a crazy 65-year-old cousin, and she a joke about a cherry that no 65-year-old woman should make! TB, his sister and I were all mortified.

On Friday morning, The Boyfriend and his dad had to go to a groomsmen breakfast and pick up their tuxes, while his mom had to go get her hair done. While they were all gone, it was the last calm moment I had for the whole weekend! When they came back, with more family members in tow, it was time to head into San Francisco. We got there just in time for the rehearsal at the church. From there, we checked into our rooms and got ready for the dinner. While we changed, TB was engrossed in the Giants/Marlins play-off game. I had to drag him away from the TV so we could catch the tram from the hotel to the dinner.

Unfortunately for The Boyfriend, we found out on the tram ride that the Giants, who had been leading when we'd left for dinner, had lost the game, putting them on the brink of being out of the playoffs. I'd called my parents to see what the final score was, so I had to be the one to break the news to him. It didn't help that he could hear my mother, an extreme Dodgers fan, cackling over the phone. Luckily, the rehearsal dinner was a blast. We took over the entire restaurant - literally. The 45 people in attendance got along like long-lost siblings, and in addition to delicious dinner, we went through 41 bottles of wine. Hmmm...maybe that has something to do with how happy everyone was! The highlight of the night was TB's speech to his sister and her fiancé. It was, to put it mildly, fucking hilarious. The whole room was laughing uproariously. Woo! The story he told did have the unforeseen side-effect of making people call him "Michelle" all night long, but it was well worth it. After the dinner, a group of us, including TB's sister and her fiancé, went out to a bar for a little while. At the bar there were a few microphones set up, karaoke-style. We happened to be dancing near them, and during a Michael Jackson song TB decided to grab a microphone and sing along. A bouncer came over to chastise him, and while TB was apologizing his sister grabbed the mic and started singing! That was when I knew, for sure, that they were related. When the bouncer yelled at her, some of the bridesmaids and I exclaimed, "She's getting married tomorrow!!!" As if that made it alright or something. Right around then, coincidentally, is when we decided that it was time to go.

On Saturday TB and I awoke to yummy room service breakfast. I love those hotels that let you hang your breakfast order on the outside of your door with a delivery request time! Brilliant, I wish I'd thought of it. We ate breakfast, read the paper, and watched the beginning of the final Giants/Marlins game. Before we knew it, it was time to start getting ready for the weekend. The Boyfriend had some pre-wedding duties to attend, so he had to leave before the end of the game, when the score was tied at 5. Like the day before, I found out on the tram to the church that the Giants had lost, eliminated from the playoffs. I fretted on the drive over - should I tell TB before the wedding or after? Would he be able to tell by the look on my face? I walked into the church trying to act nonchalant, but it didn't matter because the videographer had told him the outcome of the game just before I'd gotten there. Poor boyfriend! He was crushed. He did a good job of hiding it, though. He was a good groomsman. The ceremony started right on time, and it was beautiful. TB's sister looked gorgeous, and her fiancé was so cute when she walked down the aisle. The readings were nice, and the fiancé’s cousin sang two songs and was amazing. And, it was a relatively short ceremony - only 35 minutes! Yay!

After pictures, the wedding party and their dates all climbed aboard a Cable Car for a trip around the city. The car was decorated with balloons and signs that said, "Just Married." It was so fun to ride around, waving to people while we drank champagne and posed for pictures. On our way to the reception, we got stuck in a Taiwanese parade. No one was really sure what the parade was for...and man, did it cause a lot of traffic. One parade participant ran over and handed everyone on the cable car a Taiwan Flag. Um...thanks? We don't want your flags, we just want you out of our way! By the time we got to the reception, the cocktail hour was just about over. That was okay, though, because that meant that dinner was starting! I was really hungry, so this made me happy.

The Boyfriend and I were seated at the same table and the Bride and Groom, the Best Man, the Maid of Honor, and her date, so we felt very special. TB's dad gave a toast at the beginning of dinner, and you would have thought David Letterman had stepped into his body - he did a good 15 minutes of stand up! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. After the Best Man's speech, it was time for the special dances, then, finally, dinner. It was so good: a mushroom pastry, salad, potatoes, beets, asparagus, halibut, steak, and cookies. I was stuffed. As soon as we were done eating, TB and I had to go schmooze with people he hadn't seen in years. Every now and then we managed to get in a dance or two. I managed to break away from talking long enough to watch the cake-cutting, and to have the bouquet land at my feet. Yes, at my feet. Another girl knocked it to the ground right in front of the Maid of Honor and me, and neither of us wanted it! TB's sister gave us such a look. Luckily, another girl wanted it, so she scooped it up off the ground. I was already getting enough of those questions, I didn't need to catch the bouquet. Between talking to everyone, dancing, and eating, time flew by, and we were shocked when 11 PM rolled around and the reception was over. We went back to our room after making our goodbyes, and passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

The next day was a lot of running around, with checking out and getting to the airport. On Sunday night, I said to TB, "hey, remember the other day when blah blah blah happened?" And he looked at me and said, "That was this morning." It was that kind of day. So...all in all, a great weekend. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but that's just too damn bad! This is already long enough.

- - - - - - -

10.02.2003 - - - 11:41 AM
It's October! YAY! That means that Halloween is almost here, and that makes me so, so happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yes, more than Christmas. I love dressing up and I love having parties, and Halloween allows me to do both. Last year we had a huge, HUGE party...so huge that we can't have it there this year. So, right now, we are searching for a place to hold the party. We will not be shut down!

At 12:30 I am leaving work to begin the journey up north for The Boyfriend's sister's wedding. I'm swinging by TB's house to pick him up, then we are driving back to my apartment and from there we are cabbing it to the airport. But, before we get a cab, I am going to my old bar to get one of my most favorite lunches ever - The Lobster Burrito. It's only made on Thursdays from 11-4, so I haven't had one since I quit working there, over a year and a half ago. I am so excited for it! I'm excited for the wedding, too, of course, but the burrito, it is only a few hours away! Instant gratification. The weekend is going to be really fun, but totally packed with activities. I'm going to need a vacation from it all soon.

Not too much else going on with me. I've been following the baseball playoffs and watching the new TV season. Pretty wild stuff, I tell you. I posted this picture today because I think it is so cute. It's not the best quality, as it is a picture of a picture (and just a proof at that), but it really shows how happy T and I were that day. Isn't she so pretty?! Hee, I just re-read that, and it makes it seem like it was my wedding. Aw, remember when T and I got married? Hee. Just kidding.

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