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I do web design in addition to saving the world. Here are some of the sites I've been a part of. Email me for more information.

- Check out Tanya Hanson Online. Tanya is the awesome author of a great romance novel, The Outlaw's Woman. She's also the mother of one of my best friends. Go check out her page, and go buy her book. I can hook you up with an autograph! I'm the webmaster of her site.

- Like dogs? Go to DogArt, where the gallery specializes in the exhibition and sale of fine original paintings and prints, all with the dog (and occational kitty!) as their subject matter. The artist, Carla Foster, is amazing. The website is constantly being updated with new items every week. I'm the webmaster of the site.

- Look at Ostrich Ink. It's a webzine written by the young and hip of Los Angeles. My brother runs it, and there are a lot of funny little stories about things that have happened to people in L.A. I'm a consultant and contributor.

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