September 2003

09.30.2003 - - - 5:31 PM
Wow, last day of September. Only two months left in the year! I can't believe it. Hmm...I feel like it is someone's birthday today. Crap! Whose is it? T, if you know, you'd better call me ASAP and let me know. I hate missing people's birthdays.

So, I had a fun weekend...even though it was a shitty-ass sorry excuse for a sports weekend, in my opinion. I will get to that. On Friday, The Boyfriend and I flew up to San Jose and had dinner with his family. It was yummy! But I think it had some sort of sleep-potion in it, because I could hardly keep my eyes open after I was done, and TB couldn't, either. We passed out as soon as we got to his parents' house, which was a good thing, because we had to get up at the crack of dawn to go into San Francisco and meet up with Kimbrough. The Boyfriend, Kimbrough, her roommate, a bunch of their friends, and I were all going to a big tailgate before the Giants/Dodgers game. Her friends are a blast, and the drive over was almost as much fun as the tail gate. As we enjoyed the beer and food and beer and mixed drinks and beer, we all started putting things in Kimbrough's sweater pocket, AKA, The Super Pouch. We stayed at the tail gate until my bladder couldn't take it anymore. The stadium not only provided sweet bladder relief, but a Dodgers win! Yay! It also brought more beer, and some delicious cinnamon almond thingies. Yum.

After the game, TB and I went to the post-tail gate at a restaurant not far from the park. That was fun...until I decided I needed food, or money, or lord knows what. TB and I ended up at a different restaurant, where we bribed a guy to turn on the USC/Cal football game. We then ordered ridiculously priced food, more beer, dessert, and when the game went into overtime, coffee. TEN cups of coffee later, USC had lost and I was shamed. SHAMED! God damn it! I was so excited to go to New Orleans. Sons of bitches. The Boyfriend and I hurried back into Pac Bell Park for the second game of the Giants/Dodgers double-header, and as we walked to our seats, my USC hat was jeered left and right. Did they not see my pain? Damn No Good Giants Fans. Then, as we sat down, the big screen showed the score of the football game, and the whole stadium cheered. Boo on them! THEN the Damn No Good Giants Fans started chanting, "Shawn Green Sucks!" over and over. Finally, after killing my spirit, punching me in the stomach, and calling my mamma fat, the Damn No Good Giants Fans decided to steal my wallet by chanting, "Beat L.A." the most hated jeer in the history of the world. I wanted to cry. But I didn't. Okay, I did - after the Damn No Good Dodgers lost the second game. And although The Boyfriend is a Damn No Good Giants Fan, to his credit he did not join in on any of the chants. Probably because he feared what I would do to him, but I prefer to think it's because he's a little bit better than those other Damn No Good fans.

Needless to say, I was not smiling on the inside on Sunday morning. One, because of all the crap my teams heaped upon me the day before; and two, because I, for some reason, awoke with a hangover. I can not imagine why. The Boyfriend and I attended a lovely brunch, where I nursed my hangover with sweet and salty breakfast foods. It helped a bit. Our delayed flight back to L.A. did not help. Damn fog.

Even though I was traumatized by sports, it really was a nice weekend. And, this weekend, The Boyfriend's sister is getting hitched. We're flying back up to the Bay Area on Thursday for that. I'm excited, it's going to be really fun. AND, I get to see The Boyfriend in a tux, since he's in the wedding. Yummy. For me, not for you. If you are lucky, I will post a picture. Please, of course I will post a pic. I'm like that.

Still no news on the job front, although about 3 minutes ago, My Boss came into my office to ask me to do something. That's not the interesting part, though, because he asks me to do stuff a lot. Because, you know, that's my job. To do the stuff he tells me to do. The interesting part is that, after he asked me to do the crap, he said, "before you go, you're going to have to show me how to do all this stuff." So, being an idiot, I assumed he meant on Friday, when I am at the wedding. My reply was, "Oh, that's okay, you can just leave it for me to do on Monday when I get back." Beat. He looks at me. I look at him. Uncomfortable silence. " mean, when I'm gone from this job?" More silence, as My Boss was quite obviously thinking of the right thing to say. AGAIN with the idiocy, I jumped back in to add, "Oh, don't worry, I'll make a hand-book, ha ha." WHAT?! God, I am so stupid! Shut your mouth, Heather! Make people talk and tell you stuff! He laughed uncomfortably and then practically ran out of the office for the day. My mouth strikes again. I'll be damned if I make that handbook, too.

- - - - - - -

09.26.2003 - - - 2:50 PM
I don't think I've ever gone so long without posting a picture at the beginning of an entry. I just haven't taken any good pictures lately. Sure, last week I took some pictures of Pinky singing her heart out at Karaoke, but my camera's battery is dead and I'm lazy and my feet hurt and I just haven't moved the pictures onto my hard drive. I will, though, and then there will be new pictures for all of you to look at. Okay, Hardcore? Okay, I'm glad we've had this talk. As all of my friends and family and co-workers know, I am a flip-flops kind of girl. I have enough problems deciding what to wear in the morning, and if I had to add shoes into that mix, I'd have to wake up much earlier every morning. It's easy, and comfortable, to just slip on a pair of flip flops and be on my way. I have them in many, many colors, but my favorites are by Reefs - they mold to your feet! It's like getting a hug from your shoe! Today, however, I decided that since I was going to be traveling up north, I should dress a little warmer. And that decision lead me to choose knee-high boots to go with my outfit. I haven't even worn sneakers to work in months, but I thought that I would make it through a whole day in knee-high ho boots. Let me just say, for the last hour I have been cruising around the office in my socks. Thank goodness my socks are somewhat cute. I need Hardcore to school me in sock buying.

I've decided I need paragraphs.

For my lunch today, I decided I wanted something from Noah's Bagels, a fine chain establishment located about a block and a half from my office. As I walked over there, trying not to breathe through my nose, I noticed that some construction fencing across from the bagel place was gone. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the store under construction was open. The store is Urban Outfitters. A new shopping establishment! Lunch could wait. I walked in and asked the greeter person how long the store had been open, "Since Tuesday." Man! I had missed the grand opening, those bitches! They need to advertise and stuff. I had fun browsing the store. I saw lots of little things I wanted to buy for my friends. I added them to my mental lists, because everyone has a birthday, you know? The thing I like about Urban Outfitters is their t-shirt selection. I love t-shirts. I was trying to decide between four: a green one that said, "everyone loves an Irish girl," a yellow one that stated, "Blondes Have More Fun," a blue one that read, "sorority girls do it with their sisters," and a white one, "Have You Hugged My Shirt Today?" I covet all of them, so it was a hard decision. In the end, though, I got the hug shirt. I need a shirt to wear tomorrow, and I will be around The Boyfriend's family. I figure that he, his sister, and her fiancé would think the sorority one was funny, his parents...would not. So the other shirts will have to wait until the next time I choose clothes over food.

The delightful thing, however, was upon purchasing my shirt I was given a free canvas bag. On one side it says, "Burbank" in bold blue letters, and on the other side it says, "Golden State." I love free promotional crap that is useful while also proclaiming where I work and shop! Wheeeeee! Free Canvas Bag over my shoulder, I walked back over to the bagel shop. I saw a car with a license plate that read "*heart*SLEPNN" (Love sleeping in). I like it, I like it. I love personalized plates that are easy to figure out. I have one, and it should be the easiest thing in the world to decipher, yet people ask me all the time what it means. Idiots.

Anywho, I went into Noah's, and I was behind one of "those" woman in line. You know who I mean. Short and square, dressed a little too dressy, demanding and loud. This woman wanted to sample all the schmears. Then the potato salad. Then the salmon. The salmon! Jeeez. She kept telling the cashier that she needed to think a moment, but as soon as the cashier would look past her to the next customer she would snap, "It's still my turn!" What a bitch! When she finally made up her mind, she had all these stipulations for how her meal had to be prepared. My favorites were, "the person making it needs to wear FRESH gloves. I don't want my food to taste like anything else," and, "My pickle needs to be out of the jar, NOT from that case thing you have." Um, demanding much? I always wonder why people like her eat out. If you are afraid of germs, or need something made just so, make it yourself! Or at least let me go in front of you so I don't have to listen to your stupid mouth.

- - - - - - -

09.24.2003 - - - 1:22 PM
I'm writing this on a notepad right now to transcribe later onto the site. I'm away from my computer working on some studio stuff. It's nothing I need to be there for, yet, somehow, I always get wrapped up in it. However, anything that shows I'm a hard worker and deserve a job is a-okay in my book. I'm sitting by a radio, and I have heard some horrifying things on it. First, Hillary Duff's Island Adventure Birthday Crap...NO! Oh my God, No. Second, the new Clay Aiken song is so creepy. I have a feeling, though, that it's going to become one of those songs that people "love," even though they have no idea what it's about. Like "I'll Be Watching You" by the Police. That is not a love song! It's a stalker song. Clay's song is along those same lines. "If I were invisible, if I could just watch you in your room." EW! Stalker. I think it's total crap that Clay's album is coming out before Ruben's. What is the point of winning American Idol if you don't even get to have the first album? So stupid. Okay, now I am sitting at a computer. I just looked at some of my search phrases. I think I'm missing something...people are getting to this website by doing a search for "Britney Spears Seafood Dinner." Is that some sort of slang term that I haven't heard about yet? And, where did I talk about something like that? I'm pretty sure I didn't. Weird. On to more important things...I had a nice weekend. I went to the Dodger game on Friday with The Boyfriend, Les, and Matty. We had a lot of fun, even though the Dodgers lost (to The Boyfriend's delight, that communist). On Saturday I went shopping, then TB and I went to a movie (Anything Else, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to make this joke, but go see anything else instead of that movie), and then we grabbed sushi before we headed to the Neil Young concert at Irvine Meadows (or whatever corporate name it has today). That was great, even though the person behind me spilled their drink and didn't tell me. I discovered the spillage when I adjusted my blanket and discovered it was wet...along with my purse and shoes. I'm sorry, but don't you usually tell the person in front of you when you spill? Or am I the only one with manners anymore? On Sunday I went surfing with Jax...and man, I am still sore from it. I did some furious paddling. Not a lot of wave catching, though. Now that it's getting later in the year, the waves are getting a little too big for me. Then, Jax, TB, my parents, and I all went out for brunch. Later that night we watched the Emmys - yawn - then passed out. A nice, fun weekend. As far as my job goes...well, I don't know. I haven't heard from HR STILL, so I am just flying under the radar, trying to not have panic attacks and not being very successful at not having them. Deep breaths, deep breaths. As soon as I know anything, I will (after calling the appropriate people) post it here. Sigh.
- - - - - - -

09.18.2003 - - - 3:07 PM
It's been an interesting week at work. I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a while now, and yesterday when my boss asked me to come into his office to talk, I could have sworn I heard the thud of said shoe. And it was...I think...sort of. In a five minute conversation, I was told that my position is being eliminated, but that a new one is being created and The Powers That Be wanted me for it. I went back to my desk to wait for the call from Human Resources, the call that my boss told me was coming. So I waited...and waited...and here I am, approximately 24 hours later, and I'm still waiting. It's now after 6 in NYC, so everyone is home for the weekend. That means I have to wait all weekend in this weird limbo state. Do I have a job or what? What is this new position? When is this going to go into effect? And, as I wait, I start to doubt myself. Did the conversation really happen at all? In my sleepiness, did I just imagine the whole thing? No...I know that it happened. I immediately IM'd K and The Boyfriend, so they can vouch for me. It's just unsettling. I hate not having control of everything. Yeah, I'm one of those people. Now I get a really fun weekend of waiting around, having to tell my family and roommates that I might have a job, I might not, I might have to go on unemployment, I might have to move, I might have to take a valium with a shot of Tequila (or a handful, go The O.C.!). God damn HR people! What, are you too busy to lay me off? Or are you too busy laying off other people and you forgot about poor little me, sitting here in a cube in California? I'm okay with that, actually. Anything that gets me one more day of pay while I look at job postings on the internet. I just can't obsess about this. I am one of those people who will think and worry and stress about something, to the point where I can't sleep and have no appetite. I knew that would be my fate last night, so as a counter-measure, I met up with some pals and went out. Nothing makes me crave food or pass out like alcohol! There is something to be said about drinking when you're stressed - after two beers, I was good to go. There was karaoke at the bar, and I was one of the few willing participants. I sang "...Baby One More Time," complete with hand motions and miming. I sang "On The Radio," and did a disco dance. I performed, "Bootylicious," with butt shaking and hand clapping. I was on fire, baby! I also joined D Wop and Pinky on stage for their performances, because really, the people at the bar just hadn't had enough of me. It was really fun, just what I needed. Then, when I got home at midnight, I decided I needed some mac and cheese. I realized I'd taped the Survivor premiere, so I wisely watched it. AT 12:30 IN THE MORNING! AND IT WAS A 90 MINUTE SHOW! So, I'm tired today. I may have spent my lunch break in my car. In the backseat. Resting my eyes. And hey, that's no small feat - I have a convertible, and those back seats are small. When I was walking back from my car, I noticed that there was all this white paint splattered on the ground. I thought that was weird - there is nothing white in the vicinity of my building, and nothing was being painted white - so I took a closer look. I only had to lean over a bit to realize that it was BIRD SHIT. EVERYWHERE! Gross! This is why I hate working in Burbank. Only in Burbank could there be so much bird crap everywhere, and no one will notice it or think it odd. Blech. It made me sick, mateys! Hee. It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day! How awesome is that? I just talked to The Boyfriend on the phone, and we couldn't stop talking like pirates. Hee, I love being his wench. Talking like a pirate is so easy, and there is no way I will get tired of it. My friends, that is another story. The Boyfriend and I are meeting up with Matty and Les for the Dodgers/Giants game tonight, and I know that TB and I will talk like Pirates for a good hour at the very least. And we will crack each other up, while Matty and Les look at each other and think, "Why are we friends with these people?" The other big news from yesterday is that my brother is on TV. He's in a "no on the recall" television ad. You can read more about it here. Now that I know he's in the ad, I am seeing it during every commercial break. Here is a still of it. Now you will see it, too!!!

Man...K is on TV, and I don't even know if I have a job. When did I become George and when did K become Elaine?
- - - - - - -

09.17.2003 - - - 4:30 PM
Right now I am listening to Star 98.7's American Idol-esque competition...oh my lord, some of these people are so bad! It's not funny if you can't see the people! Jeez. This chick just sang "Hero" by Mariah Carey. God, she was so bad. C'mon, Ryan Seacrest! Why are you subjecting me to this? Anyway. I've had a very kick-back week so far. Nothing too exciting. I watched TV and went to bed early on Monday, and last night I went shopping with my mom. No success in the shopping department - I need a dress for The Boyfriend's sister's wedding in two and a half weeks. Speaking of The Boyfriend's Sister, we had a very fun weekend celebrating her 30th birthday. It took us about 5 hours to drive there, so we had time to eat dinner with his parents when we arrived. On Saturday there were some errands to be run, some lunch and football/baseball games to watch, and then it was time for the birthday extravaganza. The Fiancé bought us drinks all night - three bottles of wine, two shots, a martini, and a bottle of champagne - so we were pretty toasted by the end of the night. But none more the TB's Sister...she may have thrown up on the way home into a bag. It's nice to see that even when you're 30, you're not too old to barf in the backseat of your parents' car. The next day we all went to breakfast, and The Boyfriend's mom kept commenting on how quiet we all were. Ah, the quiet a hangover brings. Tonight I am going to try another store in search of a dress. Wow, I am just so interesting today.
- - - - - - -

09.12.2002 - - - 11:23 AM
You take the good with the bad. First, the good. I got a call from my bro, K, on Wednesday as I was driving home. He was calling to let me know that I get to interview Deborah Gibson for Ostrich Ink! Do you know what this means to me? I idolized her when I was a kid. I had all of her albums, all of her unauthorized biographies, my bedroom walls were COVERED in pictures of her. I had the black hat, and I wore it EVERY DAY to school. And, when I was in the fourth grade, I got up in front of the entire school and sang "Lost In Your Eyes," in the school talent show. In fact, when I told T that I was going to interview Debs, that was the first thing she remembered. I'll never live that down. I'm really excited to interview her, but I have no idea what to ask. When K asked me if I wanted to interview her, I could think of a million questions. But now that I actually am, I can't think of a single damn question. What the heck? So, if anyone has any questions, PLEASE let me know. Either email me, or post them. They can be silly questions, or serious, or anything at all. I want it to be a fun interview, so any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Now, the bad. First of all, I have a killer cold right now. This morning, I took about 187 different medicines, so at around 10:38 I felt a little funny. I'm a bit better now, but I need to be a LOT better by 1 when I have to get in my car. The Boyfriend and I are going to a big birthday bash for his sister this weekend up in San Francisco, so I need to be in good shape. The other bad is that Johnny Cash died! And, John Ritter!!! Both deaths are very sad. However, Johnny Cash was old, and he'd been sick for a long time. But, John Ritter! He was only 54. He died on his daughter's birthday, his wife's birthday is today, and his birthday is next week. He has young kids, and a career, and fans. I never watched his new show, and I only watch Three's Company when I catch it randomly on Nick at Nite, but I always liked him. He was great on that one episode of Buffy. It's just so sad. People my parents' age aren't supposed to just die out of nowhere. He went to USC back in the day, and he used to invite out-of-state students to his house for Thanksgiving if they didn't have anywhere to go. Just random kids. It's so sweet. Sniff.
- - - - - - -

09.11.2003 - - - 2:19 PM

My Night in The O.C.

It all started out so innocently. We watched the show because it's summer and nothing else is on, and because it takes place in Newport Beach, so we could tease Bells. And then, the unthinkable happened: we started to like it. We started making sure that we never missed it, and thanks to the magic of Tivo, visitors to our apartment never missed it either. So, you can imagine our glee when last week, The Boyfriend sent me an instant message.

The Boyfriend: Did you get that O.C. email from Sharkeez?
plasticheather: NO!!!! What is it about?!?!?!?!
The Boyfriend: I dunno. Something about a party with the cast.
plasticheather: WHAT?!?! WITH THE CAST?!?! AAAAHHH!!!!
The Boyfriend: I take it from your response that you would like me to forward you this email.

Upon receipt of his forward I immediately sent it onto all of my friends. The Cast of The O.C.! At Sharkeez, my old workplace! Wow. It was too much for us to take. For a week, we waited. We watched Tivo'd episodes and sighed. Next Tuesday, we were going to watch it WITH the people we'd quickly grown so fond of. I called my old boss, hoping for some preferential treatment. "Sorry H, you gotta get down here early like everyone else - I can't save any tables." Well, that should be easy enough. Sure, I'd be competing with other fans that get out of school at 3 P.M., but I was fairly certain I could find a way to get out around that same time. And I did. Isn't it funny how that works? At 3:45 on Tuesday, Bells, Brookums, and I found ourselves walking to Sharkeez, tossing trivia back and forth. "Sure, you may know that about Benjamin, but did you know that Adam was in Gilmore Girls AND Once and Again?" We talked about the cast like they were our friends. We knew that once they met us, they would want to be our friends, so why waste time with silly formalities?

We rolled up on Sharkeez and were immediately taken by the large fencing and stage that had been set up outside the bar. And the lights - they were everywhere. And not just TV lights, but those giant searchlights. This was going to be big. Granted, we'd heard ads for it all week on the radio, and seen stories about it on TV, but we didn't realize the scale. Obviously, none of these people had ever been squeezed into Sharkeez. We were surprised, but happy, that a crowd hadn't formed yet, and we immediately got a table inside the bar. Only 5 hours to kill until the show started. So, we ordered food. We got pitchers of margaritas. We took pictures. We greeted other people we knew. At one point, I started talking with a floor guy that I'd used to work with. He was ecstatic that his shift ended before the cast was supposed to get there. "What I don't understand," he said, "is the point of having this event at a place where the majority of the fans can't get in." Ah. Yes.

You see, Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach has age restrictions. Based on the type of liquor license they have, no one under the age of 21 can be on the premises. At all. For any reason. Even if it is an infant in a stroller, or a teenager getting takeout for his parents, they are not allowed inside. Having worked at Sharkeez, I had been forced to kick out youngsters on many occasions. And, I knew that this would work to our advantage - we'd be able to sit inside with the cast, while the screaming throngs of 14-year-old girls would have to stand outside. We took great pleasure in watching girls get turned away from the door, over and over, as if they thought they each had a better chance to get in than the girl before. This isn’t to say that a lot of girls who APPEARED to be under 21 didn’t somehow make it in. I don't know what tipped me off, maybe it was their Midori Sour drinks, or their teeny tiny bodies, or overhearing them talking about algebra in the bathroom. And MAN! I did NOT dress like that when I was so young. These girls had on mesh tops, or itty bitty tank tops. Some of them had on O.C. shirts that they'd gotten for free - and then proceeded to rip and tear into something that barely covered their boobs. Anyway, it's not like we openly mocked these girls or anything. Oh wait, we did. Do not mess with us on our own turf when we have beer and time to kill.

As the time went by, more people started to show up. Unfortunately, not everyone could get in. Despite the fact that we have been regulars at Sharkeez since our senior year in college, Jax, Woodsy, and D Wop couldn't get in. Not even my pleas and offers to work for free helped. And then they wonder why everyone goes to Fenner's? Hmph. As I turned to go back inside, I realized just how many people were outside. I would place my guess at "tons." There were teenagers and parents everywhere, and a fair share of people old enough to come unsupervised. The local Top 40 radio station was broadcasting live from the stage, and people were screaming at the DJ, trying to get on the radio. I ran back inside and told everyone.

At around 8, the cast started showing up. We would have never known it except for the DEAFENING scream that came from outside. The actors were pulling up in their assorted limos and the kids outside would shout their approval, no matter who it was. Random chick that went to cotillion? Check. Peter Gallagher? Check. His eyebrows? Check, check. Not that the fans inside the restaurant were any better. We were sitting close enough to the windows to be able to see when the cast members would step on the stage. When a certain actor was spotted, someone would inevitable yell out their character's name. "There's Marissa!" "I see Seth!!!" It was hard to not get caught up in it all, especially when the entire cast was mere feet away. Really! The entire cast! I wasn't surprised that Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, and Adam Brody showed up. I was surprised to see Tate Donovan and Peter Gallagher. Pleasantly surprised. Okay, I was positively jumping up and down, screaming. I am a dork. Then someone noticed that all the TVs in the place were being changed to Fox, and we realized that it was almost 9. "Hey," Bells said, "When the heck are they going to get their O.C. butts in here so we can see them?" When there is only 20 seconds until the show starts is when! The cast RACED from the front of the bar to the back, where their tables were, and the mob around them was so thick I only managed to get pictures of heads. But, they definitely heard us screaming their names. We were only ten feet away, and we didn't scream the nicest things. What did I say about beer?
Not to be deterred by our brief glimpses of our new best friends, Brookums, Bri, and I decided to visit the bathroom...which just happened to be right by where the cast was sitting! What a coincidence. On our way back, Adam Brody was standing inches away from us. Brookums and Bri each reached out and touched him, turning back to triumphantly grin at me. Not to be outdone, I also reached out to touch him, and managed to grab a bit of his shirt just as I got pushed from behind. I tugged on Adam's shirt as I regained my footing, and he looked down at his arm to see what the pull was. I quickly ran away before Adam Brody could think I was trying to rip his shirt off.
Upon returning to the table with everyone, we talked about how loud it was and how it was impossible to hear the show. Then, The Boyfriend mentioned he was hungry, and Les said that she wanted sushi. That was all I needed to hear. The Boyfriend and I decided to leave then, to get food, and to avoid the crush of the crowd when the cast left only 20 minutes later. As we walked to the sushi place, The Boyfriend said how weird he thought it was that The O.C. had a big party in Hermosa Beach, when the show is set in Newport Beach. Then I pointed out that almost the entire show is filmed in Hermosa Beach or in Palos Verdes, our neighboring town to the south. "Wow, so it was like we were in the O.C. this whole time!" The Boyfriend said sarcastically. Indeed.

- - - - - - -

09.09.2003 - - - 1:10 PM
I had a really, really fun weekend. It's like a double-edged sword to have such a nice, fun weekend. On the one hand, lots of fun activities, friends, etc. On the other hand...Mondays are so much harder. When I woke up yesterday morning, I was so pissed off. I just wanted more fun activities and sleep and all of that. On Friday night, Jax and I went out with Jenny and some of her friends to White Lotus. Aw, now I'm going to get hits from people who want to know about the place. Well, let me tell you. We had a lot of fun, but it is full of chicks. I'd say the girl to guy ratio is about 6 to 1. And the guys? Big dorks who are trying too hard. Maybe some girls are impressed with your shiny Fred Segal shirt and 100 dollar bills, but we are not those girls. Whenever I go to these trendy places, I am reminded of why I like going out closer to home. I could have had the same amount of fun at Beaches or Sharkeez. But, it's good to branch out, and even though I spent $18 on one round of drinks, it was the only round I had to buy for myself. And that is always appreciated. Then, Saturday was the Big Game Day - the first USC home football game of the season. I love my USC football, in case you are new to this site. It makes me so, so happy. At least lately - sometimes they force me to hate them, like the Dodgers. Anyway, I saw lots of people I hadn't seen in a while, and even though I spent the first part of the game with a headache, I had a lot of fun. AND, USC defeated BYU 35-18 in a game that was a lot closer than it should have been. A win is a win, though, and I will take it. Check out the massive amount of Missionaries that were on hand for the game. At a game attended by over 75,000, it was impossible to miss them. Then, Sunday, more surfing! This time I got Jax and D Wop to go with me, and they are now as addicted as I am. The waves on Sunday were much, much better than the last time I surfed, and I got up easily my first few tries. Which isn't to say that I didn't also have several spectacular wipe-outs. But they were fewer than before. I may be getting the hang of this surfing thing! The water was MUCH colder, though, and I was a big whiner even though I had on a full body wetsuit. D Wop and Jax did really, really well for their first time ever surfing. I love how all my friends are so fun and willing to try things. Go my friends! After surfing, we and the Christies grabbed some food, got some beach time in, and then headed home to get ready for the night's activities. After living in Hermosa Beach for over two years, we finally walked the two blocks and saw a show at the Comedy and Magic Club. Jay Leno was the headliner, and he was MUCH funnier than on TV, in my opinion. I had a great time. See, what a fun weekend I had! This weekend will be just as fun, though. The Boyfriend and I are driving up to San Fran for his sister's 30th birthday celebration. We're going to a dinner show thing, and hanging out and all of that fun stuff. I'm looking forward to it, and to all my weekends for the next few weeks. Tonight I am going to Sharkeez for a big O.C. cast party. Note that I am not linking to it. I have already been getting hits for this event and I hadn't even mentioned that I was going. It should be a madhouse, but the good thing is that most of the fans of The O.C. are teenagers, and you have to be 21 to get into Sharkeez. Ha ha! That's what you get, teenagers! Have fun standing outside.
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09.05.2003 - - - 4:31
I have been on strike from the computer. I've been so busy with compiling nominees for a Big Music Award Show that when I have any time to update, I just want to turn my brain off and play solitaire. I can't believe it's already been over a week since my last update. I used to get mad at myself when I wouldn't update every day of the week, and now here I am letting eight days go by. Not to say that I'm not mad at myself, but I have decided that I just have to let some things go. Besides getting all the nominees straight, I really haven't done a whole heck of a lot. I had a very fun Labor Day weekend. First of all, my Trojans not only won their first football game, they moved up to number four in the rankings. I don't dare get my hopes up for a National Championship season...okay, they're up! After one game, I am ready to spend New Years in New Orleans. That would be kind of fun, actually. I don't think I would ever go to New Orleans otherwise, unless The Boyfriend wanted to go there. Oh, speaking of The Boyfriend, he bought me a Mr. Winkle doll! It is so cute, it looks just like him. I'm all about the posable dolls. I had a really cute picture of The Boyfriend holding Mr. Winkle, but I accidentally erased it. Oh, the shame I feel. So the link will have to do. The rest of my Labor Day weekend was spent at a variety of BBQs. It was nice and relaxing. And I think I gained a lot of weight after all the beers and BBQs because man, were my jeans tight on Tuesday. I told myself it was because I'd just washed them, but I know in the back of my mind the real reason. The rest of my week has been nice and easy. I got my nails done courtesy of Jax, I saw T and a bunch of her wedding stuff, and I had dinner with The Boyfriend and some friends. All in all, a good week. Tonight I'm going to White Lotus with Jax and Jenny. It should be fun - Jenny is one of those people who knows everyone and can get in anywhere, so going out with her can be an experience. Then, tomorrow, more football! It's the first home game, I am so excited. A, because I love watching football in person, and B, because there will be people there that I haven't seen in months. It's a reunion of sorts. On Sunday I'm going surfing again. Hopefully I will have better luck this time. I'm just going to try to surf the way I originally learned and not worry about the technique they tried to teach me last time. I have to go with what's easiest for me. Then, on Sunday night I am going to the Comedy and Magic Club right down the street from me to see Jay Leno. I've heard that he is really funny live, much more adult than he is on TV. I have a pretty packed weekend, now that I look at it! The Boyfriend will be spending his weekend looking at naked chicks. That's right. He's going to his future brother-in-law's bachelor party up in San Francisco. This weekend starts our multiple trips up to the Bay Area - four times for him this month and three for me. We might as well just get an apartment there.
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